The film was not screened in advance for critics in its initial release,[6] and subsequently fared weakly among them.

"That was wonderful — and I wasn't afraid at all! However, the Dark Princess, now enraged, uses her powerful crystal to create a vortex to send Rainbow, Krys, Starlite and On-X to a prison planet. 1985 film by Kimio Yabuki, Bernard Deyriès,, The Atlanta Journal and the Atlanta Constitution,,, American children's animated fantasy films, American children's animated musical films, Pages using infobox film with unknown empty parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 19:57. She uses the colors of the rainbow to make our world brighter and our hearts lighter. Rainbow takes the mission to find Orin and later learns that Spectra is dimming as the result of a massive net being woven around its surface.

[7] Michael Blowen of The Boston Globe said, "[It] is so incompetently crafted that it makes the Saturday-morning cartoons seem like Disney classics. Mary Ann asked rubbing her eyes. Would you like to ride him?". Mary Ann climbed onto Starlite and held onto his mane. Let's see, we’ll need pink blossoms for the cherry trees, white for the magnolias, purple for. she exclaimed. No matter where you are, you can always count on Rainbow Brite to make your heart a little lighter and your world a little more colorful!

"Hey, this isn't so scary!" "I knew I could! Mary Ann cried. Reassuring Brian that they will do what they can to return Spring, Rainbow and Starlite return to Rainbowland. The film was the second feature film made by DIC Enterprises, who had earlier success with their first TV shows, Inspector Gadget and The Littles. Pretty much all the products were created simultaneously so they needed to train a lot of people in G.G. "With you in my power," Murky Dismal said to Rainbow Brite, "I shall make sure springtime never comes again. When they meet Orin, he tries to make them work together to stop the princess. Now Rainbow must stop the princess' plan before all life on Earth is frozen solid by an endless Winter. Rainbow meets Orin there who explains that Krys and Rainbow must destroy the Princess' crystal—as that is the source of her powers. Murky Dismal bellowed. She whispered in the little girl's ear and Mary Ann began to dream. Quickly she tossed the Star Sprinkles all over herself from head to toe until she blended perfectly with the trees and grass around her. Soon, Starlite's feet left the ground and the two were flying through the sky! "Gosh, Twink, that was a close one!" Although she may be small, her good deeds and the magic she performs with her powerful Color Belt, more than make up for her size! They find an unguarded entrance to the palace and find the Princess in her throne room. The character's focus moved from nature to colors. Rainbow Brite smiled. . She‘s DISAPPEARED!" Rainbow Brite was a franchise created by Hallmark Cards in 1983. Its episodes were produced from 1984 to 1986.

The character of Rainbow Brite was originally a "forest spirit" named Wisp in 1982. Not so very long ago, a little girl name Wisp appeared in a colorless and unhappy world. Twink trembled with fear as Lurky loaded him onto the Grunge Buggy. I don‘t know," Lurky stammered, forgetting all about his net as he peered behind some bushes. "Oh, don't be silly," answered Rainbow Brite. illustrated her Vs. Gerry Oliveira and Mary Lou Faltico and Sue Tague. he screamed at Lurky.

She must stop a wicked princess who wants all of Spectra, a planet-sized diamond through which all the light in the universe must pass. Mary Ann went inside. Hugging her Rainbow Brite doll in her arms, she fell into a troubled sleep.

Helping Rainbow and Starlite is Krys (David Mendenhall), a boy from Spectra who believes he can take on the princess and save his home world by himself without the help of a "dumb girl." Rainbow Brite smiled and made an addition to her list. The favorite sprite of Rainbow Brite is Twink, a white and furry little bundle of energy who was once a sprite of a different color! Rainbow is a “Sentinel of Light” - a guardian of light and color endowed with magical powers to protect Rainbow Land and bring color to all the corners of the universe. [4], The project was directed by French animator Bernard Deyriès, well known at the time for DIC's science-fiction series Ulysses 31 and Mysterious Cities of Gold (both also animated by Japanese studios), and Japanese partner Kimio Yabuki, a legendary animator at Toei Animation and former cohort of Hayao Miyazaki. And with no shadow to darken the lands, Rainbow Land was restored, and the little girl christen Rainbow Brite, defender of color. "Of course you can. 's style. Murky Dismal glowered at Lurky. [10], Opening at seventh place with US$1.8 million, and running for just five weeks at a 1,090-venue maximum,[11] Star Stealer grossed US$4,889,971 at the North American box-office,[3] months before a 13-episode syndicated series appeared on DIC's Kideo TV block. The rainbow is a Biblical symbol that the New Age has wickedly mocked by attributing the false notion that the rainbow represents man's bridge to godhood. "[9] Despite its poor reception by critics on review aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes, where it currently holds a rare 0% rating, the audience response was much more positive, holding a 79% rating. When Mary Ann woke up, she was very excited. The Dark Princess is the antagonist of the 1985 animated move Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer as well as "Queen of the Sprites" - the 13th and final episode of the 1984-1986 Rainbow Brite television show, voiced by Rhonda Aldrich. This visit was extended when somehow the Dark Princess erased the memory of Rainbow Land from the little girl's mind. Puppy Brite and Starlite leave Rainbow Land to Earth to find the little girl once called Rainbow Brite and remind her who she is and that Rainbow Land needs her once again! The "Rainbow Brite" heroine is pictured on the box of a best-selling cereal. With Emily Osment, Molly Ringwald, Marcus Toji, Mark C. Hanson. Rainbow Brite, also known in Japan as Magical Girl Rainbow Brite (魔法少女レインボーブライト Mahō Shōjo Reinbō Buraito), is a TV series created by Hallmark Cards. She proves to be no match for Rainbow and Starlite, who outrun her and head off to Earth. 80's Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. When Rainbow Brite (Bettina Bush) and her magical horse, Starlite (Andre Stojka), go to Earth to start spring, they meet Stormy (Marissa Mendenhall), another magical girl who controls Winter with her horse, Skydancer (Peter Cullen). Kerplop! Upon looking over the world she saw that not all creatures were mean, or vicious, and that there were others like her who loved color. This page was last modified on 12 October 2016, at 00:24. He tells them that they can only destroy her by combining their own powers against her. Twink grinned. Description Edit "Sweetened Cereal" Notes Edit. The net is being made so that a selfish princess (Rhonda Aldrich), known only as the "Dark Princess", can steal Spectra, "the greatest diamond in all the universe," for herself, and tow it back to her world with her massive spaceship. Join Rainbow Brite and her forces of color as they challenge the forces of gloom, in a struggle to keep the world bright and colorful, and to keep our hearts hopeful and happy.

"Yes, wildflowers of every color." Among them was Twink, a white sprite and Starlite, a magical horse. Rainbow Brite's costume represents all colors of the rainbow: a blue dress, red belt, and white accents, with Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple sleeve rings, and matching boots.

With the launch of the new website a mini episode was also released to explain why Rainbow Brite has been missing.

Murky Dismal laughed menacingly. "Don’t give in to him, Rainbow Brite!" "Oh yes...and we mustn’t forget the trees!"

"Well done, Lurky!" I knew I could!" When they landed, Mary Ann was laughing. Happy little Twink bounded so high that he shook the leaves of a tree branch overhead.

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