and yes, there is a dominance hierarchy.

We take a look at the best characteristics of each breed. I observed your link and it did not address wolfdogs, period. Named after their curly whiskers and eyebrows, these fellows are also available in a Mini Rex version- however a mini rex is not as affectionate as a full sized Rex. Note that animals in a menagerie need not be exotic. In a NYC apartment, mind you! This Large Rabbit has long “lop” ears which hang down below their jaw and a soft, dense coat. Nor do you know anything about my animals. Young sable antelope are weaned at around 8 months and will become sexually mature at between 2 and 3 years. So it should be removed from your mind that they will sneak into your house and eat your children. The bear species most commonly kept as pets are black bears, and this species is also responsible for the most fatal attacks on humans, both wild and captive. Read on to learn more about what kind of Rabbit breed may suit you, and your lifestyle best. So it's not as though there is no mutualism between species, but many birds lack the intelligence or ability to have a homing instinct. I'm done arguing with someone that has limited experience actually living with animals.

Most attacks by captive big cats are from tigers, probably because tigers are numerous in captivity.

The article is strange though, I've always assumed the bacteria was a symbiotic thing, not originated from the animal's prey.

What worries me the most is that people who are untrained or unprepared for the special care and handling these wonderful creatures require may be prone to leaving them in forest preserves or other open areas where either they will become prey or prey upon others. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 19, 2014: ZookeeperByNature-- I don't think anyone made a comment like that, can you point it out? The Rex Rabbit makes for a quiet, intelligent and low maintenance pet.

Fatalities from alligator attacks are very rare, and indeed, all of the deaths that have occurred are from wild animals. Among the bachelors, the most dominant is the first individual to join a new group of females when the position is open. Chimps are extremely strong, and in a hypothetical situation if they were the size of small monkeys, they could be 'controlled' easily. I thinks all kind of pets are harmful in one or another way. It's hard for me to consider which animals are the most dangerous because again, that depends on how the animal is traditionally kept.

Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on October 26, 2019: Tracer7337 This article was published on 04/19/14. I don't own any exotic animals (just a lot of much-loved domestic creatures), but I hate to see the constant, ill-informed, emotional media and social attacks on those who do.

I had to go back and re-read the comments to see what happened.

Often, the same handfuls of 'mad exotic pet ownership gone wrong' stories are repeatedly brought up by people who oppose the exotic pet trade, despite the rarity of these incidences. So a working breed like a German Shepard mixed with a wolf sounds like a concern. I know of one AZA-accredited institution that purchased a high-content wolfdog from a smaller zoo and called it a Timber wolf. Considering there have been 24 fatal attacks since 1973, it seems attacks are definitely on the rise. As long as you know what you're doing, gator handling is not a serious threat. In a non mean way, an animal needs to submit to it's leader (us) and understand that we are in charge. This list just discusses the popular animals and it's highly inaccurate, if it's even possible for it to be accurate : ). [10][11], The sable antelope has a compact and robust build, characterized by a thick neck and tough skin. She isn't in agreement with my closed door policy. These bunnies will usually have a friendly temperament (provided they have been socialised from a young age). Domestic dogs kill an average of 26 humans in the US each year and send another 800,000 to the emergency room most of which are children.

Mine, Kishka and Kayla are both gone now, but I miss them still. After all, to anyone familiar with snakes, this situation just seems absolutely unreal. [2], The sable antelope shares the genus Hippotragus with the extinct bluebuck (H. leucophaeus) and the roan antelope (H. equinus), and is a member of the family Bovidae. It's like owning a teenager.…/wolves-are-kind... Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on April 29, 2015: I would be interested in knowing about your dog's history if you are willing to share. My exotic pets are the main pleasure of my life, yet far more troublesome activities that I don't prefer enjoy no illegality.

The 'inherent tolerance' may only exist in a natural pack structure.

Unfortunately, many inexperienced people are able to obtain these animals because they are readily available in states where they are legal, such as what's depicted on the anti-exotic pet documentary Elephant in the Living Room. Once again, if you want to own wolves, have an established "sanctuary" for them and understand they aren't just cute little furballs. The cladogram below shows the position of the sable antelope among its relatives, following the 1996 analysis:[4], bluebuck (Hippotragus leucophaeus)†extinct, The sable antelope is sexually dimorphic, with the male heavier and about one-fifth taller than the female. The worst is the Burmese pythons that have run wild in Florida, decimating local populations of small mammals. Animals For Sale.

Just like with lions, wolves are natural pack animals and respond well to being given subordinate positions in the hierarchy.

The sable antelope (Hippotragus niger) is an antelope which inhabits wooded savanna in East and Southern Africa, from the south of Kenya to South Africa, with a separate population in Angola. Do you judge all dogs based on the few that have mauled children? General bites are not often considered news-worthy for most pet species. One of the worlds most popular rabbit breeds, the Dutch Rabbit has a very distinctive colour pattern on its’ coat.

