of the high respect and warm attachment with which we have welcomed him and his labors among us. Archbishops of Crete, America, Australia, England (under Ecumenical Patriarchate), His Holiness, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians.

As we see no Scriptural warrant for the exclusion of lay delegates from Ordaining Councils, but rather abundant evidence to show its inconsistency with the fundamental principles of a true church polity, so we reject the proposed innovation as having in it the beginnings of a hierarchy. There is an old saying from the Christian Bible that "many are called but few are chosen."

Reasons for Distinction. Their ordinations, like all other ordinations, should be regarded as having no continuous validity after the facts upon which they were based have ceased to exist. Regardless of how old we are, we never stop learning. in Italy as "Don" followed by his name (e.g. For all clergy this may include the titles "Father" (male) or "Mother" (female), particularly in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, or simply the appropriate secular title (Mister, Doctor, etc.) In the early 19th century it became customary to call all priests "Father". This site is meant to be used as a reference work only, They show the candidate to be the choice of the church and of the Council — or, which is the same thing, of the church by itself and of the church advised by its brethren. Holy Orders refer to any recipient of the Sacrament of Ordination, both the Major Orders (bishops, priests and deacons) and the now less known Minor Orders (Acolyte, Lector, Exorcist and Porter) who, save for certain reforms made at the Second Vatican Council in the Roman Catholic Church, were called clerics or Clerk, which is simply a shorter form of Cleric. In ordination, the church publicly identifies itself with the man. So in other words, if the church or ministry that ordained you was forced to close its doors, or simply no longer exists, then the ordination that you received from them would then be invalid. refer people to community support services, supervise prayer and discussion groups, retreats and seminars, and provide religious instruction, teach on spiritual and theological subjects, train leaders for church, community and youth leadership, work on developing relationships and networks within the religious community, provide personal support to people in crises, such as illness, bereavement and family breakdown, visit the sick and elderly to counsel and comfort them and their families, the first style of ministering is the player coach style.

Presbyterian/Reformed, and some Methodist churches have applied the formal, church-based leadership or an ordained clergy in matters of either the church or broader political and sociocultural import.

inducted into office. There are more serious cases, where dissent should manifest itself in protest and withdrawal.

But is ordination confined to pastors and deacons?

The vote, as we have already intimated, should rather be a vote "that the candidate be hereby set apart to the gospel ministry, and that a formal and public service be held expressive of this fact."

Philip, baptizing the eunuch, is to be regarded as an organ of the church at Jerusalem. Although, in this, individual freedom and local usage must have their influence, yet there are advantages in uniformity of action, and it is with a view to promote this uniformity that we here suggest certain rules which already, in some portions of the country, have been found practicable and serviceable. Yet though the Council is simply a counsellor — an organ and helper of the church — the neglect of its advice may involve such ecclesiastical or moral wrong as to justify the churches represented in it, as well as other churches, in withdrawing from the church that called it their denominational or Christian fellowship. In ministry, there are milestones that every minister experiences. That, however, is simply not true. There is often an expectation that they and their families will shun ostentation. This is especially important in the case of those who are to teach the teachers, as in our Theological Seminaries. In addition, if the ordaining organization itself dissolves, your ordination can then become invalid.

The form of address for Orthodox clergy varies according to order, rank and level of education.

According to Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic theology, ordination (holy orders) is a sacrament essential to the church, and it bestows an unrepeatable, indelible character upon the person ordained. In many an age of church history, as to-day in the Free Church of Scotland, the Sciiptural conservatism of the laity has been the most potent influence in preventing the general adoption of lax and erroneous views, to which the ministry have been inclined.

The pastor is also the moderator during church business meetings and acts as an intercessor to resolve conflicts that may arise among the members.

His business is to judge of the work of that same Spirit in the heart and mind of one who claims to have been chosen by God to be his ambassador, and he is to reach his decision by comparing the utterances and the manner of the claimant with God's revealed will.

Vote that the candidate be hereby set apart to the Gospel ministry, and that a public service be held, expressive of this fact; that for this purpose a committee of two he appointed, to act with the candidate in arranging such service of ordination, and to report before adjournment.

We have derived our denominational principles from the New Testament, but the language in which we too commonly express these principles comes to us from the usage of denominations which deny them. Thus the laying on of hands is appointed to be the regular accompaniment of ordination, as baptism is appointed to be the regular accompaniment of regeneration, while yet the laying on of hands is no more the substance of ordination than baptism is the substance of regeneration. There are contrasting views on the level of compensation given to ministers relative to the religious community.

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