We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. If home users need a third hand for holding pieces, the Wilton is the right choice. Jaws start from just two inches wide, but four inches is common for an entry-level bench vise. This is referred to as the throat depth. Jaws are steel or iron, but usually have wooden faces, to prevent marking the workpiece. Releasing the lever re-engages the thread. Another important consideration goes to the tool’s jaw, and this is where things get tricky. BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers.

High-quality multi-jaw bench vise designed for professional use features a classic 5-inch jaw and a specialist pipe vise on its 360° rotating head. 30,000 PSI cast-iron construction is durable enough for welding and other heavy-duty jobs. Smaller in size than many users expected. This unit is dependable thanks to its improved base design while the price point makes it the go-to choice of those looking for affordable versatility in a tool.

Jaws are often plastic or nylon so they don't mark delicate components. Get exclusive content, advice, and tips from BestReviews. Versatility is its strongest selling point. Never leave a vise closed when not in use. Additional mounting hardware required. Jaw covers are also available.

The Orange Bench Vise applies clamping force linearly based on the position of the handle after a workpiece is gripped: The maximum force of the vise is limited by the axial load rating of the NTN thrust bearing. Though you shouldn't strike the vise itself with a hammer, it often happens. All metalworking vises are of a similar construction. A bench vise will, of course, hold things far bigger than the width of the jaws, or the depth of the throat, but working too far from the main area of grip can cause flexing, which often leads to mistakes. Reinforce it if necessary. The supplied handle will apply the maximum pressure intended. Sizes increase by half-inch, or one-inch increments, depending on manufacturer. The price you’re paying will depend, to some extent, on the brand. Small, lightweight vises, frequently called jeweler's or watchmaker's vises, are miniature versions of the bench vise, but may be able to clamp at multiple angles. Original 7-inch jaw width can easily expand to 11 inches for larger jobs. To learn more about how we make money, visit our. Mar 6th 2018. Constructed with the casual user in mind, the unit comes with an incorporated anvil designed to prevent the vise from moving while you work. Since the vise delivers such practicality, manufacturers propose a selection of models fabricated for various materials.

Pipe jaws have a V-shaped indent, to grip round tubes or bars. You’ll also like the 4.5-inch jaw width and the 3-inch jaw opening. Quick Shop. Key Advantages Read More. Besides the three popular models above, manufacturers also propose all-purpose vises which are very similar to the mechanic’s but are equipped with jaws that are also suitable to hold wood and other soft materials. When choosing the bench vise for your workshop it is essential to consider its robustness. It has two, three or four bolt holes to fix it to the bench. Furthermore, solid diamond-serrated jaws exert sufficient pressure to hold your workpiece tight and are easy to replace if needed.

Swivel bases are common, and a useful addition. Rotating to 360°, the swivel base also locks in place and is recommended for work with iron and hard metals. We then choose a shorter list for in-depth research and testing before finalizing our top picks. Versatility is an important consideration when it comes to bench vises, and the Yost 865-D2 is definitely versatile.

$1,099.95 $899.95. These are the products we considered that ultimately didn't make our top 5. Gray iron isn't about color, it's used to indicate the presence of graphite flakes. Bench vise features. The IRWIN 4935505 is a solid multi-purpose bench vise characterized by its heaviness, a feature that makes the unit suitable to handle tasks which require considerable strength and jaw pressure. So it needs to be tough. This bench vise is an affordable alternative to professional-grade vises designed for heavy duty use. Reversible jaws and a lockable swivel base should provide enough flexibility for most clamping needs. A machined steel main screw designed for wear resistance and smooth operation adds value to the unit, while the possibility to replace the hardened steel jaws and the internal nut when worn skyrockets the unit’s value. The 8-inch jaws are the widest among our top five contenders. Small 4-inch jaws and opening width limit versatility. Large anvil area for bending and hammering metal.

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