Don’t you agree? West Slavic women Any man would definitely fall for a woman like that. O_O, eyebrows are very big (however many of them plug them out). Morphologically, those people were akin to the Alpine ethnic type of Ripley which stretched westward to … Bright and tender Belorussian women attract men from different countries very much. The most beautiful Ukrainian woman is Olga Kurylenko (born November 14, 1979, Berdyansk, Ukraine). The anthropological composition of East European populations emerged through intermixing among the indigenous northern, ... @Ibero Celtic It would be a real pain in the ass to find a Greek woman with this kind of slavic look. Trick o treats? The ladies from Belorussia are known to be very attractive and tall.

West Slavic women Morphologically, those people were akin to the Alpine ethnic type of Ripley which stretched westward to what is now Austria, Switzerland and part of northern Italy. We've got a wedding video from our clients! Each of the Slavic types is good in its own way) Every man should choose in accordance with his personal preferences. If you’re a guy and you’ve been meeting Slavic women online for a few months, you cannot deny the fact that most of them have a unique hour glass figure that’s very attractive and eye-catching. The beauty of a Russian woman tends more towards the northern, Finnish-Baltic type. The Uralic admixture is characterized by somewhat flattened faces and less prominent noses. If a Russian woman can be compared to a crystal-cold winter or a shy early spring, then the beauty of a Ukrainian woman is undoubtedly the sunny August heat. But, have you ever really thought about the bewitching and mysterious beauty they posses? Research carried out by scientists using various scientific methods has made it possible to compose a generalized portrait of the average Russian person. I notice that the head is wide from the front, but in profile the head seems compressed from front to back. Hair color between dark blond to dark brown. Nevertheless, these nations have been influenced by many factors that determined their appearance greatly. I know a Macedonian family and all of their sons have the most beautiful round shaped, green-blue eyes. As a matter of fact, only Slavic women seem to have eyes that are as beautiful and as mysterious as the ocean. Foreigners say that Ukrainian women are overall very bright. In typical appearances, the horizontal profile and the bridge of the nose of medium height prevail, while the forehead is slightly sloping and not too wide, the brow is poorly developed. thanks for answering my question. Sorry to put everyone through this trouble, it's for my genetics assignment! My Polish friend has blond hair and blue eyes, and his mother is blonde too. What are the characteristics of slavic eyes? Lately, I have been told I give off a Slavic vibe. So, just give a chance to your eyes to make a choice and start an unforgettable journey of getting to know a Slavic lady who will become your wife! Some conclude that the ancestors of the Russians are Slavs, while others argue that the Finns are closest to Russians in genotype and phenotype. Here the blood of Slavic peoples, Persians, Mongols, Turks, and many others is present. The characteristics of slavic eyes are big bright eyes, the eyebrows also help define this. Get answers by asking now. The mystery and deepness found in their eyes makes a Slavic woman sexy. eyebrows are very big (however many of them plug them out) and they have reaaaally long eyelashes! A common feature is blond hair (light blond, fair hair, dark blond) and light eyes (blue, gray, green). 4. There's a lot of stereotype put into it. Surprisingly, not all Europeans have large eyes. Compared to the related West Baltic type (Scandinavians), they possess less prominent noses, sparser beards and a slight swelling of the upper eyelid. What do you think of the answers? Let’s say a Russian woman in a bar or cafe were to come up to you speaking sweet nothings in Russian, you wouldn’t be able to resist.

Most have sizable noses, a solid jaw structure and chubby or round shaped, rosy cheeks. They have bigger facial features than the Russian ladies. She has small, hooded eyes, but they do not look like most East Asian’s eyes. Their facial features are moderately broad or else narrow. This type is distinguished by their darker hair and eyes. In Western Ukraine, Ukrainian women predominantly have a narrow face and a high nose. There is definitely overlap with western looks, but you notice the extreme versions.

Typical are chestnut or burning-black hair. A common feature is blond hair (light blond, fair hair, dark blond) and light eyes (blue, gray, green). ... Their eye brows are more bushy and their eyes … The eyes are also part of the face but this has to be on a whole other number by itself. Good luck. Your Body Has The Answer, Learn Everything About Zombieing, The Appropriate Dating Trend. 5. They have proper, but in relation to the type of southern beauties, smaller, refined facial features. She is a Soviet and Russian actress. Have you ever wondered why you’ve always been attracted to Slavic women? She is a Soviet and Russian actress.

