Provides decent support to allies the best site you can find for RAID. The sole reason why he is considered as one of the Best Champions is his ability to decrease received damage for all his teammates which can be decisive in certain game segments. If fully upgraded, the debuff chance rises to 75% and the cooldown is reduced by 1 turn becoming 4-turn cooldown. Kael posses four skills: Given his skillset, Kael thrives at AoE damage output, while dishing out some powerful debuffs at enemies. The third ability “Cruel Fate” is an AoE that has a 75% chance of placing Bomb debuffs that blow up after two turns, if this ability is a crit they will blow up after one turn.

For the gear, you’ll want to concentrate on Speed and Stun sets to Debuff and CC as fast as possible. But it truly handicaps “specialist” roles (Occult Browler mentioned before, Bulwark, etc), and could create a mess on new players who rely in this list as helping guide.

Still building mine up and she was pulling 3m at 5 star in NM. -50% ATK DEBUFF ON A1 – There is no one thing that will improve survivability more in CB than a champ that can lay a -50% atk debuff on the CB with 100% uptime… The vast majority of those have it as a high percentage on their A1. Corrode is her basic attack and it causes medium DMG against all enemies with a slight chance to place 60% Decrease DEF debuff on each target for 2 turns. @Travis Timdal: It’s best to upgrade champions based on your current needs/situation.

With her second skill “Spiteful Cut” she attacks an enemy. Great Work as always. Just pulled – Myrmidon (Rare), I dont see him on your list. Her Aura increases the HP of her allies by 33% in dungeons.

As you can see Ghostburn’s qualities can be used almost everywhere but the fact is that he is ideal only for Spider’s Den, Force Keep and even Spirit Keep (he can place 100% Heal Reduction which is the most important for Spirit Keep). Her affinity is Void meaning that she has no advantages or disadvantages against other affinities. [Warmaster], [Helmsmahsher], or [Flawless Execution].

He is also a Top Tier Character for Fire Knight’s Castle, Minotaur’s Lair, Magic Keep, and Void Keep. That is because he has a passive ability which increases his DMG output by 40% when his health drops below 40%. He has an Aura that increases Ally Speed in Dungeons by 33%. Psylars’ first skill is called ”Surge” and it’s a pure AoE attack. This ability attacks a single target causing moderate damage with an 85% chance of placing [Block Cooldown Skills] debuff for 4 turns (!!). [Sniper] is one of the most useful masteries this champion can have since she relies so heavily on Buffs/Debuffs.

All champion tier lists will be put into different categories based on their factions. Her third skill “Bottoms up” places a 50% Ally protection buff on all allies except for herself but places a 25% Strengthen buff on herself for 2 turns.

Visix is not a good damage dealer so it’s useful to create her the best tank that she can be by going down the Defense tree down to [Bulwark].

High Khatun is geared with the highest speed, followed by Spirithost, Warmaiden and Kael. Concentrate on the Speed sets so she’s cycling fast through the turns, increasing the Crit Rate, debuffing, and having the Revive skill on the ready as fast as possible.


What happened? His base Speed is 98 which high enough and can be enhanced to almost 200, but you must be careful that his speed does not exceed the Speed of other members of the team (we will talk about that later). With the book boost, the Crit chance can be expanded to 50%. It is important to mention that his Crit RATE and Crit DMG must be risen to around 100%, while his ACC should be around 200 or even higher if you want to use him in PvP. His accuracy is rather small for a Legendary especially since he relies so much on accuracy.

The problem is that he is not even average Champion if his abilities are not fully upgraded. It is recommended to have masteries within the Defense and Support trees.

Bad-el-Kazar has also an Aura that increases Ally C.Rate in all battles by 25%. Nevertheless, RelicKeeper is faster and has more potential when invested in. In the Support Tree, go for the [Evil Eye] and [Master Hexer] to improve yourself in Faction Wars and Dungeons.

There’s so much to this game that is beyond description.

