“Light” Phish's creativity and energy has been growing since summer 2017, a welcome surprise after uneven tours in years before. This is an incomplete list of original songs composed by the rock band Phish. “Aftermath”

“Liquid Time” For sanity’s sake, I’ve omitted songs from their Halloween album-covers projects. 177. This unclassifiable Picture of Nectar track sets impressionistic lyrics about a junkie waiter to Caribbean-flavored rhythms. For example, the model doesn’t recognize what a [newer] 3.0 song is, and consequently, doesn’t understand that these songs are more likely to be played now vs. an [older/now rarer] 1.0 song. 2000-06-14 Twist -> JamDrum Logos Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Japan. 302. 58. The correct learning rate really does speed up convergence. 151. The 10-minute Prince Caspian on this amazing set just flies. Nearly every component of Phish’s mythos can be found on their 1989 debut, Junta. “Rock and Roll Part 2″ (Gary Glitter/Mike Leander)

On night 4 of Phish's donut-themed residency at Madison Square Garden, Phish proved to their audience that they were serious about the themes of each night's donut. “Party Time” 98. A long, strange song with a climactic payoff, this side-long multipart ode to a “man with a horrible disease” went through numerous revisions before gelling into the intermittently performed old-school favorite it is today.

131. 57.

54. 317.

Phish turn up the funk to 11 whenever they play Eumir Deodato’s hit 1973 crossover-jazz take on Richard Strauss’s Nietzsche tribute. As expected, the model has learned to relate songs that occur in similar contexts.

“Bold as Love” (Hendrix) “Waiting All Night” “Army of One”

“Kill Devil Falls” This jam soars for 28:30 minutes, and alternate between major-key soloing and chordwork by Anastasio. 167. 39. The cowfunk-psychedelia-shredding-ambient jams of Phish are like nothing else, and they go hand in hand with the road.

Must-listen Phish. This Piper evolves into an upbeat jam with exquisite, bright interplay from the band. This Mike's Song and Simple knocked me out. Yes. No band has gotten quite as much out of frustrated communication as Phish, who deliver the malaise with grace and beauty in this bare-bones acoustic jewel from Billy Breathes. “Mountains in the Mist” “Wading in the Velvet Sea” 1997-12-30 Black-eyed KatyMadison Square Garden, New York, New York. 271. 291.


2017-12-3 Down with Disease->Steam->LightMadison Square Garden, New York, New York. “Johnny B. Goode” (Chuck Berry) Phish — an iconic, live rock & roll band, and the world of machine learning…what can they possibly have in common? So here, as a public service announcement, is my list of the Top 5 most tolerable Phish songs: Photos Bono Stops by the 2013 Vanity FairOscar Party, “She yanked down my tunic and dangled my stash.” Yeah, whatever, dude. “Talk” I decided to frame the problem as a sequential, multi-class classification task in a similar fashion to a neural language model — namely: “Can I accurately predict what song will be played next given a prior sequence of songs?”. 164.

179. The way the Nassau Tweezer catches onto a melody and take it to its ultimate conclusion as a 'hose jam' makes it singularly glorious.

This version contains one of the most unusual jams of all Reba's, and is known as the 'Melancholy Reba' for its mournful Trey tones.

A 24 minute No Men in No Man's Land and a 16 minute Twist in the third quarter of night one at this MSG run puts together all the new directions Phish took their music in 2017 and showcased it in the beautiful two-song jam, which includes dark themes and ambient bliss. The seven red lights refers to a horrible night in Baltimore when I full-speeded through maybe three red lights in order to freak out myself and a passenger, which was a horrible, horrible thing to do, obviously. into the neural network along with the setlist sequences. 2000-07-06 RebaMolson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Beginning with “Makisupa Policeman” (152), Anastasio and Marshall have been writing together since eighth grade.

1997-07-22 Down with Disease -> Mike's SongWalnut Creek Amphitheatre, Raleigh, NC. So of course Trey and I pretend to be working that into a song any time we’re together and Jon shows up.” 113.

“The thing we did best and did forever, songwriting, reignited our friendship,” wrote Marshall of its creation. 115. This jam segment is a favorite of Phish fans: creative, singular, groovy and spacey.

168. “Letter to Jimmy Page” “Crossroads” (Robert Johnson) Hands-on real-world examples, research, tutorials, and cutting-edge techniques delivered Monday to Thursday.

