He has an approachable personality which can turn equal parts intimidating if need be and he walks a fine line between being an outlier yet still a part of the group. In the bonus mode, with Shuichi's support, he believes he'll become a real Ultimate Big Brother some day. At the beginning of the game, his talent is a complete mystery to everyone, including himself. He mentions the possibility of himself dying, and while he claims he's joking, Shuichi seems skeptical. Rantaro felt responsible for his little sisters and wanted to help them and take care of them, to the point that he apparently learned a lot about make-up and other things that are often considered feminine; he claimed that he frequently helped his sisters with nail art. It's do dangerous to disobey, "Kill without being caught, and then survive the. Amanaga I have to find my sister. He has just the right amounts of characterisation and quips given to him to make him seem well-realised even while having the least amount of exploration as a chapter one victim. I guess one of the aspects that I love about Rantaro is the air of mystery that constantly surrounds him the entire game (and even lingers afterwards, to a degree). Fan translations usually adapt this pattern by using teenage slang in his lines. Maki Harukawa | Oh i've been waiting for this one, Rantaro is straight up one of my favorite characters in the entire franchise right next to Ryota, Mikan and Chihiro, he might not have a alot of screentime in the story, but he does a really good job of letting the player thinking about him and having alot of potential for a V3 prequel, his design is great, his FTEs are one of the best in the game (even with the dodgy ending to it) and some really nice interactions in TDP, i love his friendly,carefree personality and mysterious vibe, probably one of the best males in V3 along with Kokichi and Shuichi. i don't really take much issue with the writing of any of them. Looking back, I can appreciate how level-headed he is in a panic situation and how astute his judgement is as well.

He has a sweet heart filled with selflessness and kindness.

Gonta Gokuhara, the Ultimate Entomologist, then remembered that he found a manhole inside the boiler room behind the school building. There’s so little of him in the main game that it inspires me to start writing a fanfic with him as the protagonist. アマミ ランタロウ

Witnessing Kaede's plan fail through the hidden room, she immediately left it and made her way into the library. Shuichi accessed it, and it played a pre-recorded message by Rantaro before he had lost his memory, intended for the Rantaro after he had lost his memory. Everyone's heart was able to become one, all thanks to her speech.

A lot of this anxiety is related the stress caused by his sisters' situation, but he is also shown to be a bit insecure about his memory issues, assuming that others wouldn't trust someone like him and wondering if he can even trust himself. Before she's executed, she apologizes to everyone that it's now impossible for all of them to escape the Killing Game together, and apologizes again to Shuichi, her closest friend, and Rantaro, clearly having been torn up by remorse and regret as a result of her actions. Everyone's heart was able to become one, all thanks to her speech. Games the fake personalities given to them, or their previous personalities? Strangely enough, his talent was not listed on the freshman document, and Makoto commented that he was probably one of the students that didn't want his talent to be known so easily. Didn't answer your question. Despite the latter fact, he introduced himself to the duo and reassuringly promised him that he wasn't a bad guy. Trust no one. With that, the Killing School Semester had officially begun. Whenever he is in the bad mood, he tends to sigh in slight annoyance and won't hesitate to openly state out loud that he doesn't want to talk.

Shuichi tells Rantaro he would rather hear the story about why he could be dangerous, even if it is a risk, rather than leave Rantaro to deal with it alone. Despite the latter fact, he introduced himself to the duo and reassuringly promised him that he wasn't a bad guy. For fans of the murder-mystery visual novel series Danganronpa. Type of Hero

Somehow, Rantaro lost all of his 12 sisters all around the world, and his family and everyone else told him to give up. You're right, of course. ", "Everyone's a little anxious about not being able to remember how they got here, right? After he successfully joined Danganronpa as a Killing Game participant, Rantaro's memories and past were fabricated by Team Danganronpa as follows.

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