Hostile Animals - Puffer / Warthog / Screecher, Hostile Animals - Lurker / Bear / Mama Bear, Hostile Animals - Mudhog / White Screecher, Hostile Animals - Butler-Bot / Purple Lurker, Achievements - Story Collectibles (Chapter 1), Achievements - Story Collectibles (Chapter 2). When your raft is all armoured up : add a normal foundation. By continuing to use this site, you accept our use of cookies. Raft started as a prototype on and with the amazing support from the community, an Early Access version full of new features, online multiplayer and more is now available on Steam since May 23rd 2018! For small mammals, amphibians and reptiles in particular, but for many invertebrates as well, such rafts of vegetation are often the only means by which they could reach and – if they are lucky – colonize oceanic islands before human-built vehicles provided another mode of transport. We are bringing you a bunch of new stuff and a lot of bug fixes. The 8th document is inside Radio 4, it's a map between a lever and a blueprint, on a wall.

The 10th document is inside the Mayor's safe. Ingredients and recipes. [1] It is usually of basic design, characterized by the absence of a hull. Rafting on the Dunajec River at Pieniny, about 2005–2010.

Thanks Hyslyne. The 9th document is also inside Radio 4, on a stool between a bookcase and a desk. Raft carrying visitors to Tom Sawyer Island at Disneyland, about 1960. This wiki and its 4,812 articles are managed and maintained by 888 active contributors from the Minecraft community. you are a life svaer!

If you are done with The First Chapter and ready for more, you can now continue your Raft journey with new adventures!

I saw a screenshot of a raft with bamboo on it and though I've found it on some islands, I have yet to find a way to harvest it.

For smaller boats, the floor and hull is often flexible, while for boats longer than 3 metres (9.8 ft), the floor typically consists of three to five rigid plywood or aluminium sheets fixed between the tubes, but not joined rigidly together. You need to bring 3 tools to this toolboard to reveal the note ( wrench is in Radio 6, hammer in Radio 4 and saw on a hill next to the path (on the left when climbing the path) leading to Radio 6 and 4 ). The 6th document is on one of the islands you can reach through the tower. A raft is any flat structure for support or transportation over water. Story Walkthrough. List of materials and how to get them. [citation needed] This method was very common up until the middle of the 20th century but is now used only rarely. You need one Engine per 100 foundation blocks ( collection nets don't count ) for full speed, it goes slower from 100 to 110 and stops after 110. Such rafts consist of matted clumps of vegetation that has been swept off the dry land by a storm, tsunami, tide, earthquake or similar event; in modern times they sometimes also incorporate other kind of flotsam and jetsam, e.g.

You get the key for the safe inside the Infirmary. The 10th document is on the 4th Floor, on a table. Thank you for sharing this guide. The first one (Machete) is in Mama Bear's cave, in a crate with EMP written on it. It is the most thorough and well organized guide I have ever read. The type of raft used for recreational rafting is almost exclusively an inflatable raft, manufactured of flexible materials for use on whitewater. The 2nd document is at the top of the town from the port, next to the water pump. woahhhh! ', "It's refreshing to find a survival game with that rarest of qualities: a new idea", "This is stripped to a single raft, endlessly bobbing through the sea. The 13th document will be revealed when you have activated all 3 Radio Station, the coordinates will appear on the screens inside each Radio Station and the corresponding note will automatically be added in your journal.

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