As omnivores, their diet consists of aquatic vegetation, small fish and amphibians. The feathers of the hawks can be used for crafting. © 2008-2020, all rights reserved. I managed to get both trophies in Chapter 4, without ever encountering this bird. Like the legandary fish there's a pic but doesn't tell me name. The Legendary Big Horn Ram is native to Grizzlies West. (We used a shotgun, which killed it with two trigger pulls.). Clayfighter Remake, The Alligator Snapping Turtle is native to the swamplands of Lemoyne. The carcass can be sold to traders and their feathers can be used for crafting. The Varmint Rifle is considered to be the best weapon to use when taking down an eagle of this size. Yields a hide and gristly mutton.

NY 10036.

At the same time, deer, bucks and elk are all common as dirt. Use a long scope rifle for a clean kill. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. As omnivores, their diet consists of leaves, grasses, insects and carrion. Carolina Parakeets are native to the Bayou. As omnivores, their diet consists of insects, fruits, nuts and berries. Their omnivorous diet usually consists of dog food made up from meat, vegetable matter, and offal. A Varmint Rifle is the ideal weapon to use when hunting rabbits. Their feathers can be used for crafting and their meat is a good source of food. The Banded Gila Monster is native to the deserts of New Austin. what if I just killed them? Yields an antler that can be used in crafting.

Brown Rats can be found in Armadillo and other densely populated areas.

There are 16 Legendary Animals scattered across the world in Red Dead Redemption 2. Nine-Banded Armadillos can be found in the regions of Gaptooth Ridge, Cholla Springs and Rio Bravo. New York, Yields feathers and plump bird meat. A Perfect Boar Pelt can be used to craft a Saddle. Here’s a guide on restocking provisions, ammo and medical supplies and upgrading parts of the camp.

Once you have hunted some Legendary Animals and turned in their pelts to the Trapper, you’ll be able to make yourself eight fancy new outfits. Three more are in a hidden area of the map, another is tied to a story mission in Chapter 4, and the final one requires you to reach the ninth rank of the Master Hunter challenge.

Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare talisman. The carcass of a quail can be sold to traders. After the third, the path will lead you directly to the Legendary Animal. Herring Gulls can be found in the Bluewater Marsh (it also spawns around the coast of Flat Iron Lake, all other subspecies of Gulls can also spawn there). The American Bison is native to the plains of New Hanover and West Elizabeth. The Baja Californian Pronghorn Buck’s main habitat is Gaptooth Ridge and Rio Bravo.

Carolina parakeet, Californian horned own, Hereford bull and Sonoran Desert told besides those from Guarma aren’t required for this trophy. These dogs were bred for hunting, and are cousins of the English Fox Hound. The Varmint Rifle is the most effective weapon for hunting these mammals. Killing this animal will give you the opportunity to craft a rare trinket. Ferruginous Hawks can be found across the states (flying). Using either a rifle or a Bow with Poison Arrows is the easiest way to take down an animal of this size. Their omnivorous diet usually consists of dog food made up from meat, vegetable matter, and offal.

Cougars are native to the states of New Austin, West Elizabeth and remote forested sections of New Hanover. Its venison can be eaten, and the antlers and skin can be used to craft with. 100% Upvoted. You will receive a verification email shortly. Use a Bow with a Poison Arrow for a clean kill.

The Varmint Rifle is considered the best weapon for shooting cormorants.

When you find the city of Tumbleweed, head directly west from there to discover your prey.

As herbivores, their diet consists of fruits, seeds, plants, nuts and leaves.

A Perfect Iguana Skin can be crafted into a Hat. The ideal weapons for an effective take down are rifles or a Bow with arrows. Look for this animal at night time. Share?

Their diet is primarily carnivorous, consuming the meat of rodents as its main food source. Long range weapons, like a rifle or a Bow with Poison Arrows, are the most successful weapons for hunting. The Legendary Wolf hangs out around the geyser near Cotorra Springs.

The distinguishable white hair and shaggy mane make this elk different to other elks in the region. It only spawns afer having completed the first 9 Master Hunter Challenges (under Progress, Challenges). Their omnivorous diet usually consists of dog food made up from meat, vegetable matter, and offal.

I think my game is glitched. never mind western moose didnt register as skinned even tho i definitely did.

Keeping your distance when hunting deer can increase your chances of a kill.

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