"The Olmsted Scholar Program provided me with the most exhilarating and transformative years of my life," said Elfstrom. But only temporarily. So, if you are not in a special program (LEAP, exchange program, Olmsted Scholar, AFPAK Hands, etc) you CAN get FLPB if it shows up on the Strategic Language List (SLL) and you get 2/2 or better.

I understand both aren’t available to my rank (and maybe even MOS) right now but I’m just thinking long term to keep options open. I'm more than happy to talk about it. (I'm a Civil Affairs NCO, myself, and love the gig.). This Friday morning, June 6th, yet another educated point of view of the proposed Peace Bridge Expansion Project will be offered by a man who has made it his business to study Olmsted's parks. "Because of the Olmsted experience, I am a better, stronger, and wiser person than I was before. If the language is already Prevalent in the Force (PIF) no FLPB unless you get ad-hoc permission, but that is "required" for your job (at the time, for the TDY, whatever). Press J to jump to the feed. For more news from Naval Education And Training Professional Development And Technology Center, visit www.navy.mil/local/NETPDTC/.

Scott Douglas, ASLA, (a 2016 University Olmsted Scholar) and Harriett Jameson, Associate ASLA, (a 2014 Olmsted Scholar Finalist) will attend three-day residency sessions and take part in monthly calls with the LAF Fellows. It begins in earnest when classes start next month. Other U.S .Navy Communities and Specialties.

Participants must have demonstrated leadership and scholastic abilities, the letter added. He saw duty during the summer of 1967 aboard a PCF, or “Swift Boat,” operating out of Vũng Táo, Vietnam.

Prior to his current assignment, he was a Senior Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton, advising Air Force major commands on various ISR matters.

If you have more questions, feel free to message me directly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. All Others. Thread starter kayesjay; Start date Mar 16, 2015; K. kayesjay New Member. In spite of his success in the sport, Werner gave up wrestling after leaving the Academy. I couldn’t find a definitive list of requirements. PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) -- Career-minded officers interested in developing language skills and regional cultural knowledge are encouraged to apply for the fiscal year 2020 (FY-20) Olmsted Scholar Program, announced March 1, in NAVADMIN 053/18. But you do have to have some language skill to be picked up for the program. For more information, visit www.navy.mil, www.facebook.com/usnavy, or www.twitter.com/usnavy.


Does anyone know what the average or median DLAB and GRE scores are for the Olmsted Scholars? In mid-March I was selected as an Olmsted Scholar for the Class of 2012, to study at the University of Ankara. © 2020 Stars and Stripes. None. If the language is already Prevalent in the Force (PIF) no FLPB unless you get ad-hoc permission, but that is "required" for your job (at the time, for the TDY, whatever). Official Unofficial USMC forum for anything Marine Corps related. Stripes Korea. Werner, a 33-year-old Air Force major, is one of five or so people chosen each year by the Air Force to be an Olmsted Scholar. Specific designator eligibility is listed in the NAVADMIN. I know this is old, but if you want more info about the program, shoot me a PM. “The funny thing is that wrestling is a big part of the culture in Bulgaria,” he said. IRT the Marine Advisor course, if you have time between TBS and MOS school, you can go to this course. With the selection of the 59th Olmsted scholar class in March 2017, 652 scholars have completed, are completing ,or are preparing for two years of study abroad. The Navy nominations are submitted to the Olmsted Foundation Board of Directors, along with nomination packages from the other services. Candidates must have three years of commissioned service, but no more than 11 years of total active federal service as of April 1, 2019, to apply for the scholarship. I used to be an S-3 NCO and then a Career Planner, so I know my way around training and career management systems. Currently available to unrestricted line, information warfare, and supply corps officer designators, the Olmsted Program is a unique scholarship opportunity offering two years of graduate study using a foreign language while providing overseas cultural and travel opportunities, often leading to a graduate degree at a foreign university. Crush it at your job so you have the records to be competitive for something like Olmsted, that’s one of the best/coolest ways to get into it.

Designators 1310 and 1320 have expanded service eligibility to no more than 13.5 years. When I was looking at it a few years ago, I came across a document that had the AVERAGE DLAB score at 128. Applicants must have demonstrated strong leadership qualities, solid overall performance, strong promotion potential, and superior demonstrated scholastic ability. “When I went to the Academy, if you’d told me I wouldn’t get back to Europe, I don’t know what I would have done,” he said. Flipboard: Stars and Stripes Community Sites, Looking to travel while stationed abroad? If you’re interested in any abroad learning, research the Olmsted scholarship as well.

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