Using my test track from AutoSound 2000 it’s very easy to reproduce at low volumes with music tracks with vocals. One of Rockville’s Phenom line of budget-priced amps, the RXH-F5 amplifier shares the same basic design features as its siblings. There’s a nice black brushed metal center inlay that I really like. Wiring terminals need hex wrenches to use them, but you’ll get a much better and reliable connection than most budget amps use. Factory radio? Thanks. Personally I recommend at least using a good double-sided tape for a removable installation. Very good amp in mint condition. It has five channels where channel 1 through 4 are class A/B and channel 5 is mono class “D”. Undervoltage & high-temperature protection is built in as well. It’s the same tried-and-true design: An aluminum heatsink chassis. Otherwise, check out the competition’s offerings instead if high fidelity sound is important to you. Except for the overheating downside, the Rockville car stereo amp actually fits the bill for an excellent audio gear. However, it tells me the amp hasn’t been fully vetted for low-noise operation and there’s more work to be done.

Given its key features, this product is arguably the most affordable in its class of car stereo amps. Unfortunately during testing, I discovered the amp’s design causes an odd type of distortion in the front & rear channels. Because I consider design-related noise problems unacceptable, I’ve taken a lot off of the sound quality & other rating factors in my review score below. An honest review of a Rockville product So, let me start this off by saying I am in no way affiliated with this company. I haven’t encountered this kind of problem for a long time.

Hex head screws tighten within each wiring terminal for a high-current & reliable connection. The important thing to remember is this: When comparing car amps, compare similar power ratings. Many sell for around $90-$160 or so making them an affordable choice for many. This is a very affordable entry-level hybrid amp with tube compliment and nice tone controls. Continuous root mean square (RMS) power ratings existed long before the industry standard CEA-2006 method of rating an audio amplifier’s power came along. For this reason, we can actually say that in terms of pricing, this product carries the day. Check out my installation guides and technical info, too! I feed this from my SMSL dac and this thing sounds very impressive from the headphone out. As power ratings can be a bit confusing I’ll try to break down what you can expect to get for your money. The included rubber washers are a non-scratch/non-marring type used between the screws and the amp’s mounting hole surface. To use the bass remote, you’ll need to tweak the amp a bit after installation. I did not know what to expect when I bought the amp. It’s a nice touch. I did find that the speaker wiring terminals can be a bit tricky, as they’re a bit deep inside: You’ve got to be sure you’ve got the speaker wire inserted fully deep into the wiring terminal. Some Youtube videos claim the vacuum tubes are simply for show. I’ll cover that topic later below. As a matter of fact, you cannot turn the volume all the way up because it will be too loud. Overall, the fit and finish are very good. I installed the included Rockville bass remote (cable is included) in my vehicle and got to work. The Rockville RXH-F5 is definitely a great deal if you are looking for a car stereo amp that fits the budget. This works for both RCA inputs and the speaker level inputs as well. Rockville, the renowned manufacturers of audio devices and systems, has all along taken up the responsibility of keeping consumers up to speed with the growing technology. The sleek design and the solid build both give this product the superiority of market dominance. Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2019. For a 5 channel amp like this, the speaker systems used are pretty typical but you’ll get good, clear diagrams that help. You will have to admit that the Rockville RXH-F5 is quite affordable.

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