These will vary with your TBS graduating class. Marine Corps Communication-Electronics School Additionally, Marines assigned this MOS will receive training in MOS related requirements including unit unique computer security systems, the operation of power supply, equipment prime mover (truck), and operator vehicle maintenance procedures. Current Sergeant of 5 years.

The Infantry Officer Course is brutal and has a significant failure rate. How long is logistics school for officers? The other thing to be aware of is the growth of jobs in MARFOR Cyber Command. As a Scout Sniper Platoon Commander, your primary duty is as a Ground Intelligence Officer. Can a Marine military police officer be in CID? Focus on being competitive for the MECEP boards, taking college classes on the side, and setting a trajectory towards commissioning first. Yes. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Artillery, infantry, and pilots with strike backgrounds all have billets in ANGLICO units. NROTC will prepare you for OCS. Would a degree (BS) in Criminal Justice have any impact as a Military Police Officer or Communications Officer? Most career paths have a similar civilian counterpart. Imagery analysis products include Battle Damage Assessment (BDA). I was prior service army infantry. Qualified CI/HUMINT specialist use foreign language skills or interpreters to conduct CI/HUMINT activities and exploit foreign language documents and recordings. Yes, females can be Military Police Officers.

My nearest USMC reserve station is 4th Logistics Group in Springfield Oregon 222 miles or 3 hr 52 minutes drive so will I end up reporting here and if so under what MOS or the 4th Force Recon BN in Alameda CA is 369 miles (6hr 38 min) would I report there? Hello, Marines in all MOSs can be deployed. Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools (MCCSSS) They serve in the Aviation Supply Department at any one of the 11 different Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons (MALS), all dedicated to keeping Marine aircraft ready and safe. Be the officer that you want to be. The Start Of Communications School See more in the MARADMIN.

(Not computer science, but like chemical or mechanical engineering?) I currently work for a financial institution and hold a bachelors in business management with concentration in finance. As a 1302, would I be deployed as Logistics or Infantry? No. 3 weeks, Ground Intelligence Officer Course I don’t know the stats from the boards, but from my experience 3.3 is competitive.

Not much of a time difference from one to another, give on take a few weeks. The complexity of modern communications systems deployed in rapidly changing combat environments demands that commanders have a well integrated command, control and communication system.The 06 designation brought the CommO into a full staff position where they are critical to planning, executing and achieving the mission. If you’re not sure where to go, fill out the form on the Marine Recruiting website and they will give you a call. Anyone know how long 7204 LAAD MOS school is supposed to be? The great thing about the Marine Corps is they teach you everything you need to know to be proficient in your MOS. I appreciate your taking the time to research this topic prior to answering. Hey, Hello,

Cryptologic Linguists are encouraged to take advantage of language training events in order to achieve this goal. I am still contemplating on either being a Combat Engineer(1371) or a Combat Engineer Officer(1302). Seth, They process and anlayze imagery gathered by various sensor platforms to derive intelligence. Fort Meade, MD Aside from that, it’s really going to be dependent on your unit, and the type of training YOU develop for the platoon. If I could be back home in the reserves in 6 months from the time I'm at bootcamp that would be an ideal scenario for me. Your degree has NO impact on the MOS selection process. No, Air Intel is a ground MOS and does not require a contract.

What all does the Scout Sniper Platoon Commander position entail? I believe it’s around 4-6 weeks, but it’s also common to wait a month or two before being able to get into the course. Could you also clarify the pipeline for me to get into those MOS’s? It wouldn’t be unusual for a new officer to get to their first unit and be tasked with doing a Preliminary Inquiry (PI). I’m not saying don’t join, but seriously re think what you are doing. I’m not sure if any Officer opportunities exist within it. What officer mos(s) are assigned to ANGLICO? As a college graduate with bachelors degree, upon completion of OCS are desired MOS guaranteed? You can try and get into the Naval Postgraduate School as well. Infantry will put you closest to the fight, but you will never be the one kicking in doors. All three require you to be selected to attend the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA; this is a competitive process, so not all officers get this opportunity. Would this hinder my ability to receive the Nrotc scholarship, as I’d not be taking a major relevant to anything I’d do in the military? My question to you sir; would my criminal record (no violent charges/felonies/heinous crimes) affect my career down the line in the Marine Corps. With that being said, IOC training cannot be disclosed. Prior to advancement ot master sergeant (2691), opportunities are provided for linguists to attend a national level supervisory course in preparation for management/leadership assignments. Will the CO or anyone else release this information by request? Until I go to law school, in your opinion, what MOS would best aid a legal career? My last question really has to do with deployment. You compete as you do all the other MOSs. In terms of vehicle repairs, there’s usually a Warrant Officer in charge. How does Job selection work for officers? Prior to, or in conjunction with being promoted to sergeant, Marines will receive formal schooling in signals/traffic analysis and reporting procedures. Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT): 74. They supervise the purchasing and contracting of supplies, manage budgets and develop spending plans. Don’t focus on how short the training is. I am a junior in college and would like to commission. I want to enlist into that field, but after I earn my degree I want to still work around dogs. and do they work with K-9 dogs ? Let me do more research before I mark the female restricted MOSs.

