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(ND19-SO20p), Quality Almond Racing Homers – Bred to Fly.

UPCOMING Arthur Clarke, 734 461.0190 (JA20-MJ21P), Wanted - 1926 issues of American Pigeon Journal – Allan Makin (in the U.S. call Bob Nolan 949-542-9799), Wanted Pigeon Books – also Pacific Squab Journal and American Pigeon Journals 1920s and 30s. May/June 2007 – German Beauty Homer

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It is possible that a fleeting tumble in flight is not associated with unpleasant feelings but there is little doubt that welfare is affected when the condition is severe and leads to trauma due to collisions in flight or when tumbling on the ground. CAPS | CONTACT US.

P.O. Rick Wied 920-619-2130 (ND19-SO20p), Raising White Homers since 1997 – Quality birds at a fair price.

Jan/February 2010 – Mookee Rollers, Parlor Rollers, Portuguese Tumblers & Busschaert Racing Homers

There are no treatments.

It is always exciting to watch the young birds feather out to see what you produced. Methods and prospects for elimination of the problem, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YhbtNUw3Oo.

Birds which tend to multiple somersaults are called rollers.

Thanks for looking! ogoc.org or facebook (JA16-MJ20f), Voorburg Shield Cropper Club of America – A super friendly pouter with a personality that is hard to match. Contact 203-951-9505, contactus@ogoc.org or http://www. net (ND18-SO20F), www.pigeon cote.com – books, magazines, curios, health advice, history.

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Jaime Guzman 530-253-3078 leave message (SO20-JA21p), Saxon Priests – red, yellow, blue, and black in white bar and spangle. We have West of England Tumblers, Portuguese Tumblers, Thuringer Wing Pigeons, Jaconette Birmingham Rollers, and others from time to time.

All individuals of the affected breeds show these abnormal behaviours but to varying degrees.

Ph. Methods and prospects for elimination of the problem.

staff@purebredpigeon.com, American Archangel Club – working toward quality Archangels in the U.S. National and state meets. (S018-S020P), Available - English Carriers, English Trumpeters, Domestic Show Flights, Nuns, Scandaroons, Barbs, Dragoons, Exhibition Homers, House Pigeons, Genuine Homers, Volga Tumblers, African Owls, Fantails, Bokharas – John Heppner, NPA Master Breeder of 7 breeds. rights reserved in all media. Cedar Mist Lofts, Mike Owen 501-329-2377 Cell 501-472-4783 or alohamikeowen@hughes.net (MJ20-MA21F), German Beauty Homers – Recessive Red and Yellow, also Opal. May/June 2011 – Pouters

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