The plane takes turbulence very well. The drawback to this system, aside from the obvious one of increased workload, was a potential for engine damage should the pilot forget to reduce boost before descending. Other improvements include Metco wingtips, Flight Life stainless steel brake discs, a Concorde recombinant gas battery (never needs water) all new fire-shielded fuel hoses, and Pulselites, which work very well with the wingtip-placed landing lights. Since then, the only major costs have been one replaced cylinder (excessive leaning), a burned out gear actuator (manual extension works easily, just like we practiced!

EvolutionThe 1965 Comanches are unusual airplanes, in that they have the earlier fuselage mated to the later, 260-HP engine, albeit with a carburetor. Bleiben Sie gespannt! ist ein rein privates Webprojekt. Compared to a more contemporary and similar aircraft, the Mooney M20, the Comanche is quite slow: down about 20 knots. With gear operation/extension speed of 128 knots, speed brakes would be nice, but arent necessary. Cruise mph 180. Plane and Pilot builds on more than 50 years of serving pilots and owners of aircraft with the goal of empowering our readers to improve their knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation. Reduce power to 10 inches at the middle marker, drop the gear between the middle marker and the threshold, add full flaps as speed permits, and hold it off until the beautiful wing stops flying. Gross wt. This persisted for a couple of years; after 1960, almost all of the airplanes were delivered with optional toe brakes. My only reservation with the Comanche as in instrument ship is her panel. (a simple and well engineered device, this should be standard fare for every retractable.) In 1950s the general aviation industry still had some quaint ideas about equipment, and the airplanes were equipped with hand brakes. The Technical Director of ICS, Maurice Taylor, was the manager of Comanche production through its life, and nobody knows more about this breed than Maurice. For example, when compared to a Comanche B, the 400 has a gross weight 500 pounds higher. Comanche 260s have thicker windows, which cuts down on the noise a bit, and as mentioned above the turbo is even less noisy. Ceiling 19,500. Production of both the 180 and 250 ended after the 1964 model year. 3,100. Early changesThe basic airplane wasnt changed very much during its production run. Unless New Piper or other aftermarket suppliers get their act together, the situation will only continue to worsen. The Piper PA-24 Comanche was designed and introduced by Piper Aircraft in 1958. Dont expect a lot of support from New Piper, which seems to regard the Comanche as the black sheep of the family. In flight, the handling is quite responsive, and pilots report that the Comanche is a delight to fly. Also With This ArticleClick here to view charts for Resale Values, Payload Compared and Prices Compared.Click here to view the Piper PA-24 Comanche features guide.

With the exception of the Apache, everything Piper had produced up until that time was fabric covered, and all save the Tri-Pacer were taildraggers. The 180 can climb at 700 to 900 FPM after requiring more than 2200 feet to clear a 50-foot obstacle. © 2020 Madavor Media, LLC. With full tanks and two adults on board, I consistently see 1000 fpm climb rates at near sea level and 25 squared. ICAO Code: PA24 : FAA TCDS: 1A15: Daten für (Version) Piper PA-24-250 Comanche: Varianten: PA-24-180, PA-24-250, PA-24-260, PA-24-400, PA-24T-260 Turbo Comanche The egg timer may look funny, but it works and (per Chief Pilots orders) we use it. Burning 8 to 10 GPH, it will cruise at about 140 knots.

Several STCs are available to replace the Comanches scatter panel with a T- panel arrangement. Die Webseite wurde zuletzt am 27.10.2019 aktualisiert. n3764x piper comanche 260c. Also for: Pa-24-250 comanche, Pa-24-180 comanche, Pa-24-260 comanche, Pa-24-400 comanche. As a result, the Owner’s Handbook published by Piper is incomplete by modern standards. Ceiling 19,800. Piper didnt distinguish between the 180 and 250 in its serial number records, but total production for 1958 was 336, compared to a little under 200 for the J35 Bonanza. 2,550.

This group has an outstanding magazine and the TIPS book is the bible for Comanche owners. Gross wt. Most, of course, are of the one-time fix variety and should have been complied with decades ago. The airframe was basically the same except for structural allowances for catering to its higher gross weight and increased airspeed. ICS can be reached at (405) 491-0321. The brakes have been moved to the inside of the mains under an STC. Gross wt. Climb is around 1300 FPM. The first year of production was 1958, and two models were offered, a 180-HP and a 250-HP version. Im also impressed by how highly my plane is regarded by other pilots.

So the lesson is to make your mechanic pay scrupulous attention to the gear system, and then brush up on your emergency techniques. n9xt piper comanche 260c.

And the company did a creditable job, producing an elegant design with good performance, albeit not quite up there with the Beechcraft. 1,728.

If something gets in the way, it can jam the gear and blow the circuit breaker, and possibly even cause more problems down the road. Aside from the engine and prop, it involves the motor mount, some baffling, controls and the exhaust system. That extra payload has to go for fuel to feed the IO-720, meaning that for flights of more than 300 miles, the 400 actually has less payload available than the 260. The society provides many outstanding tips, procedures, modifications and solutions to problems. The airframe was the smaller, four-seat version. 400 horsepowerFor the ultimate in wretched excess, though, the trophy has to go to the Comanche 400. I use the operating savings to improve the airplane at each inspection. n9505p piper comanche 260c. It will stop flying and stall quickly (slam dunk landings). It is far smoother and perceived to be quieter than the Mac 2-blade it replaced. Several years ago there was some thought given to resurrecting the design at the hands of the legendary Roy LoPresti, but like the SwiftFury it came to nothing.

The Comanche is truly one of the great bargains of general aviation, affording Bonanza performance at Skylane prices. Initial climb rate 1,600. The Comanche C was rolled out in 1969, with further refinements, including another gross weight increase and a distinctive shark nose cowl. Reducing power to 65 percent results in lower fuel burn (around 18 GPH), along with somewhat slower speeds. As a result, many are not well maintained. With LoPresti speed mods (next, years project), a Saratoga panel, and a sophisticated turbo system, the plane would sell like hotcakes.

Click here to view charts for Resale Values, Payload Compared and Prices Compared, Click here to view the Piper PA-24 Comanche features guide. Trying to set it down too quickly results in a bounce, especially with an aft CG. Engine 400-hp Lycoming.

The company also offers a stainless steel dual exhaust system.

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