Get much larger, and wood support becomes heavy. Here’s a little info on the subject of masonite/hardboard. I am working up a large 32×48 cut of hardboard. Excellent info. Hello and thank you for stopping by. You can lightly sand it first. Being fairly young product, this sector is technology-based.

You can add extra whiting (chalk) to your primer and make it even more absorbent. Wax will not adhere to an acrylic base. Hi Carl, I have had good luck gluing the rough side with a strong wood glue and clamps. Even with large canvas I apply at least 10 even coats of gesso. Lori McNee is an American artist and internationally followed art blogger, and the owner of Lori and Good luck! (Please see Jim Parker’s comment below for more updated information).

Once dry, I can immediately begin to paint on the prepared panel and expect great results! S. Can you screw D-rings or a saw tooth hanger into the back of Masonite? But, if you are planning on painting on uncradled boards, then you can always paint the backside.

According to one manufacturer (Canfor)

Allowing each coat to dry thoroughly before cross patterning another layer to ensure evenness. I created a backlink to it on my Delicious bookmark’s blog, and will create another one for this posting too. Thank you so much for this informative post! Hi Lori. These boards are treated with a chemical that will not adhere and will yellow with age. Hardboard is often called Masonite, named after the scientist William Mason who was running the experiment and was out having lunch when the incident occurred.

1/8 in. © 2020 Lori McNee – Fine Art & Tips. This makes a slight ‘weave pattern’ to the gesso and adds some ‘tooth’ to the panel. For extra large boards over 30×40, I suggest ‘cradling’ the back of the board. Masonite has a rough texture on one side. Site by Hayes Web & Audio, It is impregnated with oils to make it water and wear resistant. Have fun and good luck…, Thanks so much for your reply and advice. Thanks again and come back again soon! I hope this helps . I do smaller paintings on hardboard too and have not seen any warping but the large ones are really in trouble. You might like to see these other related posts: Save Money: Learn How to Gesso a Hardboard Panel for Painting.

This makes Gessobord the perfect art panel for all painting styles with oil paints, acrylics and mixed media. x 7 in. I painted Masonite board with gesso but I didn’t read this until after I was done painting. I am wondering how to make the painting on masonite look finished and professional. Thanks for taking time to comment and I am glad to meet you here! Our class would prefer to use Masonite.

Thanks, I am sure it will help others.

I’m wondering if following your directions with the gesso foundation would wax crayons adhere to a gessoed masonite board? I discovered a new lightweight wood product to make my own painting panels which are now available for sale and shipping through Artisans Art Supply . You mention glazing but in context I think you might mean that you don’t want them to be primed. Hardboard with Gesso just takes it and keeps on looking like new. Most importantly, because Jackson’s Wooden Panels are smooth, sanded plywood, they never seem to need a sand if you paint the gesso on nice and evenly. I will never use hardboard for anything larger than maybe 2’x2′ again. A Favorite Book - The Yin Yang of Painting, Interview with Sherrie McGraw – Master Artist in a Man’s World,,, From Farm Boy to Painter My Interview with Artist Robert Moore.

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