These Defense items are related to the Chest if the Chest is HP based use a Defense amulet and ring if the Chest is Defense based use the HP amulet and ring. It is also important that Arbiter apply [Weaken] whenever it is possible.

Easy to ask, probably more difficult to do……. His stats are average compared to other Champions of the same type but his skill set is something that sets him apart. The basic ability attacks all enemies and applies Poison debuff on each target. Lordly Legionary is an Epic Attack champion from the Banner Lords faction.

Hakkorhn’s AOE is one of the strongest in the game but that is not the only reason why he deserved his place in Raid Shadow Legends Best Champions List. His first ability is “Dark Bolt”. His main strength is his ability to lockdown the Boss and keeps it under the effect of a 60% [Decrease DEF] through the almost entire battle. Septimus can be pretty good in Clan Boss and in the Void Keep as well. If you are unable to view him in this page, perform a force refresh using your Internet Browser (CTRL+F5 shortcut for Windows Internet Browser).

I’m specially interested in Warchief, I want to know if the changes could get better punctuation and maybe go to A.

The “Conquerer” champion can be found at, Ayumilove- ok thank u for your response.

This ability has a 6-turns cooldown but if upgraded the cooldown can be only 4 turns meaning that the team will be buffed. This ability attacks a single target causing massive damage with a 75% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease Defense] debuff for 2 turns.

The second ability “Soothing Chant” heals an ally by 35% of HP – this heal can Crit, but crit damage doesn’t affect it at all, only Crit rate. Use Speed Boots, Attack Chest plate unless she’s a tank then use defense.

Furthermore, this skill places Perfect Veil on Vizier Ovelis for 3 turns, if he doesn’t have 2 or more debuffs on him. Defense Champion uses non-Defense stat). She also places a Shield buff on the target equal to 20% of their HP.

Keep in mind that heroes placement inside a specific tier is NOT important. This following guide will show you how to use energy in an efficient way for Champion Training Event in RAID: Shadow Legends. With the Dead Aim, he can literally assassinate the target he picked and cooldowns of his abilities are very low compared to some other Champions on this list. It attacks 1 enemy causing moderate damage and has a 30% chance of placing [Freeze] debuff for 1 turn. Why is he Ranked as Bad?

Everywhere else she is pretty solid or somewhere in the middle. Equip him with HP percent Chestplate and Gauntlets.

Depending on what you want to do with her you can build her in the Accuracy direction and place a lot of Stuns which is the best to use in Faction Wars or you can completely avoid any Accuracy building to get her to deal massive amounts of damage through her third ability building her for the Arena.

This ability revives a fallen ally with 55% Health and full Turn Meter. If your Arbiter is fast enough to play first and buff allies with ATK filling their Turn Meter in the process you will most certainly nuke the enemy in the first turn.

Ideal equipment for Bracus should be focused on Attack%, Speed, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Accuracy. Additionally, this ability grants Perfect Veil to all allies except Lilitu for 2 turns.

He shouldn’t be used only in Force Keep and his usefulness against Clan Boss is questionable.

Which champions should you focus on, and where should you spend your resources?

Tormenter – T5. Each of the hits has an 80%  chance of decreasing the enemy’s Turn Meter by 10% and increasing the Visixes Turn Meter by the same amount. As a Void character, she is always a decent choice for any Dungeon if you don’t have enough characters to make a team where everyone will have opposite affinity than Dungeon Boss. Spider Dan is another Dungeon which is not ideal for Hakkorhn but since he has one devastating AOE he is a definitely better solution that some other single-target based Champions. AOE or targetted 5% poison on a short cooldown is +2 or +3 stars for sure, but there needs to be differentiation between the poison that works for spider’s den and the poison that doesn’t… The other part is that the main way to take our the boss here is by stopping her from taking frequent turns… Poison damage only procs if she takes her turn, which counteracts the main utility of most other spider’s den strats.

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