Today most commercially available flash memory is guaranteed to withstand 100 000 or more programme-erase cycles with some manufacturers guaranteeing a life of over 1 000 000 cycles.

I even have an old IBM micro-drive, both cards are used today in my D200.

We have a photo of my father .

What is Flash memory technology     Sorry, I know it is the same question 2 times but I just wanted to make sure you understood the question.

How Flash memory works     buy m-discs, unlike traditional burnable dvd media which uses a corruptable dye layer that WILL GO BAD NO MATTER HOW YOU STORE THEM, THE M-DISC USES A ROCK LIKE METAL LAYER that is not affected by heat, cold, etc.

First, I am brutal with my memory cards.

I photograph a lot of funerals for free for families of fallen heroes and am glad my camera allows for 2 different formats… so I always have an automatic backup which I’ve never had to rely on due to the card, just due to brain farts. transfer your photos from sd cards to m-disc and viola!!!

I make a single zip file about size of 500MB and store on flash memory. The life expectancy of a USB Flash Drive can be measured by the number of write or erase cycles. When not using the flash drive, be sure to cover it with a cap to prevent the accumulation of dusts and contaminants on the contacts. Maybe another blog post? This concern came up a few years ago, when deciding on “THE” most reliable CD or DVD, that would hold the data for archival purposes for that 100 year period.

In order to gain the maximum use from a Flash memory, a process called wear levelling is often used. . Consequently, I'd use a card for a couple weeks before shooting something vitally important like a wedding. Assuming the memory card can hold it’s data for 100 years, will there be a data reader capable or reading that data and writing to the next newest technology? It still works but it is so sloooow that I never use it, just can’t bring myself to throw it away.

Re: Reliability of Flash memory cards/Question you know i havent seen compact flash media for digital cameras go bad either, i have seen jump/flash drives drives go bad though.

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The best usage of flash drives is to copy and transfer files from one computer to another. Part of Springer Nature. Wear leveling is designed to spread erase and write operations out over the entire flash device rather than focusing on one specific area. This write operation would, before the write actually happens, necessitate that the storage block be "flashed" … Memory Cards are integrated cir It can withstand extremes of temperature, being immersed in water or being accidentally dropped. It’s been about 2 years and I have only been using that one card for a LOT of usage.

To achieve this, one block within the Flash memory is designed to have an extended lifetime, so that it can be used to track the usage and control the wear levelling. Hu C.-Y., Kencke D.L., Banerjee S.K., Richart R., Bandyopadhyay B., Moore B., Ibok E. and Garg S. (1995) “A convergence scheme for over-erased Flash EEPROM using substrate-bias enhanced hot electron injection”. Finally, reliability implications of multilevel cell concepts are briefly analysed.

By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. Never yank the flash drive out of the USB port while it is still in operation.

What *might* work is to use devices which support scrub on read while running a low priority task which reads the entire contents. The degradation of device performance induced by program/erase cycling is discussed, covering the behavior of a typical cell, the evolution of memory array distribution, and the single bit failure modes. i think a branded CF will last for decades as long as you keep it in a super dry place all the time.

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Not affiliated I basically am converting some of my DVDs into a video file for my tablet and then loading them onto a Micro SD Card and leaving them there. This helps the memory device meet its maximum lifespan. Industry insiders often refer to this as the number of “Program/Erase Cycles” or “P&E Cycles.”.

Another aspect of SD card reliability is data retention time, that is the period during which information on a card is maintained. 2. These keywords were added by machine and not by the authors. And…of course…if you have a Lexar Professional card, it has a lifetime warranty and can be replaced if anything does go wrong.”, Thanks for this detailed response, especially the info on the write cycles. THE QUESTION IS : Will a photo re Thought I should include it here as well…, “Every memory card does have a theoretical limitation to how many times it can be reformatted (less so on cheaper cards which use a lower quality of Flash Memory), but the number is huge.

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