Some decades ago, every drink could be had for one single coin, but the raising consumption tax has caused vending machine drink prices to rise with it. The kabutomushi machines were so popular with buyers that other types of bugs started showing up in machines, like tarantulas, praying mantises and cockroaches, so bug collectors could further expand their collections. Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita in the world. With vending machines that sell vibrators and other sex toys, lube, condoms and anything else you might need in the bedroom, the Japanese sex toy vending machines are very popular even though their main customers are single men who are purchasing these items due to wishful thinking. As of 2017, the prices for drinks sold in vending machines in Japan still are surprisingly low, even while Tokyo has a reputation for being expensive. People who are heading home to make dinner, that's who, and in Japan there are lots of vending machines that cater to the home cook including machines that sell lettuce which is grown fresh in the machine on a daily basis. Trash cans for PET bottles and cans are either installed directly in the vending machine or right next to it, providing people a place to throw away their empty drinks in an otherwise rather trashcan-lacking country. One thing that has stayed steady is the convenience, though. Japan is such a seafood-rich country that you can find fresh seafood wherever you go- even in vending machines! Rice. 5 Things That Shocked Americans About Living Costs in Japan.

How Expensive is Tokyo Really? They’re at every station, in every building, and you’ll practically stumble upon a vending machine no matter where you’re going, even in the countryside. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

Tokyo Sightseeing Deals: 6 Hours of Unlimited Rides on the Tokyo SKY HOP BUS for 1000 Yen!?

Condom machines are so passé; Japanese love hotels also have vending machines for sex toys, for those wanting to spice things up but too coy to buy one in person. It’s a system that works so flawlessly, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an overflowing trashcan or malfunctioning machine, making vending machines almost ridiculously reliable.

3) Because Everyone Can Become a Vending Machine Owner! Equally, why have …

Fujiya’s “Nectar” peach juice boasts 30% of actual juice, making for a sweetness that is just right and not overwhelming or artificially tasting. You know that unofficial London rule about never being further than six feet from a rat? In those moments when you’re heading home and realised you don’t have eggs for breakfast the next morning, these egg vending machines are heaven sent. We asked Hachiyoh, a Tokyo-based company responsible for vending machine maintenance: why are there so many in Japan? Why tip a barista to drizzle your cappuccino froth (not that you’ll be tipping in Japan, of course) in an artistic way when there's a machine at Tokyo’s Haneda airport that will print a woman’s face on your drink instead?

You can also follow the company on Facebook. There is very little vandalism in Japan, so even if a vending machine is installed in a public space such as a park or on the sidewalk, it rarely gets broken. These puppy "vending machines" are actually just clear plastic cubes with a puppy in them and the price labeled on the outside, so don't worry- the little puppers don't have to be "dispensed" by a vending machine before they go home with their new owner.

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