The organisms inside are the only ones who can breathe in the toxic atmosphere.

A cave sealed for 5 million years, containing creatures that are not like the usual found in other above-ground habitats was discovered. While scientists are adamant on conducting research and learning more about these species, people have started warning that those organisms are better left alone due to the possibility that a strange virus or bacteria might be released into the world and none of us would be immune to it. No one knew until Dr. Christian Lascu finally opened up Movile cave in Romania.

Another is how light becomes a non-factor in an alien-like environment, which is the Movile cave. It was discovered in 1986 a few kilometers from the Black Sea coast after scientists were sweeping the area looking for the best spot to build a geothermal power plant. Most of them are completely blind, with no eyes because it is not needed in Movile cave, even pigment because of perpetual darkness.

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A cave sealed for 5 million years, containing creatures that are not like the usual found in other above-ground habitats was discovered. Deep below the surface of Romania’s Constanta County lies Movile Cave, which remained cut off from the outside world for 5.5 million years. Dinosaurs? There is a whole food cycle in this cave that has been running for 5 million years. These are scorpions, spiders, centipedes, and other species too. Prehistoric bugs? … This is not the year to go off messing with things locked up and survived for 5 million years. So far, there have been 48 species identified that are living in this prehistoric environment.

Movile may be the oddball ecosystem on land, down in the depths there is a similar phenomenon near hydrothermal vents, which is the same. But they amazingly evolved to live in a toxic and humid atmosphere. Inside there are 33 new kinds of creatures that we have never seen before in the world. The air inside the cave is very different from the outer atmosphere. Just seal it up and back away slowly. According to Dr. Christian Lascu, who unsealed the Movile cave found in Romania. A food chain that supports other animals that allows life to thrive and evolve until the cave was opened.

The cave remained unopened for 5.5 MILLION years. According to Dr. Christian Lascu, who unsealed the Movile cave found in Romania. Being closed off from the world for so long caused fresh air to become completely nonexistent in the cave, rendering the air inside toxic and oppressively humid.

Inside the Movile cave, oxygen is not needed to live, even mechanisms of how life is evolved are defied.

The Movile Cave in Romania has been sealed off for millions of years. Stunning Glasswing Butterflies Have Wings That Loo... Rare Yellow Turtle Spotted For Only Second Time Lo... Creepy Crawler: Fisherman Catches Rare ‘Ghost’ Lob... American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.

One example is any body protrusion or extension to sense where they are in utter darkness for millions of years. After the deadly Coronavirus, our world has come across something much more mysterious and strange. Scientists Find ‘Bizarre Beasts’ Living in an Isolated Cave for 5 Million Years. There are many such ecosystems in the world but all of them are deep inside oceans near hydrothermal vents where life survives in extremely hot circumstances. Woman Who Owns a Fiat SUV Fakes Being Homeless, Gets Arrested . The year 2020 just keeps getting weirder and weirder. The air inside the cave was toxic and humid when the scientists opened it – and in such an air, these species have been living for so long. They never expected to find the most mysterious cave on Earth. However, these conditions not only allowed for incredible life to be formed, but to thrive. They developed other means to go about with no eyes. What the cave and its denizen prove is that there might be more exotic environments undiscovered on earth. The process of Chemosynthesis is just like how plants make food, instead of toxic gas is converted for nourishment. Movile cave is only one such ecosystem that exists on land. Obviously, humans didn’t exist 5 million years ago – we are only 300,000-400,000 year old.

These creatures were trapped and adapted to their unique living conditions, reported The Earth Site.

Most of the theories of how the cave trapped the creatures and bacteria are unclear. No fresh air had gone inside the cave for 5 million years. Mountain Lion Viciously Attacks 6-Year Old Girl in Park, Saved by Man With Hard Punch in Ribs, Colin Murrell, a microbiologist from the University of East Anglia, Oddities of Nature: Ice Volcanoes Erupting on Lake Michigan, 2020 US Election: 104-Year-Old Man Casts His Vote, His 21st Time to Choose a US President, 2020 US Election: How to Stay Calm While Awaiting the Results, U.S. Election Candidates: Meet the Candidates Aside from the Republican and Democrat Nominees, Election History: Presidents Who Ran for US Reelection but Lost, Dan Calugar Outlines How to Increase Self-Discipline When You Work from Home, Halloween Costumes 2020: Find Out Popular Characters that You Can Dress as This Year, Halloween Candies: Here are the Most Popular Candies Given Out for Trick-or-Treats, Kanye West Accepts Defeat in 2020 Presidential Election, Hints at Running Again in 2024, Pennsylvania Woman Tries to Light up a Polling Booth on US Election Day, Farm Worker Surprised to Find Stolen Election Ballots Under Rocks, VIRAL VIDEO: Man Interrupts Election Update to Shout “Biden is Stealing the Election”, ‘FLOTUS Body Double’ Conspiracy Makes Melania Trump Impersonators Lose Gigs, South Korea’s Most Notorious Serial Killer Surprised About Not Being Apprehended Sooner, Mcdonald's Teen Employee Killed in a Random Shooting in Nevada, Democrat Joe Biden Wins Michigan, Wisconsin, On Brink of Victory. Discover the joys of sharing your life with a pet. Most of these species have existed longer than homo-sapiens and their forbears kept in a cave till now. Below it lies a cave that has remained isolated for 5.5 million years. This cave was completely sealed off from the world for 5 million years, even the air inside the cave was trapped and couldn’t get out. Scientists are currently examining creatures they discovered living inside Movile cave in Romania.The cave has been sealed up for over 5 million years, but just like the quote in Jurassic Park, that didn’t stop life from “finding a way.”. Do not reproduce without permission. Also read: Mountain Lion Viciously Attacks 6-Year Old Girl in Park, Saved by Man With Hard Punch in Ribs. The bigger creatures like scorpions and spiders etc eat the worms and small creatures. Home; News.

All about pets and animals, info, rescue, tips, health, care, breed, training, breeders, adoption, grooming, pictures and more. Scientists found a cave that was totally sealed for the last 5 million years, and they opened it. Which makes them look even more strange and terrifying. All Featured Images Courtesy: The Earth Site, VIDEO: Cop Chokes Black Man To Death, Protests Get Violent In Minneapolis, US, After George Floyd’s Murder, Protestors Burn Down The Police Station, Target, Wendy’s, McDonald’s in Minneapolis, Panic Spreads As Scientists Opened A 5 Million Year Old Cave & Found 33 Unknown Species. Scientists found a cave that was totally sealed for the last 5 million years, and they opened it.

The Movile cave sealed off about 5 million years ago has more secrets, and it will benefit science. All Rights Reserved. © Copyright 2020 HNGN. The Movile cave in Romania was opened up by Dr Christian Lascu. One of the starkest characteristics is there is no oxygen for the creatures to survive. Related article: Oddities of Nature: Ice Volcanoes Erupting on Lake Michigan. It is essentially an archaic ecosystem that contains the elements of the atmosphere when it got sealed off.

Pope Francis Expresses Support For Same-Gender Civil Union. No human can breathe in the toxic gas, but the creatures in it can and they live.

According to scientists, it was the bacteria that got there first. The cave system will give insight into alternative evolution that will add more knowledge. Inside there are 33 new kinds of creatures that we have never seen before in the world.

Before that point, the cave had gone completely untouched for somewhere around 5 million years…except by the few creatures who adapted to be able to survive there. This is what your horoscope is for the month of November; All sun signs.

A leech in Movile Cave | Credit: Thierry Berrod, Mona Lisa Production/SPL.

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