Not that all this bothers me much. I believe accelerating swiftly to reach your cruising speed is more economical than accelerating very slowly, no? Gassing Station | General Gassing | Top of Page | What's New | My Stuff. Reliable, good acceleration and road holding, motor driving a pleasure and copes well around town and country lanes, cannot fault this car. once the engine is stop and started the flashing does not reoccur for 5-10 mins.JA: Just to clarify, can you tell me which light it is? Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300e 2020 UK review. And where exactly are you finding it?Customer: It's clear, but leaves a puddle and a mark on the floor wherever I have parked it. A common Renault DPO gearbox fault seen in the Stephens Engineering workshop is a problem with the pressure control sensors within the DPO automatic transmission unit. Very happy with the car just had a slight problem with the Bluetooth but sorted out quickly by garage. It is linked to the Bose sound system with speakers and boot loaded sub - producing a deep crisp sound which is a joy to listened to. It also makes the throttle response horribly woolly. Auto lights/ wipers, Auto emergency brake, road sign recognition, lane departure warning, blind spot indicators, auto park, parallel/ reverse/ angled reverse, rear facing camera, bluetooth, phone, voice recognition (which understands me too! Very comfortable, quiet, great fuel economy. Restart car and starts to run so brave to exit 1/2 mile away. What have you tried so far?Customer: No I havent tried anything. We purchased a Top Spec Signature S Kadjar 1.2 Petrol at the end of the 66 registration period, getting a great discount on the list price; so if shopping around for a new registration with a discount is your thing I can advise this. Lots of kit which makes journeys very pleasant. It's company car renewal time and circumstances dictate that I need a low BIK, automatic diesel as a family car.

Connect one-on-one with a car mechanic who will answer your question. I have the 1.6 diesel engine, which is great in the dry but finds it easy to spin the wheels in 1st and 2nd gear when the turbo cuts in. Great car. The engine's good, the automatic gearbox is good. It's extremely smooth and quiet when warmed up, I … Same platform. To see what credentials have been verified by a third-party service, please click on the "Verified" symbol in some Experts' profiles. When I stop and restart the car- problem is gone.. Does not diminish my enjoyment of this car. - Intermittent DAB signal dropout. I have the standard 35w speakers put they put out a great sound and the bass is very good. The Kadgeagoogoo is just a cash cow with an added cheese holder and ugly steering wheel (ish). I Really like the amount of space in the boot, it seems to fit in a lot more than the Freelander. Are you having any trouble shifting?Customer: Clutch slip onlyJA: What is the model/year of your Suzuki?Customer: Inazuma250.year-2014JA: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? But if you intervene manually, you can shift up at just 8mph – around 1200rpm – so that’s what I do, and ditto with the subsequent shifts. Had any fault known to man displayed. Renault service at the dealership is very good too. Vibration still present.Assistant: What is the model/year of your Kia?Customer: 2013Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? I reckon I'm saving about £50 month in fuel. When our Kadjar first arrived, I said I was at odds with the EDC dual-clutch automatic gearbox’s idea of economical driving and that I’d go into more detail at a later date. I love it when I fill up and it register 740 miles until I run out. You will also need check all the electrical connections on top of the gearbox to ensure that they are all clean and tight. I take particular notice of each gear change and it … Coming in at R414 900, the 1.5-litre turbodiesel with the 6-speed EDC gearbox is the most expensive automatic Kadjar you can buy. Not what I would expect in such a young car, with one careful owner and a below average mileage. Personally I'd buy a Dacia Dust Buster and spend the 15k on an Elise but am guessing that may be outside of the rules of the car scheme. How's the level and when was it last changed?Customer: I have not checked it, I did change front brake discs and pads recently, but I do not know if they have checked itAssistant: What is the model/year of your Mercedes?Customer: Ml270 CDI 2000Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself?

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