Each piece of the set provides a buff after teleporting, buffing the use of the Silent Death and Shadow Fury with it quite a bit. The Witch Mask is a Rare Helmet that is obtainable by placing in the top 10 during a Spooky Festival, or by getting 2,000 points or above in the Spooky Festival, probably during Halloween in real life. Epic Dungeon Armor set that can be obtained in Dungeons by reward chests in Floor 5 This armor set provides great buffs to damage, including 100 Strength and 100% Crit Damage, overshadowing both Adaptive Armor and Zombie Knight Armor. Codenamefearless Joined Aug 26, 2019 Messages 299 Reactions 145.

Oct 4, 2020 #1 Should i reforge it to fierce or pure, because i need CC. These are endgame Armor sets and are currently the strongest in the game, with the Superior Dragon Armor being the preferred set by most players. Oct 4, 2020 #2 pure if you need cc . jaezi Joined Sep 4, 2016 Messages 288 Reactions 125.

 Speed  Defense

+1  Strength every kill Reforgeable

Tier B. Ender Armor: Great offense and good protection for anyone wanting to make a living in the End. Thread starter Jaezi_ Start date Sep 23, 2019; 1; 2; Next.

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Go. Peace!

+25% Next Last.

SkyBlock Overview . PumpkinsHorseman Well-Known Member. +100%

+110 Thread starter PumpkinsHorseman; Start date Nov 10, 2019; 1; 2; Next.

It is also very good outside of Dungeons, slightly better than Skeletor Armor, with a similar damage output to Superior Dragon Armor. … I started writing this post as a joke but it turned into a serious guide. Obtaining. 66 JavaScript is disabled.

Total  Health

+735  Health


Nov 10, 2019 #1 The title says all Dont say "Buy it", if you do it, explain how to get fast 5 mil coins to buy the armor… Chest Dragon Armor The Dragon Armor sets are legendary items that are obtainable from the …

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Traded myself from 20 frags to TONS of frags ( gotten strong set wise set ) trying to get more sets, Get young armour, I got mine full set for 1.4mil,get a runaan bow enter a guild and start killing dragons, this will cost you less than 4m, Another question: what can i give for a Strong dragon set?

 Crit Damage The full set can be crafted from 240 Strong Dragon Fragments and is one of 8 different Dragon Armor sets. None

I’m not on rn so I can’t check... Strong Dragon Armor is a Legendary Armor set that is focused on improving  Strength and the Aspect of the End. Properties Featured Article: Diamond Latest Update: 0.7.7 Read about it here Popular: Fairy Soul. But a lot of players, particularly those who are new to dragon fights might not know much about it. Its high Health and Defense buff makes it the best armor set for the Berserker class currently.  Strength


gives less defense than hard dia. Since the high damage sets (Superior and Strong) and the only mage set (Wise) are preferred by the players because of their higher stat boosts and usability the respective Dragon Fragments tend to sell for a much higher price. Sep 23, 2019 #1 Is it Very, Godly, or others?

Type https://hypixel-skyblock.fandom.com/wiki/Witch_Mask?oldid=178850. None Properties You must log in or register to reply here.


Shadow Assassin Collect the shadows of the enemies you kill increasing your damage for the rest of the dungeon while wearing this set. It is considered the second-best dragon set out of the 8, with Superior being the best. +240 Shadow Assassin Armor

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