try and look for a problem as you need a problem to fix something. The bonus to Castle building is also very nice. Once you manage to beat back the initial assault and capture Mino you are no longer in a two-front war but you still have cheep but superior troops and can just steam roll the rest of Japan. How to Stop Hackers from Being Able to Hack Runescape Character. :D, This Game is based off of your play style, if your a nub try the Shimazu or Chosokabe if not and your Good Oda or Tokugawa, Remember each Clan has it advantages and disadvantages and there own Traits. They’re well placed to grab the trade route spots early on and rake in the cash. The Oda clan start in a fairly tricky territory with powerful clans on all sides. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), The Hojo clan are the builders of the empire. (Just make sure you have enough armies once you pass by the point of no return... which is ridiculous). Just take over Kyushu and Shikoku (the two islands in the west) and set up a decent economy (Markets / Sake Dens are helpful). Chubacub. I use it to hold kyoto and enemy stood no chance since the terco are also heavily armour. Chosokabe or Shimazu seem the easiest to start out with. On the plus side you are close to Kyoto and you can increase in size quickly. Total War: Shogun 2 is still widely considered by many to be one of the best Total War games out there. You’ll start with a small island in the south (Shikoku) all to yourself and there are advantages and disadvantages to this.

Focus on consolidating the island to begin with. Watch out for agents or any other signs of an impending invasion. The Chosokabe can be a good ally because they’ll help protect you from naval attack or invasion. #1. Thanks all of you guys i consider all of this in my next campagin!! They enjoy improved morale for all cavalry, they can recruit superior cavalry and they cost less to recruit and maintain. Take your time and build a good army and secure the island the Chosokabe province is on and then from that secure position you can decide what path to follow. Equipped with spears or pikes they are especially useful against cavalry. I had 24 territories once but then all of my rivals attacked me from all sides and ended up losing over half of provinces. The kisho ninja are very useful for taking cities but you’ll have to take opposing clans down fast or use your diplomatic bonus to broker peace after a victory to prevent crushing counter-attacks from sweeping you away. Hojo are the easiest clan to play in my opinion, since you can pretty much ignore naval units (at least on the lower difficulties) plus you have a gold mine and two provinces, that are easy to defend, from the start. The Mori can build ships more cheaply, the upkeep for ships is lower and they have a movement bonus.

The aim is to offer some useful information on strategy and tactics, explain various elements of the game and help you to emerge victorious. An easiesr clan is the Chosokabe.

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