did interview an expert named Rob Gallon, the Director of North Staffs Utility Services just to confirm the toilet is for pooping, not the shower. 7 Answers. 19 people follow this. My six year old pooped in the shower. We asked plumbing experts what it's doing to their drains. Thank you for your feedback. If the option was available would you poop in the shower? Showers don’t have enough pressure or volume of water for bowel movements to pass through drainage systems.

Squeamish folk, brace yourselves, it shows that one in 30 of the 1,010 British and American people surveyed go for a poo in the shower. Snake the drain: Drain snakes can be very helpful when clearing clogs in your sewer line. i usually just poop in the shower without a toilet and rub it in my hands till it disolves its faster and a better way and less trouble than a toilet in the shower.

Rob tells ‘If we were to regularly defecate in the shower, this could lead to issues with plumbing and drainage further down the line. 19 people like this. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. I have tried liquid plumber but it did not work. There are some pros and cons to this setup. Relevance. Blocking the drain with the plunger, then allowing the shower to half fill will act as a toilet flushing. Rishi Sunak 'to extend furlough scheme until March as lockdown begins', Nurse arrested for trying to take her mum, 97, with dementia from care home, What you can do in lockdown 2 that you couldn't in the first one. This is not the fiwst time I've done this. Basically, the installation of a toilet within the showers range would be the design for toilet-shower 1.0. Kevin. They are all pipes going to the same place, right? By providing your email you consent to receiving occasional promotional emails & newsletters. No Spam. I can see it when I shine a flashlight. Just good stuff. That means there is a good chance you know someone who either has or regularly does poop in the shower. 777 Harrah's Blvd., Atlantic City, NJ 08401-1911. We are concerned that your overall expectations were not met and we are sorry you were disappointed in your experience.

And to no ones surprises, a small margin of people admitted that yes, they do love a good shower poo.

And as news spread of the shower poopers among us, people on Twitter started asking their followers if they do poop in the tub. Then last night I come home and in my basement shower there is a ring of toilet paper and poop bits around the drain, but no water, so I guess it backed up and then drained back down again. Now, most of us have heard of peeing in the shower (one in three do so, according to this study). Having worked in hospitality I can assure you that they do. Who does not love sitting down in the shower? He let it go down the drain and now it is clogged. If your drain snaking is successful, the source of the clog will be broken by the snake, and both your toilet and tub will drain successfully. That means there is a good chance you know someone who either has or regularly does poop in the shower. This means if you have a floor drain in your basement that’s where the poop will come back through first, but that could also be a washing machine drain pipe, a basement toilet, or a stall shower. Daughter took a shower and the stopper fell down. Answer Save. Horrible things that people like to joke about in chat rooms and on message boards., — Dirk Blizzard (@BlizzardDirk) February 18, 2020. Basically, the installation of a toilet within the showers range would be the design for toilet-shower 1.0. If this isn’t effective, a professional plumber should be called.

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