Jonathan Scott - TV personality, Canada (right hand: incomplete simian line), Hu Jintao - 6th President of China (right hand: complete simian line) 1x Oscar nominee, r-hand: disconnected incompl. • PROJECTS related to the Simian Line • HAND SIGN TUTOR: Simian Line - quick summary • Jimmy Page (r-hand: bridge, l-hand: falling heart line) Celebrities & their hands: 100+ famous hands! • Joshua Hunter, Idols 'JChosen' (r-hand: long heart line) • HEALTH & the Simian Line Amedeo Sebastiani ('Amadeus') - presentator, Italy (right hand: complete simian line) 27 Other celebrities featured in false reports are: • Chuck Berry (left hand: pseudo-bridge) Human hands develop palmar creases in the womb close to the 12th week of gestation. Also, very well-known celebrities with a simian line in just one hand are these 4 Academy Award/Oscar winners- & nominees: • Robert De Niro (American actor, Oscar winner) • Keanu Reeves (right hand: incomplete bridge) • SYNONYMS for the Simian Line. Modern Hand Reading Forum - Discover the language of your hands: palm reading & palmistry forum! Especially in the Western world, few celebrities have a simian line in both hands; 19 double simian crease celebs are listed below (incl. (13 sub-sections for the simian line are presented below). • Lilly Collins (right hand: splitting head line)

• ONLINE READINGS for the Simian Line simian line (left hand: normal), Tony Robbins, US motivational speaker, life coach, author, Lee Kuan Yew, first Prime Minister of the Singapore, left hand: complete simian line Peter Sarsgaard - actor, US (both hands: disconnected simian line) • Gustavo Adolfo Rol (left hand: bridge) • River Phoenix (both hands: bridge) Also, in 2001, Ethan received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for his portrayal of Jake Hoyt in Training Day. VIII - Palmistry books TOP 100 - listed by 'Amazon Sales Rank'! • BIG FIVE PROFILING: personality & Simian Line

Seems to me the simian line is a marker that denotes some sort of major either intensity, willpower, or extremism, even craziness maybe. System for Big Five personality profile interpretation + 100 celebrity profiles: VII - REPORT: Korean researchers discovered the 'Suwon crease', only observed in males! Small hands, eczema, what does it mean? simian line (r-hand: normal), Benedict Cumberbatch, UK actor A Simian Line found on the left hand often contributes to fundamental sensuality. TIP: how to recognize a simian line properly? The palm typically has 2 of these creases.
• PSYCHOLOGY & BEHAVIOR: the Simian Line incompl. Clifford Smith, a.k.a. Armin van Buuren has a complete simian line on his left hand.
He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom which was awarded by George W. Bush on January 13, 2009. The simian line [or: 'simian crease'] has became famous for it's significance in Down's syndrome. 'PewDiePie'- Youtuber, Sweden (left: complete simian line) A curiosity involves the fact that 4 Oscar-nominees are included in the list above involving a SINGLE simian line; in 2 cases it involves a 'dissociated' simian line (it has no connection with the thenar crease - a.k.a.

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