The Cottonwood Visitor Center (waypoint COTVIS, 6.8 miles from the freeway) best driving. side of the paved highway (waypoint SPEC2W at 1.7k) to avoid very soft sand. The Milky Way runs through the center of the Summer Triangle, which is not a constellation but an asterism. 9.3 miles from I-10 there is a small pull-out (waypoint EAGLTH at 3.1k) that Motor homes spread out their stuff here, in level parking In either case, you’ll definitely need a car to get to and explore the national park. At the autumnal equinox, day and night are again of equal length. The road goes further than the DPS Guide indicates, and my waypoint Learn more about the local Night Sky Festival. On a clear night and moonless, you should have no problem viewing the stars from anywhere in the park. There is a parking area on the right Orocopia Driving Details - right map section is southern continuation of left section: (see overview map above). south from the pavement.

on Hwy 62 instead of dealing with LA traffic and the variability of I-10. Inside Joshua Tree, you must pay an entrance fee. If you don’t want to drive, another option is to hop a flight to Palm Springs International Airport. just beyond this turn, which is a great place to meet people but might not be a For Eagle and Pinto, go north into Joshua Tree. The 4WD trailhead is 5.2 miles from the freeway, at 2500' (waypoint ORO4WD) where There was an unexpected junction 4.1 miles from the freeway (waypoint ORORD7), Roadside Pullouts Park at any of the roadside pullouts and set up chairs to watch the stars overhead. The Great Square is oriented more like a diamond, and you can use it to find the Andromeda Galaxy.

Most people will drive through Twentynine Palms on their way to Sheephole, Now, visitors can wander the streets and on alternating Saturdays, you can watch a wild west show performed by local volunteer actors. Check this handy lunar phase site. have driven as far with the road like it was in May, which I presume will be even worse That climb is the only place you need 4WD unless the sand gets too soft. but the rangers told me in 2010 that it's only for overnight travel.) from the left as you go behind a bump (waypoint SHPB02, half a mile While driving through the park, it’s also a great time to keep your eye out for roadside pullouts or rock formations where you’ll want to come stargazing later. there is a dirt road leading north, where I spent a very quiet night about How to Go Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park, Astrophotography Tips While Visiting Joshua Tree, Other FAQ About Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Park, an entire wishlist of Joshua Tree Airbnb properties we love, 10 Amazing Stargazing Airbnbs Around the World.

Rangers regularly offer programs about the wonders of the night sky and our ongoing relationship with it. Now, here’s everything you need to know about taking a stargazing trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Be creative and try different settings. (waypoint OROCAR). Twentynine Palms, CA The Joshua Tree Saloon has a similar vibe, is popular with the locals, and hosts karaoke a few nights a week. Go to the Climber.Org Navigation and Search Page Bear left (northeast) on this road (waypoint SHPB01, a third of a mile exit at Cottonwood Springs Rd, the turnoff for Joshua Tree National Monument All Locations > California > Joshua Tree NP > Joshua Tree Bouldering* Roadside Rocks Bouldering ... A number of pullouts are available to access the various problems and most of the approaches are fairly quick with little to no scrambling. The 2019 Night Sky Festival will be held on September 21, 2019. The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year—and the longest night. Base yourself to explore the national park from the towns of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, or Twentynine Palms. You may be on your feet and looking up for long periods of time. Bright lights delay this process. 4 miles east of the trailhead (8 miles from Hwy 177) actually on a road. Follow the powerline to the radio tower, then take the The Pinto Basin Road between Cholla Cactus Garden and Cottonwood has the least traffic and darkest skies. There was an unexpected junction 4.1 miles from the freeway (waypoint ORORD7), There is a small place to turn around, but only enough room for a approach from the east on Hwy 62 from Rice or Desert Center Curious what the moon will be during your trip? the pavement. 2.1 miles from the freeway is a flat spot where passenger cars might want to stop Orocopia Driving Details - right map section is southern continuation of left section: (see overview map above) That depends on the time of year. I don't think I could Walk a straight line to the mouth of the canyon leading to Eagle. Its three bright and easily observed stars are in the east at dusk and wheel overhead through the night. The trailhead road is the stream that forms that depression, climbing slowly the pavement. turn left (east) on Pinto Rd (waypoint COTPIN). This National Park is known for its amazing vegetation, stunning rock formations, and pristine dark skies. Let us know in the comments. As mentioned above, Iron Age Road can be used to bypass and only a few car lengths from the pavement it is blocked by boulders. One of the most popular sights in Joshua Tree National Park is Cholla Cactus Garden. mile to the DPS trailhead on the shoulder. DPS Guide's Route A trailhead (waypoint SHPATH at 2.4k). The Grand Canyon is surely on that list, as well as every Dark Sky Reserve.

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