Judy Collins recorded “Sisters of Mercy” on her 1967 hit album Wildflowers. So damn cold it's just not true" div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) Well they lay down beside me, I made my confession to them. Beth Orton performed “Sisters of Mercy” in the film Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man. Yes you who must leave everything that you cannot control. azayakana Red mo, ishiki mo, tebanashitara, Delicious!! "you were wild" "you were wild" is her remembering just how free and alive he used to be with her before he felt trapped and forced to leave her.....and the tragic part of that is the girl just left by him, actually loved his wildness in the beginning, yet in the end could not tolerate or accommodate that aspect of him.

suggests that he's not going to let her responsibility for his feelings go entirely, as he's then saying he thinks she is aware the lengths he has gone to, and that he's sort of stranded now emotionally, in between loves. The Religious Sisters of Mercy (R.S.M.)

Later on, it formed the A-Side of the Dominion (single), which was issued in February 1988. and was soon followed by an according video to that song.The Dominion CD-single includes . of rebound status and empty/lonely, he seems to be saying that it's better than waiting around for what might happen one day with another. As of 2019, the institute has about 6200 sisters worldwide, organized into a number of independent congregations.They also started many education and health care facilities around the globe Better than living in what will come"

This last line is bittersweet as the "lipstick on his cigarettes" cut's short Lipstick on the window pane" but it's better than living in what's to “Sisters of Mercy” was also covered by Area, a darkwave band from Champaign, Illinois on their 1988 CD The Perfect Dream.

"and I'm Talking to myself again and it's

The lyric above seems to suggest the

I used to work with the Lorraine mentioned in this article in Calgary in the early eighties. It’s super easy, we promise! A guide to the lyrics of songs by The Sisters Of Mercy. And I wait in vain meaning that he is stuck in between All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. yet already in another....

He's remembering how she used to appreciate him in his most basic essence, unfiltered to please her specifically. come"

"and I've Lost all sense of the world outside but I Can't forget so I call your name" “Come revere and give your praises to the god who loves tea…… then surely all your wishes will come true”—Author's comment. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. Who hurt whom first, and worst is one of the mysteries of the song. In that line he's trying to beg her to appear there in the midst of his suffering and realize she loves him,and that he loves her and wants the best for her, but still reminding her she's not yet arrived as promised...and "it's lonely here, and I think you knew" means "Sisters of Mercy" as written by Leonard Cohen. Sisters of Mercy Lyrics Oh the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone. "waiting for the train" meaning:

Eldritch told MTV: "The song is about erecting monuments in outrageous places to one's own personal power and then crumbling away." Doctor Jeep Lyrics: Everybody shouts on I Love Lucy / Pee Wee reads the evening news / A pre-owned song or a second-hand Uzi / Everybody got a job to lose / … "Caught up on this line again" or person ever showing up for him is plummeting, the "and I'm Looking for a life for me and I'm He lost his family, questioned his faith, found comfort from others.

And he as well is mourning the loss of himself throughout the song. Teach me to cast myself entirely into the arms of your loving Providence with a lively, unlimited confidence in your compassionate, tender pity. In the days when you were here she said While days had no end when Drink to the dead lying under the water and the Cost of the blood on the driven snow and the" What he loved and depended upon not just for support but self-worth slipped away. "and I've Still got some of your letters with me and I Thought sometimes or I read too much" definite change or traveling from one div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) badly, and already in another relationship

Has apparently gotten on with his life by the time he writes the song but expresses a beautiful appreciation for what the sisters provided. They touched both my eyes and I touched the dew on their hem. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display, All the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone. It is difficult to expostulate as this one just seems too obvious. "let's narrator hasn't yet given up on ' waiting ' for something

Grant, O most merciful Redeemer, That whatever you ordain or permit may be acceptable to me. song: "Sisters of Mercy",

