I also did some testing with iozone and sysbench, and while OpenEBS jiva routinely lost at big writes, it was actually better at many small writes and generally had lower average latencies (though max was higher). I’ve written a bit in the past about my switch to OpenEBS, but I never took the time to do any examination on performance. But be aware Kubernetes is not for everyone (yet) and is very complex and Kafka Operation is not easy, but K8s Operators can help to address the Day 2 problem. tl;dr - I ran some cursory tests (dd, iozone, sysbench) to measure and compare IO operation on OpenEBS provisioned storage in comparison with hostPath volumes in my small Kubernetes cluster.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It doesn’t have off site backups unfortunately, so also in this case you need to use Velero with Restic to back up volumes. Unfortunately, performance is very poor compared to that of the other options, so because of that I had … Rook is also open source and differs from the others on this list in that it’s a storage “orchestrator” which can do the heavy lifting managing storage with different backends, such as Ceph, EdgeFS and others, abstracting a lot of complexity.

Your files in Drive can be reached from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

To test if mirror maker is working properly, you shall write messages to the kafka1 cluster and read them from kafka2 cluster: Read messages from kafka2 (on the same k8s cluster): We build now a Jmeter Cluster on top of our RKE Infra Cluster and use it to produce small 4k messages into the kafka brokers.

The new version comes with a rain cover: http://bit.ly/36TVVVhOsprey has released the Rook - a versatile, budget-friendly backpack. Empowering Pinterest Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engi... AI/ML Pipelines Using Open Data Hub and Kubeflow on Red Hat Op... Update: How CircleCI Processes Over 30 Million Builds Per Month, How Stream Built a Modern RSS Reader With JavaScript, How Raygun Processes Millions of Error Events Per Second, Amazon S3 vs Azure Storage vs Google Cloud Storage.

Since I need to make some decision, the strategy will be to write half the available memory instead – here are the dd commands I ended up with: These commands work on the version of dd in Alpine’s coreutils package (not the Busybox version that is there by default). You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. Like I mentioned in a previous post, OpenEBS is the solution I kinda had settled with at first after testing most of the options on this list. Start free trial for all Keywords. Because of that I didn’t spend much time with it. Speaking of backups, cStor also has a plugin for Velero that allows off site backups of point-in-time snapshots as opposed to file-level backups with the Velero-Restic integration. Linstor storage with Kubernetes, Kubernetes in Hetzner Cloud with Rancher - Updated Guide, Fun experiment with Kubernetes: live migration of a cluster from a cloud provider to another, A Google Analytics proxy to game ad blockers, Full page caching in Rails part 2 - memcached and middleware. Amazon EBS provides highly available, highly reliable, predictable storage volumes that can be attached to a running Amazon EC2 instance and exposed as a device within the instance. Though I need to play with it more. To be honest, although they are working on it I am kinda sad about the restore/backup issue, because I thought I had finally found a proper solution and was prepared to pay for it once I needed more storage or more servers.

What is really cool about Rook is that it makes using Ceph incredibly easy hiding a lot of its complexity, while offering the tools to talk directly to Ceph for troubleshooting. So far I like it! As you can see, in most cases Portworx performs better than the others. I use OpenEBS because it’s easier to install than Rook (which I used previously), for my specific infrastructure, which is running on Heztner dedicated servers which do not expose an easy interface with which to give rook a hard-drive to manage. Here are some cherry-picked graphs that should give a rough overview of the results (higher is better except noted otherwise): Overall – it looks like for large writes openebs-jiva only does half as well as hostPath, but it keeps up and slightly improves on hostPath performance for many small writes. N.B.


Out of the three open source options I’ve tried, OpenEBS is the one with which I have had the least issues, but performance is still very poor unfortunately. Sysbench results are yet another format, which looks something like this: The sysbench results will be used mostly for latency measurements – at this point I’m getting lazy (this post has taken a while to write), so I’m going to just take the min,avg,max metrics as they’re provided in each test that is run and compare those, I think we’ve got a good enough idea of thoughput with the dd and iozone tests.

I have updated the post with a few comments on Linstore, which I have added to the list. After running the below command, you shall get a prompt “>” and are ready to write your first messages into the broker: And read the messages in another terminal from beginning with the kafka consumer console: Only for fun, to see one of the messages written in the log, you can exec again into kafka0 container and run: There is an unmaintained Helm Chart for Yahoo Kafka Manager (YKM), which doesn’t work out of the box with Strimzi, the main reason is that YKM needs to connect to zookeeper and strimzi doesn’t allow to connect to zookeeper directly for some intentional good reasons, described by the awesome Jakub Scholz. I really believe there’s a strong future in being able to manage application specific backup and restore activities. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.” ― Franz Kafka. In this post I’m going to run through some quick tests that will hopefully make it somewhat clearer the cost of the robustness that OpenEBS provides. Unfortunately, while stress-testing Ceph volumes I consistently ran into this issue which makes Ceph unstable.

), but I’ve heard some bad things about some failure modes of openebs, for now all I can find to back this up is: Another thing that is conspicuously missing is a proper test of distant servers behavior – it would be much more interesting to test on a bigger cluster and simulate a failure of a replica closest to the actual compute that’s doing the file IO – how does the system perform if the OpenEBS data-plane components it’s talking to are across a continent or an ocean? I’m also going to ignore filebench in this case due to the wiki noting that the pre-included stuff isn’t good for modern RAM amounts. Strimizi is the upstream version of Red Hat AMQ Streams, based on Apache Kafka 2.1.0 at this time of writing in April 2019.

Confluent Inc., the company that has commercialised Apache Kafka, is the major contributor to Apache Kafka Upstream project and provides additional client libraries and components such as KSQL, Rest Proxy, Schema registry and the Confluent Control Center (C3) with some glue code which glues all the components as Confluent Platform for use in production.

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