What would Amphious armed vechicles be under and where would that school be at? I’m having a difficult time choosing a MOS and was wondering if the PLC training will help me determine my choice or if you may have some suggestions. If you don’t get selected as an Aviator when you first apply, the chances you will be able to get the MOS as The Basic School is very slim. What are the chances of getting the MOS that you want? 0621 – Tactical Radio Operator is an enlisted billet. Intermediate and advanced language training is available. No, officers do the handle dogs. Soon after becoming a Marine Corps Judge Advocate, you will be given the responsibilities of maintaining your own caseload and advising Marines on legal issues.

Press J to jump to the feed. 2. Marine Corps Intelligence Schools Training Command Virginia Beach, VA. ... and serves as a proponent for intelligence language training and MOS 8621 Remote Sensor Operators in order to provide technically-proficient Marines to the operating forces and supporting establishment. Required fields are marked *. 18.5 weeks, CI/HUMINT Managers Course

How does the MECEP (Marine Enlisted Commissioning Educational Program) Work? I just wanted to ask if this is true, and if this is common among candidates? Is that an enlisted position only, or is there an MOS which would include learning and using a new language? My question is do i have to attend a law school if they don’t or does they Corps provide classes?. If you want to get out and do stuff with your Marines then PLAN FOR IT! Most don’t want administrative type MOSs like adjutant or comptroller. Hello sir, I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for your service and all the information you have been providing. I heard that I would be placed in charge of a siper/recon unit. I seen a few stretched a might thin before. Great officers and great enlisted men and women have died in combat. If a candidate, for whatever reasons, is taken out of his OCS Program, what would the process to reapply be? I’ve worked with Aviation Maintenance officers before and they mainly deal with tracking maintenance, briefing higher ups, and figuring out how to get parts. I have been looking into applying for ocs. Naval Flight Officers (NFOs) operate the advanced weapons and electronic systems on board F/A-18 Hornets and EA-6B Prowlers. After about 2 years as a 1stLt you will get a number which indicates when you will promote to Captain, and that number is based on performance at The Basic School. From what I’ve read it tends to be 8-10 years? what percentage do I need to pass the asvab for officer Military Police, or Infantry Officer. Pilots are tested in all sorts of ways. It’s going to depend on where in the administrative process your waiver was at. From what I’ve heard for the boards to be competitive you need a 3.0-3.5 is that true? Not sure which policy it was filed under, I’m just happy to finally have signed my contract. Their role ensures that Marines worldwide are properly equipped. Here is why. Anthony, while the communications officer position is the closest entry level officer job, there is a family of occupation specialties that you may enter mid-career. There are rank caps for certain MOSs, but those are at the General officer level. Do Air Intel officers sit around a lot when their not deployed. Learn how your comment data is processed. However, usually pilots that get slots are already getting their private pilot license (PPL) or doing extra curricular activities. There’s a lot of places to live for significantly less than $1800 so I would suggest living out in town and pocketing the extra money. Sounds like you’re in High School. What classes would help with my performance on the TBS? Logistics Officers have a lot trucks, Communications Officers have comm vehicles, etc. I know being a marine entails that there is always the possibility of danger, but are there MOS’s that might give my mother some ease at night? Recon/MARSOC needs communications, logistics, intel, etc. 29 Palms, CA, Air Support Control Officers – 7208 A huge exercise was recently completed to determine whether females could perform to the same standard as males in various MOSs. It depends on the unit you become assigned to and whether or not you ever get the chance to deploy. A low ranking can still get you a highly desired MOS because of the way they do quality distribution. Dam Neck, VA 10 weeks, Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) Leaders Course And is Adjudant a less-regarded position? 4 weeks, Signals Intelligence/Ground Electronic Warfare Officer – 0206 Financial Management School They ensure that every Marine in their command has administrative resources both for day-to-day tasks and long-term career progression. Combat engineer is 14 weeks of OSUT. This is true of all Marine MOSs. There will be a lot of Comm slots, and not a lot of people who want it. What type of Marine officer flies UAV/UAS aircraft ? They are generally higher density MOSs like communications, logistics, supply, etc. No. Sir, Financial Management Officers are in charge of financial issues, such as managing budgets and disbursing operations. With ROTC, everyone starts out as a Ground contract and they can apply for Air during their Junior/Senior years.

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