As a result of a blood intermixture, for example, during the Turkish conquests, a unique beauty was born," - explained one make-up artist. I'm not really sure what slavic eyes even look like. Do I look Bosnian, Albanian or even from Kosovo ? An iridescent cornea is common among Ukrainian women. Blonde Russian brides have become a prototype for many national fairy-tales. Slavic hazel eyes.

I was wondering what they look like, could anyone give me a description, or better yet, a photo of someone with slavic eyes? having Russian and Belorussian roots right here on our site. A tiny waste and a slender body would make any Slavic woman sexy from a male’s point of view. :). Such types have been found in Slavic burial grounds of Slovakia and Moldavia. Despite knowing that she may be the perfect girl for you, you still have to make an effort to know the real her if you want to catch her attention. They have sharp facial features, cat-like eyes, long legs and slender bodies.

Russians are characterized by a nose with a straight profile (it is found in 75% of cases). Raise of success: finalists at “IDate awards – 2020”! :), Read more about the outstanding traits of Slavic women, It is widely known that Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian peoples are closely related. Visually manifests itself in a decrease in body length, greater brachycephaly, widening of the cheekbones in relation to the size of the forehead and lower jaw, in an even greater lightening of the pigmentation of the hair and eyes, and in an increase in the occurrence of the concave profile of the nasal dorsum. Although Ukrainian women like to wear make-up, they look great without it. Foreigners say that Ukrainian women are overall very bright. They look like normal eyes to me. Believe me, you may not resist looking at those eyes for hours!). Pontic type. All the Slavic women have their own unique style of beauty which helps them to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not really in to their accents that much, you still cannot deny that if they sweet talk you in their mother tongue, you’ll melt like a Popsicle in the middle of the dessert. ✅   not too thick eyebrows and bristles,  One of the most obvious characteristic is the skin tone. ✅   the proportional oval face,  Slavic peoples are united into six anthropological types - Eastern Slavs: Eastern European, Dnieper-Carpathian, Pontic, Dinaric, White Sea-Baltic and Atlanto-Baltic. These are rather dark brachycephals with relatively broad faces.

As you can see, Slavic people look VERY different from Caucasus people and Turkish people. What are "Slavic eyes" look like? For instance, let us look at Blake Lively. "Being at the junction of Europe and Asia, Ukraine was subjected to captures by various nations. The good news is that East Slavic girls, in my humble opinion, are the most attractive Slavic women around. Slavic people look like your standard Eastern European--a bit like German people. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer.

She is a French actress and model who posed nude. How do African-Americans feel about Africans? Greeks look much more similar to Iberians than to any Slavs (except maybe Bulgarians). Their distinctive traits are chubby lips (which win so many hearts! Can be depigmented but usually wider facial features and head shape. Doesn’t it seem similar to the Sleeping Beauty image?). Dinaric type takes in Yugoslavia's high-landers (Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro). In his opinion, the Russians are "... blond, red in face and white in the body.". I was wondering what they look like, could anyone give me a description, or better yet, a photo of someone with slavic eyes? I'll also put up a link to a photo of me, so anyone can tell me whether I have them or... Slavs have high cheekbones, but the eyes are normal shaped but quite large. Halloween 2019 in SlavicGirl, Testimonial by Tatiana and Nicolas (France). They study genetic types, external traits, papillary patterns, and even hematological characteristics of blood groups. EagleEye wrote:They don't look the same but in my opinion they look fairly similar. O_O . Here there is a combination of tall stature, a relatively narrow forehead and an extended face, a low and wide nose. Having an appreciation for the arts also hints how intelligent a person is so don’t fall for the stereotype of Slavic women being uneducated. We hope that this has encouraged you to see the inner and outer beauty of Slavic women in general.

This type is distinguished by their darker hair and eyes. All the. Yes, that’s right. Valentine's greetings from SlavicGirl team, New testimonial by our happy couple - Irina and James (England)!

Typical of northern Russians, Belarusians. What they think when Africans wear clothes similar to? As you may very well know, Slavic women have prominent facial features.

Let me introduce you to the most common features so highly estimated by foreign men. They differ from the other southern Europeoids in the lighter color of eyes. Any color eyes, actually I often hear of green eyes (but not sure about it). Maybe the head is flatter in the back.

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