It is a lifestyle disease that affects individuals of all races, age and gender. Also, many people eat while watching TV and are not doing any physical activity to work off what they eat. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 - UKEssays is a trading name of All Answers Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales. Research carried out by Bhate sought to investigate who was perceived by the public as having responsibility for the problem of obesity. While research has shown that the public do hold themselves responsible for the obesity crisis, in respect of the consumption of fast foods and confectionary products, there is a feeling that the government and manufacturers should do more to inform the public about the dangers (Bhate, 2007). While it was previously thought that the most effective way to manage obesity was to restrict the calorie intake of individuals, this has been shown to be largely ineffective in the long term with individuals showing a propensity to regain weight which has been lost. Haslam, D., Sattar, N. and Lean, M. (2006) “Obesity – time to wake up?” British Medical Journal, 333, 640-642. The micro side focuses on the influence of policy from the level of the healthcare professionals and the experience of the users (Crinson, 2009). The only time children in school are not sitting down is during breaks or during physical education. It’s suggested that adult obesity developed from childhood may be more problematic than adult-onset obesity due to an increased risk of the metabolic syndrome (Vanhala, 1998). The lack of education regarding what people should eat and how... ...10/15/14 The cost of obesity, consists of human cost and National Health Service (NHS) cost.

There is some support in the literature that satisfaction of physiological, love and belonging, and self esteem needs are related to eating behaviour or weight management (Timmerman and Acton, 2001).

The principles of losing weight and maintaining weight loss are well known, but an effective evidence base of effective measures for preventing obesity does not currently exist (Haslam, 2006, p.641). There are also programs for the us government to spend 300 million upon weight management programmes, that may sound like a large amount however it is much less than the price obesity has on the storage compartments of the NHS.

Children who watch television and videos have been found to have a higher body mass index. A questionnaire will be designed to examine the variables discussed above and any relationship between them. He went on to say that the National Health Service and the Government know causes of obesity but actively preventing it in childhood needs to be addressed ( The effects on physical health of being obese are well documented, but recent years have seen an increasing focus on the psychological effects. Physical education, healthy eating habits and regular exercise can be a key prevention of obesity. Reference this. Essay on Obesity – For School Students (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 Standard) (Essay 4 – 400 Words) Obesity is majorly a lifestyle disease attributed to the extra accumulation of fat in the body leading to negative health effects on a person. This is an approach which has been used with some success and has come about through a collaboration between GPs and a commercial slimming organisation. Obesity also causes blood pressure to rise, and because of the high blood pressure it causes the heart to over work, and weakens the heart muscle. This way I can help children to prevent obesity. The same research found that family was an important factor in negative perceptions and low self esteem with a significant number of those identified as having eating disorders reporting that their family lives were characterised by arguments and an inability to communicate. In addition, there is evidence that the incidence of children who are overweight is increasing despite efforts to the contrary. Different individuals will be impacted differently. This will end up being useful as one of the main reasons persons eat junk food is because it is cheaper than most more healthy products.

The benefits of managing obesity are numerous, with primary prevention being desirable not least because it would significantly reduce the incidence of secondary associated diseases (Haslam, 2006, p. 642).

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