Shop By Products . Why Don’t More HVAC Contractors Own Duct Leakage Testers? 48 x 3 in. ® Become a GBA Prime member and get full access to GBA articles, enyclopedia, videos, CAD library, and more. A code identification tape runs the length of the roll listing ASTM numbers, the manufacturer’s name and testing information. When installing Reflectix® on bright sunny days, it is best to wear sun glasses.

In order to achieve the R-8 value the spacer strips must be used and placed every 2' on the ducting.

A couple of additional points: Even with ducts running in 'conditioned' space, leaks and inadequate insulation mean that homeowners are paying to deliver a bunch of hot / cool air to the wrong place -- maybe cooling / heating an attic storage area, for example. The numbers are even higher for the additional heating load.

How often do you think you get the full labeled R-value?

The house is about 3,500 square feet, all on one floor. Get Started to create a new Ferguson account. With more than 50,000 products online, always make Ferguson your first choice!

Enjoy consistent air temperature and reduced system condensation and noise.

Using reflective duct wrap insulation is a great way to insulate your duct-work without exposing yourself to itchy fiberglass.

You would have to build duct chases inside walls, and add insulation around ducts in crawl spaces. As Kai Rysdaal says every day on MarketPlace, let’s do the numbers. Refer to your local plumbing inspector or manufacturer for more details. Terms of Site Use | It is extra tough, does not itch and is thinner than R-8.0 fiberglass wraps. Designed, manufactured, tested and certified to meet R-8 code requirements for all duct types, rFOIL Big 8 2280 Reflective Duct Insulation series is a consistent contractor’s choice.

If the duct is supported with saddle clamps, make sure to install a spacer on the two bottom edges of the duct directly between the clamp and the duct. AES R-8 HVAC Duct Wrap Insulation Reflective 2 Sided Foam Core 4' x 50' (200 Sq Ft) 4.8 out of 5 stars 34. R-6 and R-4.2 are common R-values for ducts. We all know how stupid some of those problems are.

EcoFoil R-8 HVAC Duct Wrap Insulation is specifically designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in residential and commercial duct applications. It should not be used in weather-exposed applications without proper protection. Reflectix, Inc. #1 School Street, (PO Box 108) Markleville, IN 46056 • Phone: (765) 533-4332 or (800) 879-3645 • Fax: (765) 533-2327 • Email: The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Reflective Insulation. Now it’s time to focus on the next level of problems. Do not work in areas such as attics when temperatures are too hot. The indoor temperature would be 75°F. If it were, all the ducts would be in conditioned space. Looking at the cooling load only, the additional load would be: One ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU/hr, so this would be almost half a ton (0.44) of cooling load.

Unconditioned attics are the worst place to put ducts. Saddle Hanger: Make sure that there is a spacer below the hanger between the insulation and the duct to prevent the insulation from touching the duct. So today I’m going to talk about a problem that doesn’t get nearly enough attention: duct insulation — even when the design and installation are perfect. Terms of Sale |

On new pipe installation - simply slide the sleeve over the 8 in. (888) 349-3645. Installing contractors prefer Microlite EQ’s bio-based binder for many reasons, including improved handling, easier cutting and less dust. Sitemap.

Ducts just don’t get anywhere near the attention they deserve in most homes.

Our showrooms display the latest styles in kitchen, bath and lighting design from industry leaders.

Wrap the product around the duct and securely tape the linear and circumference seams (overlapping 1”- 2”) with a UL 181 approved tape (goal is an air-tight, snug seam seal). https://www.facebook.com/FergusonShowrooms, http://www.youtube.com/FergusonEnterprises, http://www.houzz.com/pro/fergusonenterprises/__public, Drinking Fountains & Bottle Filling Stations, Institutional and Utility Sinks & Faucets. Install the spacers every 24” to 26” apart on all four corners of the duct. Owens Corning® SOFTR® Duct Wrap is a blanket of glass fiber insulation factory-laminated to FRK vapor retarder facing. Foil Scrim Kraft Duct Wrap, Johns Manville Microlite® 2 in. Fiberglass duct wrap also known as Fiberglass blankets/FSK wraps are formaldehyde free and made by Knauf Insulation.

The product is lightweight and has 2 vapor barriers to help inhibit condensation. And conditioned air inside a duct is about 58°F.

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