However, technical specifications included herein should be used as a guideline only. Laboratory tests have proven that by grinding away the surface to increase the applies surface stresses to the composition of the tube. BS T45 is a carbon-manganese steel tube supplied in the hardened and tempered condition. BS4 T45 is the specification of the chemical composition in the carbon-manganese tube. Solution and Aging, Annealing, Ausaging, Q+T,etc. TEL:+86-13880247006 E-mail: [email protected] T45 is a carbon manganese cold drawn seamless tube. The Motorsports industry wanted the material to form so the material structure needed to change. BS5 T100 is the specification for manufacturing/inspection procedures for the material. electroslag, forged ring/ block,etc. Hardness Test: 201min – 262 max HB or 210min – 275max HV. T45 is also weldable, but unlike other chome-moly tube grades does not require heat treating after welding. Over the build period many aeroplanes such as the Spitfire, Hurricane, and other known Hawker models have used this quality material within its structures (and still do today on historic rebuilds). Grinding / Cleanup areas are advised to be kept to a minimum when welding the material.

Dynamic Metals is a T45 Alloy Steel UK supplier. We deliver high quality metal, no minimum value orders on stock bar, sheet and plate.

Unlike other materials that are high strength, the BS 4T45 tube does not require any pre nor post-heat treatments. T45 is also weldable, but unlike other chome-moly … One major application was the use within pilot seats/crew seats as the material would pass the highly controlled aviation tests and would complete a push test with no issues (the material was put under high G forces without splitting or snapping).

The motorsport Industry took to this tube with excellent results and used it to manufacture products such as: The use of this versatile high-quality material is still in high demand today. The BS4 T45 tube supplied by ProFormance Metals will always be a black / dark finish and stenciled. This great material has been around for 60+ years and was first designed for applications within the Aerospace Industry for use as airframe structures due to its high strengths and ease of forming and welding. During this process, the opening of the grain structure can occur and therefore increase the chances of fatigue cracks and fractures.

OI.T45 can be supplied as steel plate/ sheet, round steel bar, steel tube/pipe, steel stripe, steel billet, steel ingot, steel wire rods. BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 in accordance with BS6S100 condition tube is a very unique seamless Carbon-based steel tube that has been used in many applications throughout industry. High March Close, High March Industrial Estate, Daventry, NN11 4EZ, ProFormance MetalsDesign & Developed by VW Themes, ProFormance Metals – The Worlds largest stockholder for BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 to BS6S100, BS4 T45 to BS 5T100 BS6S100 Rectangle & Square tube. Specifications CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR BROCHURE, More News ........ BS 4T45:1972 is the FULL spec for said carbon manganese tube including all chemical and mechanicals details and BS 4T 100:1997 is the procedure for inspection, testing and acceptance of seamless steel tubes and tubestock (not specific to T45 but a whole host of seamless tube). Or why not ..... Join our Mailing List, COVID-19 Statement (read full statement here). As the strengths and usability of the BS4 T45 to BS4 T100 in accordance with BS5S100 Condition Tubing are so high, the defence Industry also has designed and developed vehicles that are required to carry a higher payload and with the introduction of the tube allowed to improve the strengths within the structure of the vehicle without increasing the weight. ProFormance metals certification and stenciling on the tube will have an identification mark which readsPVB–/ –. Any aerospace specification is very strict and the tube properties could not be altered under its British Standard designation BS3 T45 to BS3 T100 in accordance with BS4S100 Condition so initial Motorsport work had to be carried out without changing or moving outside of the specification.

The full specification now reads BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 in accordance with BS6S100 Conditions, this means: The Certification which your supplier gives should state the most up to date specification BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 in accordance with BS6S100 Conditions. BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 in accordance with BS6S100 condition tube is a very unique seamless Carbon-based steel tube that has been used in many applications throughout industry. Density: ISO 1183-1: ... Secant modulus - Strain Bayblend® T45 PG (Multipoint Data Sheet) Sekantenmodul-Dehnung Bayblend® T45 PG (Multipoint Data Sheet) Download. Tel: + 44(0) 1494 484844 Fax: 44(0) 1494 482155 Tel US: +1 714 735 4413 Site © 2013 Ltd. Ltd Reg Co. in England and Wales 4141886 - Unit D, The Heights Business Park, Ibstone Road, Stokenchurch, Bucks, HP14 3BG. The big issue was a poor elongation (how the tube would stretch/bend). BS 4 T45 Tube :1972, What's new.......... The manufacturing facilities managed to increase and stabilise the elongation through the cold drawing and heat treatment processes which meant upgrading the specification to BS4 T45 to BS5 T100 in accordance with BS5S100 conditions. From the tubes’ success in the Aerospace sector, other industries started to take notice especially the Motorsports industry. Vehicles needed to faster, lighter and stronger and so the industry needed better qualities of materials to do so. It finds many different applications in both the motorsport and aerospace industries due to its high strength to weight ration. For all stock availability contact Sales. Romania STAS/SR OI.T45 Structural steel and OI.T45 Mechanical Properties, Chemical Element, Cross Reference, Datasheet. Contact Suppliers with your enquiries for OI.T45 any of the shape and size. home - products - services - calculator - about us - contact us - privacy policy

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