"[2] However, it is notable that despite Miami's #1 ranked offense during the 1984 season, which set numerous NFL records, he still made the Pro Bowl that year. Former Dolphins Pro Bowl punter Reggie Roby died early Tuesday in Football Player. Reginald Henry "Reggie" Roby (July 30, 1961 – February 22, 2005) was an American college and professional football player who was a punter in the National Football League (NFL) for 16 seasons during the 1980s and 1990s. His career average of 45.4 yards ranks among college football's best and is still a school record. As a professional, his 38.7 net average led the league in 1986, and his 45.7 average yards led the NFL in 1991, and he set a Pro Bowl record with 10 punts in the 1985 game.

He became a legend along the way, and helped to make Hayden Fry a legend. "Probably the only punter in history that made you look forward to a 3 and out on offense.". His career average of 45.4 yards per punt ranks among college football’s best and is still a school record. "I didn't hit one well. And yet another from a high school classmate of mine named Bob Bettendorf, and maybe the funniest of all the responses. Roby was born in Waterloo, Iowa. "I was trying to kill the ball, and I kicked it bad", said Roby after the game. He was survived by his wife, Melissa, and six children. “We called him Thunder Foot for a reason. And you could make a strong case that he was the most valuable player for Iowa’s 1981 Big Ten champion team. https://www.nytimes.com/1984/12/28/sports/dolphin-punter-exceeds.html", "Continue to Rest in Peace, Reggie, continue to Rest in Peace. He was 43. He had 298 punts beyond the 20-yard line and 112 touchbacks. Coming soon, to a restaurant near you (if you live in Tampa or other parts of. Roby also influenced others to become punters because they were mesmerized and inspired by his greatness as shared in this tweet by @attysbrewd. Epic fail. Dolphins coach Don Shula said following the game "We're supposed to have the best punter in the football, but today, he didn't punt like he was the best. Roby used to challenge himself by punting over houses and buildings or anything that stood tall. “You could blind fold an NFL scout and you could put up ten pro prospects at punter and they would still be able to identity Reggie from the other nine because the ball would sound differently coming off his foot,” Patterson said.

He was survived by his wife, Melissa, and six children. Dan Marino. Our weight room is named after him.”, “And one of the best athletes that walked through the halls of my alma mater, Waterloo East. Roby’s last season with the Dolphins was in 1992. I was scared -- scared to make a mistake.

Roby would go on to play 16 seasons in the NFL where he punted 992 times for 42,951 yards and a 43.3 average. In 1989, Roby earned a Pro Bowl selection again.

BY ARMANDO SALGUERO. The ball would just boom off his foot. The Miami Dolphins had cut him after the 1992 season largely because a corollary of this filing would have meant he could have become a free agent and left Miami at any point of the following season, but he continued to play professionally until 1998 and later became marketing and development director for Backfield in Motion, a non-profit group mixing athletics and academics to help inner city boys. His career yards per punt average was 43.3, with a net average of 34.0.

Reggie Roby Is A Member Of . My uncle said the ball looked like it kissed the moon before it came back down when punted.”. He was 28-34 for PAT's and was 11-27 in FG attempts, mostly from long range. Roby averaged more yards per punt as an Iowa Hawkeye than he lived in years. “That’s how strong his leg was,” Patterson said. Football Player.

Ball sounded like a cannon when it left his leg. John Elway. He then played for the Washington Redskins in 1993 and 1994.

Roby was selected as a punter for the NFL's 1980s All-Decade Team.

Instead, he chose to attend college.

It’s hard to be a great punter. It was the worst game of my life, counting high school, college, counting everything."

Roby was so popular with fans that many of them would arrive early for the games at Kinnick Stadium just so they could watch him warmup. Getting Reggie helped us convince Iowa kids that playing for the Hawkeyes was a thing to do. Before Roby arrived, the Hawkeyes had not had a winning season in 20 years. Football Players. A fan Forever.

Roby died from an apparent heart attack at his home in Franklin, Tenn. He was named All-Pro in 1984 and 1994, played in three Pro Bowls in 1984, 1989 and 1994 and made the NFL All-Decade team for the 1980s. Something would screw up the point production for them. With Roby, the 1981 team earned its first Rose Bowl invitation in 23 years on the strength of a 6-2 conference record (8-4 overall) and co-Big Ten championship with Ohio State. But there is so much more to the legend of Reggie Roby than just his staggering numbers as a punter, and I was reminded after having paid tribute to him on Twitter on what would’ve been his 58th birthday. He also played basketball and was good enough as a pitcher to have been drafted by the Cincinnati Reds. "[5], http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/features/superbowl/archives/19/, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Reggie_Roby&oldid=947829247, African-American players of American football, NFL player missing current team parameter, Infobox NFL biography articles missing alt text, Infobox NFL biography articles with old NFL.com URL, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 March 2020, at 18:48. He played professionally for the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Houston/Tennessee Oilers, and San Francisco 49ers of the NFL.

But he was also coveted by numerous schools, so Fry had to put forth his best sales pitch with help from assistant coach Dan McCarney, who was Roby’s chief recruiter. Roby died from an apparent heart attack at his home in Franklin, Tenn. Roby's obituary that ran in the Waterloo Courier included a quote from Roby’s high school coach, Roger Kittleson, about the fact that Roby had to kick toward the south end zone at Sloane Wallace Stadium because of the school buildings located adjacent to the field at the north end zone. He left behind five children and his wife Melissa. Football Player Born in Iowa #26. The size and thickness of Roby’s thigh helped to fuel his legend.

". Iowa hadn’t had a winning season since 1961, so Fry had to convince Roby to take a leap of faith. Lawrence Taylor. Led to me punting in HS, JC, Div 2 and then a couple tryouts post college. [4] In the days after his death, former Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula praised Reggie Roby, saying "his …

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