Named after it’s “Sable” colouring, this large sized rabbit breed has a docile nature and tends to spend most it’s day sleeping.

I can't find verification that hybrid exclusively refers to a cross that can't reproduce, but I see on a quick search that people prefer the term 'wolfdog' because a dog and wolf are subspecies, something like that.

Two of these incidences had multiple animals, obviously increasing the danger. You hear stories, when people get certain animals as pets when they are little and don't know how to handle them. They require a thorough brush once a week and are perfectly sized for older children or closely supervised young children.

Chimps are also highly social and regard their human parents as members of their family.

This popular show rabbit is very active and energetic. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 30, 2015: Interesting Misty, I didn't know we were 'arguing'. He was the result of kitchen breeding and more aggressive than any animal I've ever owned before. Sadly, many people got them for the wrong reasons, and this is what led to them being banned. This breed may require a different diet and housing to that of other domestic rabbit breeds. An alligator as a pet?

Jerboas as Pets: Feeding, Housing, and Personality. He used to take those animals to activities a township would be having but his insurance refused to insure him after the huge boa scared people when it got loose from its enclose. [12] The tail is 40–75 cm (16–30 in) long, with a tuft at the end. I don't know when people are going to learn once and for all that wild animals, belong in the wild in their habitat. While I think this is a great hub, I disagree on the wolf hybrid on a couple of accounts. I think I responded to the various critical ones.

Of course not, but they are readily available and thus claim a spot on this list, being fully capable of strangling an adult human should misfortune cause the snake to behave uncharacteristically (such as the recent tragedy involving two young boys in Canada). Just like with horses, when a large animal like an elephant gets spooked, they can harm or kill anyone in close range. 1 boa constrictor, 2 reticulated pythons, 6 Burmese pythons, 1 African rock python, All victims were owners or family of the owners. Naughty Cats Stealing Dog Beds (Caught in the act on video). One of these rare examples was featured on Animal Planet's Fatal Attractions, where reptile keeper Ron Huff was likely bitten and succumbed to infection that he didn't seek treatment for. The ‘Lop’ part of their name refers to the shape of their ears. cfin from The World we live in on May 08, 2014: @ Melissa, I think you misunderstood.

Please note: It is illegal to keep a rabbit in Queensland unless you are a magician, most other states will allow them as pets. Learn how your comment data is processed. Evelia Veronica Rivera from Bridgeport, CT on May 10, 2014: Well people don't know that hippos kill more people then crocs, and yeah I agree with your list chimps belong at number 1. I don't know why you feel the need to push these fabrications toward me.

Small Pet Foxes that can Live Indoors. I would say out of all the animals that are "dangerous" the human animal is the worst killer of all. People who oppose exotic animals in captivity love for the public to ignore things like this. With their short coat they require minimum grooming and are suitable as pets for children from 5-12 years old.

Blanc De Hotot RabbitImage By , CC BY-SA 2.0. Very interesting and informative Hub. With a relaxed and placid temperament, they are gentle with children.

This also leads to a reduced tendency to bite. They aren't meant to be held as pets. In fact, I stated that wolfdogs are dangerous 'exotic' pets because of the domestication genes being introduced to 'wild' genes, which would heighten the animal's propensity to attack if the animal happens to have the genes that regulate lack of fear of humans. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on April 28, 2015: Hi Misty, three things: This article does not account for domesticated animals in the list, and saying which species kills more is complex; we know there are far more dogs than wolfdogs. These groups form new herds, once again with only one adult bull. They are very energetic and require more space than most other breeds- so a bigger hutch or enclosure is essential. American Sable RabbitImage By Sonofsammie, CC 3.0.

(I myself have been bitten this way.) by nature, are kept in captivity for the evident purpose of exhibition with or without charge.” Id. . The only really supportive comments I'm seeing are by the ignoramuses who are saying that this "proves that wild animals meant to be in their natural habitat," something you typically write against. The danger presented by snakes is often way, way, way, too overhyped. I'll stick to my ordinary house cats and not worry about dealing with any of these 'pets'.

Tambako The Jaguar (CC BY-ND 2.0) Via Flickr. I'd say hyenas are uncommonly owned, and every time I see them for sale they won't sell to unlicensed facilities.

Having a pet is control in my opinion, and without that you don't have a pet. Whew! Play & Challenge Engage your pet in more active playtime.

These rabbits are suitable as pets for children over 5 years, however they require a fair bit of grooming – especially when they outgrow and shed their “baby” coat of fur, at about 12 weeks old. The males of this breed can become quite agressive at mating age (which can be solved by desexing them before they reach 4 months old).

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