i.e., the state of being abashed and overawed in G‑d’s presence.

As explained above, this degree of love was experienced by Moses, who sacrificed himself utterly in order to secure the unification of the Jewish people with G‑d. וזהו שתקנו בתחלת ברכות השחר קודם התפלה: אלקי נשמה וכו׳ אתה נפחתה וכו׳ ואתה עתיד ליטלה ממני כו׳, This is why it was ordained by the Men of the Great Assembly that one recite at the beginning of the morning blessings, before the prayers: “My G‑d, the soul [which you have placed within me is pure]... You have breathed it [into me]... And You will eventually take it from me....”, כלומר: מאחר שאתה נפחתה בי ואתה עתיד ליטלה ממני, לכן מעתה אני מוסרה ומחזירה לך, לייחדה באחדותך. As explained in ch. That is the whole Torah; the rest is but commentary... An obvious difficulty presents itself. 31, the Alter Rebbe compared the soul’s return to G‑d through Torah and prayer to the return of a captive prince to his overjoyed father, the king.

והנה כוונה זו היא אמיתית באמת לאמיתו לגמרי בכל נפש מישראל בכל עת ובכל שעה. Rabbi S. Turk Special Thanks to Rabbi Turk From Lubavitcher Yeshiva, Crown Heights for making this available for all school to use!

This verb is cognate with the noun eved (servant or slave), and signifies service motivated by the fear and awe of G‑d; and it is likewise written: the higher level of fear and awe known as. So also, in the course of the day, before one begins to study, such preparation at least is necessary, כנודע שעיקר ההכנה לשמה לעכב, הוא בתחלת הלימוד בבינונים. 119 0 obj<>stream

How do we reconcile these apparently contradictory requirements, ומה שכתוב בגמרא שמי שרואה בחבירו שחטא, מצוה לשנאותו, וגם לומר לרבו שישנאהו.

Such fear, held Rabbi Yochanan, would ensure that they refrain from sinning.

Tanya With Niggunim for learning Baal Peh - Perek Alef. 0000002247 00000 n nevertheless, since he accepts the Kingdom of Heaven upon himself, and draws upon himself the fear of Him in his conscious thought and rational volition, וקבלה זו היא אמיתית בלי שום ספק, שהרי היא טבע נפשות כל ישראל שלא למרוד במלך הקדוש יתברך, and this submission to G‑d and his fear of Him is beyond doubt a sincere one — for it is the nature of all Jewish souls not to rebel against the blessed Holy King —, הרי התורה שלומד או המצוה שעושה מחמת קבלה זו ומחמת המשכת היראה שבמוחו נקראות בשם עבודה שלימה. of the kind that can result only from a fear of G‑d, as the Alter Rebbe soon goes on to say. One should thus intend to become united with the infinite Ein Sof-light through speaking words of Torah or performing a commandment. 4, the Divine Will clothed itself in the ink and parchment of the Torah scroll, and similarly clothed itself in the wisdom of Torah. 0000001721 00000 n Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. Since the body separates us from each other, whereas the soul is that which binds us together, the greater value one places on his body at the expense of his soul, the more conscious he is of the differences between himself and his fellow.

When, for example, the sinner requests a favor of him, should his hatred dictate his response, or his love? One must also arouse compassion on [the divine soul of the sinner], for in the case of the wicked it is in exile within the evil of the sitra achra which dominates it.

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