And all of us know well how that can happen.

If you were walking along the road, if you were in the field, if you were in your house, if you were at the synagogue, if you were near the temple, when the time came, you needed to do this so people would be doing it at different places all through these times during the day. Perhaps the desire to share in that suffering, to show support and care and to remind one another to pray is “doing something”. They had a prayer when you got new furniture. This kind of prayer is so important … Continue reading → And He doesn’t just say in the streets. And I’d make a little mark, you know, every time he’d say the word Father, he said it so many times. 1:44 PM.

Oh Baal, hear us. Whether it’s public or private, it can be phony, insincere, less than genuine. Be favorable to the pious strangers amongst us and to us all. In response, other fancy people began to question the usefulness of such prayers, calling them shallow, void of true activism (giving money or aid), and another example of how believers everywhere have our heads in the clouds instead of anchored in reality. Secondly, they had what was known as the Shemoneh Esrei.

On the one hand, writing a simple prayer and labeling it #prayersforoklahoma is a pretty low impact, low cost, “slactivist” way of responding to a national tragedy. I want to read beginning at verse 5, and you follow as I read. Instead of fighting back and arguing, perhaps the right response would be to close the door and pray pour out our hearts in prayer for Oklahoma.

They used the word barbaros, because all of the uncultured people with foreign languages were unintelligible to them. We can all fall into the pattern of treating prayer as something to which we are indifferent just as we can be hypocritical. The closet could be the street if you were unpretentious and silent and unattracting. Self-centered prayer, and they are rewarded in full with human applause. The Lord assumes you’ll pray. “The greatest danger to religion is that the old self becomes religious.” It can be the phony that masks the evil heart. It isn’t the length of it and it isn’t the repetition of it. And we said it’s the verb theaomai from which we get theatrical or theater. Notice the word “when.” You see it in verse 5, “when thou prayest.” You see it in verse 6, “when thou prayest.” You see it in verse 7, “when ye pray.” In other words, it’s not if.

You do not see it in its essence. The most private place you have. But, unfortunately, as we have learned in the Sermon on the Mount, in almost every dimension of their religious life, as well as their theology and their mundane life.

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