Why wasn't this page useful? If you want to get rid of the board, destroying it will not be the best option.

Keep in mind that spirits often misspell, use slang, or will even text speak. Continuing their conversation, I excused myself to the kitchen to gather the cake and plates: When a beloved classic film is adapdated for TV, the first question is 'why? All the members should maintain peace and be respectful. Sometimes your inner beliefs and faith may be strong but you don’t know whether the other person is as same as you. Sometimes it moves fast whereas other times it moves slow. If you know you are not feeling well, it is better to leave the session for another time. Before getting into the ouija board rules, lets take a brief look at the history of it. Having several different options for conductors can be considerably helpful. Why only two people? Related article: 9 Creepiest websites on the Internet. Do you leave your front door unlocked at all times? Really, think about it. An Ouija Board is a rectangular wooden palette consisting of all 26 alphabets and numbers from 0 to 9.

If the planchette begins making a figure eight on the board (the infinity symbol), If the planchette begins counting down numbers or going through the alphabet either forward or backward, If the planchette makes a rainbow arc back and forth between two letters, numbers, or responses. There is a concern that using an Ouija board could possibly be an invitation for dark forces to enter the room. Spirits might just get confused. But ouija board stands out among them in today’s world. In fact, it will leave the ghost stuck in this place. Here are some questions you should always avoid: In addition, always be mindful of the rest of the people in your group and their feelings. You should never use an Ouija board inside of your own house. Hope these rules and guidelines will help you to know about the board better. Ouija boards should always be used with at least two participants. Likewise, urban legends have also led to fear of and encounters with Ouija board entities such as Zozo, who author and Ouija board expert Karen A. Dahlman suggests is most likely a legend generated by fear. A Ouija board is one tool many people use to communicate with spirits. As I enter the hallway to my room, I quicken my steps in order to hopefully lose the ghost I seem to have present, or in my mind. Asking if the spirit is evil. You should always try to find a neutral location that has clean and positive energy. But remember sometimes luck doesn’t support, it can be a bad spirit too.

A small heart-shaped piece known as the planchette will be used to spell out the messages. The Planchette requires your whole focus and attention. Not doing so can result in the spirit getting angry and deciding to linger around. Don’t put it in the attic or in the basement. Don’t give up easily, the spirit may not come at one go. This is one of the most important ouija board rules. Of course not! I don't really know where I first heard this rule, but it's a good one. Have you ever used an Ouija board before? Avoid any kind of sounds either through music, television or from any person. Start simple and god deep through the process. My light-coloured hair had been curled to perfection, my lips painted red showcasing my sparkling , innocent smile and my dress hugged my body tightly which caught the attention of John as I served up the meals. It is not something that you would want to do alone. and 'Theres no originality anymore' and I'd usually agree but I think HBO Max and JJ Abrams could be onto a winner here. When you have finished using the board, always be sure to remove the planchette. Never burn the Ouija board. Also, another note on not angering the spirits you commune with—if you make a ghost angry, it might harm you or your belongings. Witch/Practicing Pagan for over 30 years. It is extremely important that everyone participating in the use of the Ouija board finds themselves at a good point in their lives. They were made popular through funky advertisements and soon flooded most novelty shops. Having a leader is especially important when in large groups.

Burning a Ouija board doesn’t work anyway, according to stories, as it always seems to end up back in its owner’s home intact. Be Sober. Afaf Siddiqui Set the mood right by switching off the lights, darkening the room, closing all the windows and doors. Everyone of us has played with Ouija Board at some point in our life. They might not have always looked the way they do now, but the concept has been the same. Thank the spirits and say goodbye. All should clear their minds of any thoughts focusing on the question. To know the ouija board rules in depth, first you need to have an overview of the board itself. ), Do be cordial to your spirit guests, although it is okay to ask them to leave if they are rude guests (using foul language, taunting you or your seance guests, etc.). Or because a spirit will invent a terrible fate for you, then see to it that it comes true?

This board opens the channel to different energies such as human spirits, loved one’s soul or a spirit guide. The game that named itself, and then predicted the death of its creator. It is recommended that one person be chosen to be the note taker. If the person is depressed or not feeling so well, any interactions can easily become dangerous. and What is your name? Spirits are known for being mischievous in nature. Turn the planchette and/or board upside down and then put it away. Do not get angry or violent will only ruin the whole scenario. More important is your safety, if you feel any strange thing then stop playing and say good bye. Before getting into the ouija board rules, lets take a brief look at the history of it. If you have some questions regarding it, you can ask your queries in the comment box below. The Ouija board rules are: 1. Do you leave your front door unlocked at all times? There are many such divination tools like pendulums, rods, crystal balls and tarot cards. As mentioned before, malicious spirits feed off of negative energy and fear. To avoid this, use it during peak hours like midnight or afternoon. As I reach my door, I can hear it approaching; taking its time as it seems to be struggling to follow me. Sure, these are fictitious movies, but there are people that have had .css-1psntrz{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}.css-1psntrz:hover{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}horrifying real-life experiences associated with Ouija boards. It’s not that easy to throw the board in trash. You're not going to get a serious answer to these types of questions. Then you can safely put the board back in its box. Picking the right location can make all the difference in how a session goes. Fans ask me a lot of questions about whether it’s good or bad to use a Ouija Board. Usually when the surrounding atmosphere is quiet. She suggests users keep this in mind as they work with a Ouija board. Do write down the messages letter by letter. It is simply too dangerous and unpredictable. People touching the planchette during the session may also wish to touch the earth to ground themselves or run their hands under cold water to break any energetic connection. Take turns asking questions, but everyone needs to agree and focus on the question. Just like we have different preferences, so do the dead. Even though you are the one initiating the contact, the ghost will ultimately be in charge. Best is if you know who you’re calling then place their favorite thing near the board. One time I moved it to an answer or two then I thought I better not do that. The Living Treasures Of Nature: Gift To Mankind. Try to maintain a normal conversation.

Following these simple rules might help ensure that you don’t inadvertently invite the ZoZo demon into your life if you’re not into that sort of thing. It's important to break the energy with any spirit you contact by closing every Ouija session. First, check properly whether the board is completely sealed. All Rights Reserved. But the curious ones are sure to find it, as it’s available in certain shops and online market. Slow answers are not connected to the board. If you see the planchette responding like four eights, counting weird from Z to A and from 9 to 0, end the game immediately moving it to goodbye.

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