RealWorld Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 Download Links: For Minecraft 1.11.2. WHAAAAAAAAA, When i press The download IT just turns into A bunch of codes, When ever I press download it just turns into a bunch of codes, can u install this on the windows 10 edition, How do you even download the latest block launcher and when I try to download generate Structure All show up was this jumbo of frickin code stuff. OR Spawns Around me Randomly ???) Will this work for latest version of minecraft? It’s like entering an entire new world as you will be able to find everything from Native American tribes to ancient Egyptian cities.

I wonder what’s down there.. maybe a treasure? Massive problem, I have been trying to download each part of the mod flr 2 hour now and I still cant download it because adfly keep redirect me to ads link and it not redirect me to download. -Why when Tibetan Temple spawn has a chance spawn overwriting other tibetan temple, make the temple has 2 door infront and behind also some time generate 1 or 2 chest or even no chest. Creator need to fix this and not desperate for money, can i use it in my Medieval / Survival Map ? Isn’t Working Please Tell me how can i have that without Blocklaucher/Blocklaucherpro, Omg this looks so cool please can someone make a world with this and make it available to download with the mod becos I can’t download it……..looks awesome tho, Hi editor if your reading this can you please tell me if it works for IPhone 6 If not thanks anyway… It looks super cool!. -Why Ancient Village require Roofed forest near Plains to spawn, -Why Viking Fleet need Taiga, cold Taiga or mega Taiga Beach near Ocean to spawn. |, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK.

Paste the mod downloaded file inside .minecraft / mods. Corny, think you? -why the egytian village when spawn next to river, some building drowned in water. -why the dwarven castle entrance is a mineshaft, and only spawn in taiga biome not in any biome. Sitemap. My iPad keeps telling me “safari cannot download this file” when I try to download the textures. Got a screenshot? It also did this with the Choco mod as well today could this be as a result of my device not being rooted or just a bug with Block launcher Pro?

I don’t know about the pro version. This is a really cool mod tho!

Yeah, it’s installed correctly. Download Textures (Required), Please fix the life mod it does not work for me and I would like to use it in Minecraft so please please please please please fix it it doesn’t work try to fix it and sorry for repeating this I just really like to try this mod out, Please make it add on instead of mcpe it don’t work. Use this guide to install the texture zip file: I know there are more structures beside those ones can you please show us all of them?? Hey,I found a Witch House Underground in Swamp Biome. I think you need to create the relevant ‘blocks’ and ‘resources’ json files so it can be loaded as a default texture either within MCPE Master or Minecraft its self. . Haven’t tested for MCPE Master. It’s like entering an entire new world as you will be able to find everything from Native American tribes to ancient Egyptian cities. I added got screenshots of all structures I could find in the script. In the cellar of the inn you will find some levers. It works really well, it dosent lag my game eatheir,tis mod works great :), I’m using it in my nodded survival . Перейдите в .minecraft/mods (если нету папки «mods»,то создайте) Перетащите мод (.zip/.jar) в папку mods Скачать Real Life Mod Dogs: Items: Usage: Download the Doggy Mod Mod … If not can I download on mac? Because I’ve been trying to install it and the only thing I can get installed are the textures, I can’t find the generator mod and what’s the version will the mod work for, Precisam criar um addon para a versão 1.8, It works doesn’t crash but nothing appears and im playing this on Install the textures before installing the mod file! Please Help!

The ladder leads down to an old stronghold of some kind. Can you add a mediafire link too?

Real Life 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 is a mod that takes care of adding various concepts that can be found in our reality, such as thirst, our mood, the need to go to the bathroom, ambiental temperature and even we have money in the game (in dollars) , you get to have a job.

It is a swamp village.

this is a super cool mod but i only have mcpe on my iphone :/. No structures spawned even when I flew around for a few minutes I only found some villages. It doesn’t look friendly.. If you do so then make sure to install the Save Models Mod (unless you’ve already got it installed) to ensure that the game load time is optimized. Who are tired of boring routes, familiar actions and scenes, we propose to add to the collection mcpe mod for Real life mod for minecraft pe. Doesn’t anybody know for which version of mcpe was this mod made? Use BlockLauncher to install the Generator and Save Models mods (.js files) (.

Taiga Civilian or Jungle Warrior), Sick mod man you should get some more attention for things like this,a job well done, Whenever I extract the texture file it says bad zip file and no new folder pops up, You are not supposed to extract the texture zip file. It explains exactly how to install it.

Which blocklauncher version should I use, and what MCPE version is this for? The mod has been updated very recently to make it easier to find structures.

Holy macaroni! However, if you are looking for seeds you can find them here: I would use this version: Hey creator, where I can find undead pirate, water skeleton and tzitzimime.i look in file ,there are 6 monster and 3 of them still not found.I just found worshipper in hidden sect, yeti in ice cave and mummy under enchanting room in egyptian village. A Native American tribe has set up camp by the river in this mesa biome.

Now it looks like they’ve found their way into Minecraft as well. Please download and install the mod again. It works with MCPE Master, just all the new stuff is un-textured because the texture pack doesn’t work with MCPE Master. Yeah. Woaahh i like this Mod is used mcpe 1.2 and worked that is more cool then comes alive mod, Is this mod only for android? Don’t go out on the sea unarmed because you never know who you might come across.

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