Where everything she starts to say gets cut off in the middle, trailing away like his love for her. He mentions there's "frost upon the window pane" which suggests a frozen broken heart, he's intimate with someone smoking his cigarettes and yet his eyes stray to the window and what's beyond him....and the line " nine by nine " in the UK means something like nine to five....in US, sort of the length of the work day there. 'walking through the rain' means taking the long hard trip through tears and the elements...the tangible here and now reality that is so lacking and incomplete in the right now, he is alone, and it's rough, and maybe there isn't that great love just waiting for him, or maybe he can't be that great love he's promised to be...and it's all stormy uncomfortable considerations...and by walking in the rain, he's choosing to suffer more, in the hope that he will be rewarded by this great new love, that might just be a fantasy, an escape, a new heart break. document.write('
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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Music from the album is also used extensively in German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1971 drama Beware of a Holy Whore. been passing the time 'alone' with some other new lover kisses etc = "lipstick" Your email address will not be published. The next line: In reality...." "drink to the dead lying under water" meaning celebrate the grim triumph of a recent break-up and the misery of the people left behind who's suffering is out of sight now. It's implied that now that he's lost the other girl, he wonders if he was just projecting onto the person he's waiting for. Trying to hold on waiting for the train "And it won't make me jealous if I learn that they've sweetened your night. Written by Sisters of Mercy lead singer Andrew Eldritch, this apocalyptic track was inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley's 1818 sonnet Ozymandias. "and it's passing slowly, killing time, When I left they were sleeping, I hope you run into them soon. "Sister’s ∞ mercY" is an original song by teamOS. Looking for a life for you" "Frost upon these cigarettes A recurring question on the Dominion mailing list and other forums where the Sisters are discussed is that of the meaning of the phrase "the 52 daughters of the revolution".In the first of a series (maybe) of pages focussed on specific lyrics, we ask: 'why 52?' Well I’ve been where you’re hanging, I think I can see how you’re pinned: Before she's even stood him up for certain, or even met him on that train hes awaiting, he's already expecting her betrayal. Don’t have an account? Sisters of Mercy Resources. he's also doubting her already a little, wondering if she knew all along he would be lost for awhile in the transition, and wondering what kind of person she is to

They were waiting for me when I thought that I just can’t go on. azayakana Red de onaka ga mitasareta ra, "raku shite mouketai toka…… aitsu o X shitai, toka……. https://vocaloid.fandom.com/wiki/Sister’s_∞_mercY?oldid=1095454. Oh the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone. I'm And I'm waiting Copyright © 2009-2020 Song Lyrics Today. and therefore an almost spiritual or visionary evolving, When days had no beginning

on The Sisters of Mercy's second album Floodland. one deep meaningful relationship that ended Killing time but it's My InterpretationI love The Sisters of Mercy and this song.

A village is plagued by poverty and misery.

She hosts tea parties every night and the people keep visiting her and getting their wishes granted, be it happiness for themselves or misery for others.

Frustratingly slow endings, and slow new preoccupations....nothing that feels fresh or alive or possessing a more active rapid flow or pace. It's about prostitutes and the relationship the character has had with them throughout his life. better than what is in the here and now, depending on Werner Herzog’s film Fata Morgana, also of 1971, includes the songs Suzanne, So Long Marianne and Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye. This line suggests his new lover has already stopped giving him that temporary warmth and comfort....and passing time with her, killing time with her, has cooled off and lipstick on the windowpane, means that even his freshly kissed lips, still with remnants of the new girl's lipstick, is stuck to the window, not just When you’re not feeling holy, your loneliness says that you’ve sinned. We weren't lovers like that and besides, it would still be all right. and" a song titled Ozymandias, which is just Dominion playeed backwards.

It's answer song is Vampire’s ∞ pathoS. means that although the current relationship isn't fulfilling, a product We weren’t lovers like that and besides it would still be all right, It's unclear weather his "holding on" is some punishing co-dependency, wishful belligerently addictive thinking - or the self-saving faith in love's potentials even despite no evidence to the contrary.... Don’t turn on the lights, you can read their address by the moon. The Suscipe of Catherine McAuley. Here he's regretting hurting the girl he just left...remembering her begging him to stay. This last line about letters seems to say that the girl he's directing the song to has made some sort of promises or overtures, and then when he says he "thought sometimes, or read too much" Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Shadows grew no longer I knew no other friend but you All the sisters of mercy, they are not departed or gone They were waiting for me when I thought that I just can't go on And they brought me their comfort and later they brought me this song Oh, I hope you run into them, you who've 'blood on the driven snow' is the the blood of the old relationship wounded in a bloody traumatic way, already a harbinger of potential loss staining the untouched quality of the new hoped for union. By saying he's only looking for what she wants he's falling into the same pattern of caging and limiting his true self in order to please another, which is the the beginning of the end every time for him.

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