He sees Hope and goes to talk to her, telling her he can tell she's been avoiding him and that he will fight for her. They agree that they should talk, however Landon tells her that there is one conversation he needs to have before they talk. Prophecies are purposefully vague and notoriously tricksy, so maybe this has nothing to do with the prophecy at all, but I found it worrying even as I was delighting in their happy moment. As he explains to Hope, she notices the brace on his arm.

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The locator spell eventually shows Landon to be in the woods, but when Landon gets there, he is gone. They then hear a horse neighing, and the Headless Horseman appears. As plan B in case Josie wins the merge, Hope links Landon's life to Lizzie's. Before Hope can reply, he tells her he can't be there and walks off. Unfortunately, Rafael was under The Necromancer's control and stabbed Landon with the golden arrow. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He goes outside and starts to listening to music while writing. How did Landon gain the power of the Phoenix?

Perhaps the earliest instance of the legend, the Egyptians told of the Bennu, a heron bird that is part of their creation myth.

In Some People Just Want To Watch The World Burn, he is found in an abandoned shack and is trying to explain to Rafael what happened with the knife. He questions her, and when he tries to run, she freezes him with magic; hereby revealing to him that she is a witch.

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That makes no sense and it will be bad the "perfect son the immortal one who will live forever and create new species" Clarke s1 words,not to mention Landon is no different than the originals or any other vampire who always "died" by neck snaps well Landon deaths are the same as vampire neck snaps there is nothing to balance him if he has some other form of weakness,if vampires arent punished for neck snaps and drowing in water Landon won't be either. Born

From the pile of ashes, a new Phoenix arises, young and powerful. Even at the Honor Council meeting, Josie voted for him to leave the school, believing that it was for the better; however, when he returns she welcomes him back, though not without Landon casually reminding her of how she voted. He then attacks the winged man before he shoots Kaleb with an arrow, and talks to Hope in the gym after she cuts Cupid's wings.

This relieves Landon, as he thinks it is a metaphor for having sex, however he soon realizes that it isn't, and Josie still wants to have sex. Lizzie is left confused when Landon asks if Hope is single, however he explains that he is asking for Rafael, not himself. After Hope kills the monster, she tries to make amends with Landon who walks off upset. Landon is shown to be a sweet guy and a little bit shy.

Liz Leafloor is Art Director for Ancient Origins Magazine.

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