Allow the firmware update to run completely and leave the controller plugged in. However, a lot of reports have been seen where the controller works fine on android but either doesn’t connect at all on Windows 10 or immense lag is seen while playing games. 2) Download and install the latest version of SteelSeries Engine HERE. Firstly, we will be updating the device firmware to the latest because the new firmware is promised to eradicate this issue. Hence, Win doesn't detect the controller. It is extremely important to make sure you have the latest version. As you can see here there is no listing of supported Android BT games on SS website.

Note: The Micro-USB connector is in the place where the batteries go and you will need to remove the batteries in order to connect it via a Micro-USB cable. First I got it working through the x360ce.exe and it worked almost smoothly with a few very, very minimal input delays. Note: My apologies for the ultra low audio. Also, the cable does not come with the box so u will have to buy it separately from the controller. Press a button on the gamepad of the controller and it should active-pair (shows 1 solid LED), 6) Verifying the controller is connected and working: click the Windows icon at the bottom right, type "Controller" and open "Set up USB Game Controllers". From here, click properties, and under the "Test" tab, pressing buttons and joysticks should show changes on the screen. Unplug the USB cable (from both ends) and pair the game-pad using Bluetooth (Have Win 10 install the default drivers)3. 3) Click the red banner below the product that says "CRITICAL UPDATE". Manuals and User Guides for SteelSeries Stratus. I also updated to SS Engine 3.12.3 but no luck. The Stratus XL is a joystick controller manufactured by SteelSeries for Windows and Android devices.

My guide works on Win 10 till Version 1709 Fall Creators Update. j. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption. S - Even after this fix, a few PC/Android games will run into trigger issues. In this article, we will discuss the causes of the issue and come up with viable solutions.

5) After the firmware update to make sure your Stratus XL can pair successfully: a. Unplug the cable put the batteries back in, c. Navigate to your Bluetooth devices menu in Windows, d. Click the Stratus XL and select "Remove Device", f. Under the Bluetooth devices menu in Windows, select "Add a device" select "Bluetooth", g. Press and hold the pairing button on the Stratus XL until all 4 LEDs flash. I'm currently looking to find a work around. Hello everyone, so I've got a Steelseries Stratus XL for Windows & Android Gamepad and it supports X-Input as well as Direct-Input. So, master of NONE. Firmware updates are only available in SteelSeries Engine 3, on a Windows PC. Firmware updates are only available in SteelSeries Engine 3, on a Windows PC. This process should solve all the problems regarding the connection of the controller, its configuration and lag. 4) Allow the firmware update to run completely and leave the controller plugged in. I've been having pretty severe issues with the triggers for a while, and in other games it is a pain to get the controller to work at all (specifically Assassin's Creed 2, but that may be an issue on the game's side).

(checked on May 20th, 2018).Jack of all trades, master of NONE is the perfect title for SS XL.Guide concised in 3 steps:1. Follow this (6:21 - 7:52) Causes \u0026 ProblemC - Xbox controller driver compatibility update on Win 10 messed up the BT driversC - SS XL dual input as Controller + Mouse is a great bundle, but causes compatibility issues especially with Triggers on both Win 10 \u0026 AndroidP - Thus, Win 10 has issues with recognizing the Controller input of the dual functionally.Fix and Status: F - I manage to figure a simple fix that forces Win 10 to recognize the SS XL as not just a Mouse, but also a Controller input. AirPods 3 Leaked Image Confirms Transition to AirPods Pro Like Design, Intel Xe HP ‘Arctic Sound’ ‘Neo Graphics’ GPU Leaks Online In Geekbench Listing Indicating Entry-Level Data-Center Capabilities. i. 1) Plug in your Stratus XL W&A controller to your PC via the micro USB port located in the battery compartment. Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget. h. Allow Windows to complete the pairing process. Stratus XL. You can download Restoro by clicking the Download button below. Samsung May Be Announcing S21 Series on 14 January in Six Different Colours, Watch Dogs Legion Source Code Worth 558.33 GB Has Leaked Online, Also, you will see a red banner below your controller that reads “. Update the driver and check joy.cpl. The cause of the error seems to be a bug relating to. Unfortunately, Google decided to remove the Post Upload audio adjustment tool.

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