“They learn quickly, they do not forget, and they are able to deduce,” Shepherd says. Most reputable breeders or sire companies test all pigs for the PSS gene, so you can easily find Hampshires that are free from the gene. Each breed has something different to offer. Shepherd says, “they shed once a year, it happens within a week’s time, usually in the spring, and starts at about two years old.” You should also brush your pig to avoid flaky skin. See what people are showing and what is winning or placing high. This fat can then be added to the ground meat to give the sausage the fat content that it needs to bind together. For more information about the Hampshire breed of pig, visit the National Swine Registry’s Hampshire page. For more information about the Duroc breed of pig, visit the National Swine Registry’s Duroc page. For more general information about identifying a breed of pig, check out Pork’s Major Swine Breeds. If you are wanting to purchase pigs that are really wide bodied, comparing pictures side by side will let you look at that. Chester Whites are a durable breed that is known for their excellent mothering abilities.

A good thing to do is see how much pork you purchase in a month. All together, a Berkshire should have six white points. Berkshires are an exception to that rule. For more information about the Meishan breed of pig, you can visit the Livestock Conservancy’s Meishan page or the American Meishan Breeders Association. To learn more about the Tamworth breed of pig, check out the Tamworth Swine Association site. In this post, I’m going to talk to you about some of the different pigs breeds and what each breed has to offer as well as some things that you need to look out for in pigs.

Below, we'll discuss the distinct pros and cons of purchasing one of many micro pigs for sale to help you better determine whether or not you want to invest in your own pet. Legend has it that Oliver Cromwell's army discovered the breed while in winter quarters, and a welcome find that must have … Cats really seem to like to cuddle with pigs and the pigs love a good massage, which many cats seem very willing to provide.”. They are very popular in the show ring where they are often shown by young kids. Pigs respond especially well to positive reinforcement training with food as it motivates them to behave as requested. Mothers with high milk production will raise healthier babies. A pig that is affected with PSS will stress itself to the point that the muscle tissue is compromised. He’s had several litters of pigs and has passed his good looks on to his babies. Guinea pigs take an investment of time and money, require daily care and exercise, need ample space and you or a family member could be allergic and not know it. He’s very well muscled and has amazing muscling down his back. Madison says that if a pig eats grass in your backyard, depending on its intake, you should lessen the required amount of food for that day based on how much it ingested.

She has had several litters, some with as many as fifteen piglets. This post contains affiliate links. “They are more likely to have uterine issues, like endometriosis, in adulthood, as well as tumors.”. Hoof care can be done by a pig parent, and is recommended by Illescas because of the bonding experience and the increased awareness of the pig’s well being. If you are taking pictures of the animals, you can sit down later and compare the two. A pig likes to go to the bathroom in the same spot everyday, but if that is not cleaned up and there’s nowhere else for them to go, that’s what can cause a smell. or there may be a preference for meat quality over frame size. This makes the Duroc more than suitable for colder climates or being raised outside. This gives them such a cute face! Durocs are known for their longevity as well as fast growth, similar to the Yorkshire. If you have children that are raising pigs for 4-H or FFA projects, then go to a few shows in your area. If you’re interested in a breed that will provide you better quality meat, then look no further. We raise Herford/Yorkshire cross. Pork is often thought of as “the other white meat” due to how lean the meat is from pigs raised today. They also have erect ears.

If you want to have length for more bacon and porkchops per pig, or have sows that are highly productive and fertile, then Landraces may be the breed for you. While a potbellied-pig is a major responsibility, the rewards can be incredibly worthwhile when you consider how these animals behave in the home.

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