Joanna Southcott was an English visionary and prophetess.

Philomena is a charming and earthy Greek name, meaning ‘lover of strength.’ In the Greek mythology, Philomena was the Athenian princess whom the gods transformed into a nightingale to save her from the lecherous king.

As well as regular mediumistic phenomena such as clairvoyance and spirit communications, Home's séances sometimes included direct voice and other auditory phenomena, object movements, handling live coals, materializations, shaking of the room, and, most famously, bodily elongations and self-levitation. We feel that this beautiful name, meaning ‘fame’ deserves a second chance. She wrote the seminal texts of Theosophy, Isis Unveiled (1877) and The Secret Doctrine (1888). In the burgeoning psychism industry, it is definitely a case of 'buyer beware'. Uri Geller is an Israeli psychic entertainer and consultant, best known for his television demonstrations of apparent psychokinesis (especially spoon bending) and telepathy. Also called the “last of the Romantic travelers,” Freya Stark was the first European woman to enter Iran. She specialized in card readings (cartomancy) and claimed to have given advice to many famous people, including leaders of the French Revolution. Some sceptics have argued, however, that she may have relied on a combination of muscle reading and cold reading. And in the United States, Mildred was one of the top 10 names from 1903 to 1926.

The name may sound a bit old-fashioned, but it emerged as the top baby name in the year 2015. This Hebrew name, meaning ‘strong’ is both simple and exotic. Harry Edwards was a prominent British spiritualist, spiritual healer, and author. The accuracy of his predictions has been questioned by investigators and sceptics. However, Crawford's investigations were seriously criticized for their lack of scientific controls. Blavatsky (Madame Blavatsky) was a Russian medium who co-founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. I only need male names. Marie Anne Lenormand was an influential French fortune teller and writer. Sir Edward Kelley was an English spirit medium and reputed alchemist who famously summoned spirits or 'angels' in magical workings conducted with Dr John Dee, court astrologer and adviser to Queen Elizabeth I. It is now widely believed that a hallucinogenic substance may have been responsible for the Pythia's visions. While Bohemian names are by their very nature unique, some Bohemian girl names are finding new popularity. Did we miss any of your favorite powerful and strong girl names?

This sweet and feminine name, meaning ‘strong at work’ is coming back to the forefront, along with names likes Cecilia and Madeline. [ Read: Baby Girl Names That Mean Queen ]. Aside from bohemian-inspired baby names, these are my favorite. This singer’s name, meaning ‘bright light’, indicates someone who is destined to be a superstar. It has been a top name for girls for the past several decades. Others, however, are untrained and merely self-proclaimed. He had many high-profile clients, mainly using palmistry to give character readings and make predictions. This name has a dozen of nickname options like Bess or Eliza. ⋒ happiness is sunshine, the ocean, fruit, & books. He also dimissed the Martian language as a fabrication based on its similarities with French syntax. I’m a wife, mama, writer, reader, plant-eater, and friend to all animals. If you’re asking for an original name for a superhero with psychic or telekinetic powers, well … there are already too many heroes like that for the powers alone to make a good basis for your hero’s name. After the war, she was consulted by various Soviet leaders and politicians. She claimed to be able to speak to the dead and to have assisted in solving murders. Louisa May Alcott, the writer of the novel “Little Women” is widely popular even today. This name sounds slightly uptight. Karen, as in Karen Kaplan, the CEO of marketing agency Hill Holiday. Janet is a pet form of the name Jane and means ‘god’s gracious gift.’. This German name means ‘work.’. It means ‘lion’s strength,’ something which we all our daughters to have. Schucman's role in the writing of ACIM was publicly revealed only after her death.

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