My Taurus model 85 ultra light had problems out of the box. Three different modes of safe carry with a Loaded Chamber Indicator.

It’s actually not a bad-looking little firearm, is it?, IWI Jericho 941 ALL STEEL 9mm NEW IN BOX $500, First batch of Christmas knives...make a nice gift. This is not a $200-$300 firearm that fires like an $800 firearm. My only negative review was back in the 80's. The woman was quite reluctant to shoot at all, and only doing it because her husband insisted they both learn for safety purposes. The trigger was too hard to pull repeatedly for my wife who is small in stature. I have yet to come across a single person that absolutely had no better option available for defense than a double action 22 lr revolver. Yikes. I sent it back to Taurus and they kept it for 5 months, then they sent it back saying that there wasn't anything wrong with the gun. The TH9C is sized in the Goldilocks realm of being both small enough to carry and large enough to be shootable. The only Taurus revolver I've seen have a problem was during a class at a range. Check out some of our favorites we’ve reviewed. CHECK AMAZON PRICE, Compact and effective aiming assistance. Heading out to the range or utilizing the TH9C as a CCW is going to require a different set of gear. With appendix carry being en mode these days it only makes sense to have that added level of safety and security. Will agree with wileecoyote about the Taurus 94. Powered by Invision Community, By using this site, you agree to the following.Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Guidelines. CHECK AMAZON PRICE, Very affordable range ammo that the TH9C has no problem digesting. That upward angle might be a hair exaggerated relative to what I did downrange, but not by much. One chamber locked up well, two chambers were a little sloppy and two chambers were real sloppy. There were some tool marks on barrel.

Tried a PT1911 and it locked up twice, had to do some clean up on internal parts then traded it off. A 9mm projectile is going to exit the TH9C with the same speed and force it would any other pistols with a 3.5” barrel and perform just the same on impact.

If it didn’t go bang on the first pull it did on the second. In an update of their line, Taurus refreshed the aesthetics and feel of the 809 and named it the TH9. Raleigh, North Carolina but my heart is in Tennessee. So you’ve decided to pick up a Taurus TH9.

It wasn't until I took her back on the range that we discovered the problem and then it was too late. Despite having a perfectly serviceable 1911 model for quite some time, Taurus was known for value-level revolvers, inexpensive options for your .38 or .357 jonesing, especially for those who like a snub nose for concealed carry. The second group was high, mostly because I was so excited I was making progress that I aimed even higher, and the group became something much more close to what I like to see. I took her to On Target in the Boro to shoot several weapons in semi-auto and revolver. One of the revolvers was a 4" .22 that she had no problems pulling the trigger repeatedly, and she liked it. If you’re considering a purchase, you have my blessing — not that you need it, but you got it anyway. Typically it costs more to manufacture a SA/DA gun which pushes prices higher and demand down as less-expensive striker-fired guns are able to undersell. I had 3 from the early 90s that worked well but I have seen a lot of them the last few years that didn't work, or worked poorly. Before engaging in any transaction of goods or services on TGO, all parties involved must know and follow the local, state and Federal laws regarding those transactions. If you intend on using your Taurus TH9C as a home defense pistol, there are a few accessories that we recommend to make it more effective. Mouse over image to zoom.

Please share this on Facebook and Twitter and let us know! I standby my statement, and believe we are actually in agreement. TAURUS® PT 111 Millennium® G2 / G2c 9mm PT 111 Millennium® G2s 9mm .40 PT 140 Millennium® G2 / G2c .40 ArmaLaser TR23G Search all brands.

It’s even got a decocker and something resembling a half-cock for those CZ aficionados out there (myself included), although it’s really a 15% cock at best. Locked up very tightly, shot very good groups, and really solid feeling. The cylinder was not machined well. I’m personally a fan of hammer-fired guns offering these features, but models like the TH9C are few and far between in today’s striker-fired market. Here’s what we think make for great accessories for these situations: Veteran-owned CYA makes a great holster for the TH9C. I had a Taurus .22 revolver that SUCKED!!! Decent choice for your first hammer-fired pistol. He was willing to give it a try and ensure the fault truly lay with me. The opinions expressed on TGO are those of their authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the site's owners or staff. That brings me to the very first thing I noticed about this firearm, aesthetics notwithstanding: It’s not even that heavy, it’s just longer than the line to get into any given Star Wars-related Disney attraction.

Tennessee Gun Owners ( is the premier Community and Discussion Forum for gun owners, firearm enthusiasts, sportsmen and Second Amendment proponents in the state of Tennessee and surrounding region. The test runs three rounds from slide lock to see if it’ll feed under the slide’s own spring pressure, cycle completely, and lock the slide open on an empty magazine.

or simply preference. Required fields are marked *. Press and move to zoom. A few have been absolutely great. I changed the sight picture, just a little bit, and that turned out to make all the difference.

It’s a polymer framed and DA/SA, meaning however you’re comfortable carrying is available. He is passionate about not only ensuring that American citizens know their rights, but why they have those rights and what a gift it is to be in a country that acknowledges their God-given freedoms. I shot it 11 more times when it jammed again. Your email address will not be published. Click to enlarge. I traded it because of ammo availability, but I shot a lot through it in the 10 years or so that I had it. Although mechanically capable of great groups, a sloppy trigger makes it more difficult. Affordable Illumination, no laser, but not needed at in-house distances.

I also have a 22 model that works good but stays stiff both in the trigger and case ejector. Compare the dimensions and specs of Taurus TH9 and Taurus G3 3" was perfect. Wished I still had it. Today's Taurus is better but a reputation is hard to live down. Bought 2 Model 65s in Satin Nickel. Taurus Catalog > Accessories > Lakeline TH9 Stainless Recoil Assembly; Lakeline TH9 Stainless Recoil Assembly. Nobody should rely on a 22 lr gun for defense unless they have extreme circumstances that rule out every other more powerful option. No snubby is designed for target practice, so designing a weapon, (the 94 in this case), for self-defense with such a trigger pull is unacceptable.

Slightly crooked when you lined up the sights. (TGO) is a presentation of Enthusiast Productions. Are there better choices, yes, for some people it may be their only workable choice because of inherent weakness, minimal experience at shooting, weapon size, comfort etc.

What do you think about this story? Features are tough to match for this price range. Taurus, a company frequently known for its insanely powerful Judge and unbelievably affordable G2c, has honest-to-goodness delivered a dirt-cheap option for those who like to carry concealed with a hammer-fired firearm.

Well, technically it’s their second pistol.

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