This enormous AC/DC Bag, filled with grooves and funk, takes forays into Jimi Hendrix's Third Stone from the Sun and Talking Heads' Psycho Killer. 74. Slave to the Traffic LightIrvin J. Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio. “Carini” “Guelah Papyrus” The stunning Tweezer, the centerpiece of this outstanding jam segment, is one of the finest Phish jams of all time. 91. Like their barbershop-harmony tutorial (see above), the project honed the group’s harmonies (see “Grind” (184)) and reflected a sincere appreciation of real Americana. In an amazing residency, this may be the single best jam segment.

All text, photographs, illustrations, sketches and design created by the author. layers, LSTM units) doesn’t necessarily equate to more potential for learning and makes the model much more prone to overfitting. The title of this Story of the Ghost track (originally the instrumental “Black-Eyed Katy”) puns preciously on “the moment ends” while hardcore Phish funk sexes up a sexy sailing scenario involving “a frothy cap” and “steady slap.”.

16. Marshall, who has referred to the Gamehendge song cycle as Phish’s “Jesus Christ Superstar,” named many of its main characters in this art-rocking minisuite. 277. The key song in Anastasio’s Gamehendge cycle is a bittersweet ode to “a race of people practically extinct/ From doing things smart people don’t do,” and features a magnificent coda imported from Gus the Christmas Dog. 1998-04-04 Tweezer -> Taste, Birds of a Feather -> 2001 -> Brother Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island.

“Tweezer” 162.

Likewise, anyone who considers Phish merely a delivery system for endless jams is missing the forest for the trees.

But then you'd miss the trippy splendors of the mid 200s.

293. 120. But the newfound strength of 2017 and 2018 were in full force at the New Years Eve 2018 Madison Square Garden run. 197. 66.

“All of These Dreams” I had always wondered if it could ever be taken places. This twenty-four minute Runaway Jim grooves and is a great example of a sound invented by Trey that is often referred to as whale call.

93. Nobody does foolish desperation better than Phish, especially in this subverted sword-and-sorcery pastiche featuring angry mobs, septic maidens, and a picture of a Burlington bar owner.

118. “The Connection” And many sections of the multi-part epic "Fluffhead" have been played outside of the song. This self-explanatory, complex, and reliable 1989 improv portal is characterized by unusual time signatures following a visit to the “gloom room.”. “Sing Monica”

But I'm particularly drawn to this Down with Disease, which jumps effortlessly through several of Phish's 97 jamming styles. “Joy” — This song “started out as an anthem to our daughters,” says Marshall, “the embodiment of joy. “Bug”

“My Sweet One” 225. 2015-07-31 Kill Devil FallsAaron's Amphitheatre at Lakewood, Atlanta, Georgia. Reba is beloved by Phish fans for its inimitable and blissful jam. “Funky Bitch” (Son Seals) But this darkness-on-the-edge-of-carnival offering about a girl’s flight and subsequent drowning suggest a promising creative road Anastasio left unexplored. Acoustic Pink Floyd meets Little Shop of Horrors in this Gordon concoction that “might hurt just a little bit.”. Neil Young’s “Pocahantas” inspired the groove behind Marshall’s lyrics to this jaunty Rift track portraying marital obligation as a cross-country voyage. 251. “46 Days” (158)) and seductive guitar showcases (“Ocelot” (166)).

Phish Downloads.

This song has a simple premise. “The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony”. Phish isn’t above mocking the Proclaimers or Chumbawamba, or getting their bro on with rap covers, nor are they dismissive of Marley, Dylan, and Berry chestnuts their parents may have played. “Amazing Grace” (John Newton) “Maze” 110.

Both the song’s chords and Gamehendge’s foremost executioner are referenced in the title of this Talking Heads-influenced show fluffer from Anastasio’s Goddard days.

Trey Anastasio holds back in this thirty-one minute jam, adding texture while the other bandmembers create a challenging, but ethereal soundscape that, once you get it, is a singular experience. 77. “46 Days”

211. Two stellar jams from the second set of Phish's first night of the IT Festival. Perhaps this show is the bookend between 1997 funk and 1998-1999 ambient jamming. Phish’s covers tend toward the faithful.

5. “Theme From the Bottom” Modern art, marriage, and urinary catheterization combine in this corn-poppingly anxious track from A Picture of Nectar.

This Twist from a simple, unadorned small venue in Japan may be the most well known example of that ambient era, and for good reason. The closest Phish ever got to a political manifesto, unintentionally or not, arrived during the bleakest moments of the Bush administration and provided a perfect soundtrack for an Occupy video. 170. 2003-07-15 Mr. CompletelyUsana Amphitheatre, West Valley City, Utah.

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