Is it just sensual intake and “period?”. Because of excellent record keeping, Professor Bygren was able to link what environmental factor to the health and longevity of the villagers he studied?

If you really want to help the environment lay off cow products.

What do you need to do if Turkey wants to become a nuclear power? Unearthly, unhand, undress, uneducated, ungoverned, unmitigated, unwillingness unpublished, something that’s near and dear to my heart. ALEX WELLERSTEIN: The Soviet capabilities are greatly increased. I wanted to find out more about checks and balances at the top level. Alice WATERS: I do really believe that…I think that the work of the farmer, it needs to be elevated to a very important and vital place. He's the guy who told us about Olov's work. It's indescribable. And then that leads to appeals. That is a very interesting bill. And they’re also important environmentally, so it’s also a frustration that…It’s fine for her to grow gardens but I would love it if we just heard a strong message about what a great thing living in dense areas, living in high-rise apartments can also be for the environment. Here’s your host, Stephen Dubner.

ROBERT KRULWICH: Just imagine she's lying in her bed.

Episode from 2012. And they found that there’s about 8.9 tons of carbon dioxide per household per year from food consumption in the United States. LATIF: That leads to a series of meetings with superior officers, where they basically tell him ... HAROLD HERING: That I need to have more faith in our leaders. Senator Markey and I believe we need a structural fix. Olov: That is the time where the sperms are developing.

Every affirmative answer was qualified by a subjective condition.". No outside information is necessary, just listen to the episodes and write down the answers. And that’s a tremendous potential environmental cost, whereas moving the food around is just a very small cost relative to that. JAD ABUMRAD: But she says kids, like the rats, cannot connect the idea of left to the idea of blue, they just can’t do it. They need to hit these guys over the head with a hammer and take the keys.

It was as if someone had walked up to you with a -- with a flash camera, and -- and took a shot right, you know, inches from your eyes. They're, like, literally combination locks. It's hard to know. And-. A dish fit for the gods. JAMES SHAPIRO: Special thanks to Posey Brunner. Go to for more info and if you go there or if you’re subscribed to our podcast you’ll get this automatically, but there’s a beautiful short film directed by two really talented guys Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante that is all about words. SUSAN SCHALLER: Let’s see…it was about four years, I think, four or five. ROBERT KRULWICH: She went over to the instructor and she pointed at the guy and she said, “Who, who's that guy over there.” And the instructor said, “Well, he was born deaf. Did you grow up on a farm?

3. Robert: They won't grow much on the outside, but on the inside--. JAD ABUMRAD: Now as fruity as this may all sound to pin all this on language, we have run into this idea before. SUSAN SCHALLER: and I was trying to explain to this invisible student that this creature, a cat—so I'd be miming a cat and petting a cat—and then I’d sign the sign for cat. ALEX WELLERSTEIN: And he says in his administration, atomic weapons, small ones, are to be treated as basically any other kind of weapon. ROBERT KRULWICH: And one reason why he says that Shakespeare can be confusing is often, Shakespeare behaved not so much as a write but more like uh—. Don’t touch my train, don’t touch it!”.

], [BRUCE BLAIR: Our staff includes Simon Adler, Brenna Farrell ...], [BILL PERRY: David Gebel, Matt Kielty, Robert Krulwich ...], [BRUCE BLAIR: Annie McEwen, Latif Nasser, Malissa O'Donnell, Arianne Wack and Molly Webster. I mean for rats you would food. JAD ABUMRAD: I mean they have mainly just one sign pointing at your forehead. But if the other side doesn't believe that you will respond in kind, then it doesn't work. [ARCHIVE CLIP, Richard Nixon: People have got to know whether or not their President's a crook. CHARLES FERNYHOUGH: Called A Thousand Days of Wonder. He doesn't have to check with anybody. And I’m going: Aaah! Why?

RUBY: For me, smaller is better, for me, local is better. I'm Sam Kean's dad. That order has to be decoded, so he would decode the order and then his partner would decode the order, and then they would verify it with one another. I cannot with any certainty tell you how many seconds passed, but we felt a shock. ALEX WELLERSTEIN: The day after, they get casualty estimates from the Japanese, and he realizes this is not purely a military base.

And I asked. Relate wha. The truth of the matter is I think she’s really just pushing for greater awareness of food and greater attention to nutrition. Learning language is like the lights went on and I tell him well we know about language and we want to know what it’s like not to have language and he doesn't wanna talk about it. According to Harold, he never wanted to doubt an order coming from the President.

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