When you buy from Doomsday Diesel, you are supporting a U.S. small business and entrepreneur. If you are doing this swap and keeping it as factory as possible this beauty lets you screw into the factory O2A speedo gear and into your MK1 cluster with no changes made. Our owners report 25-32mpg across a wide variety of tire sizes and gearing options. COPYRIGHT © 2020 DOOMSDAY DIESEL LLC.

Kit conversion SWAP moteur. It also converts the Jeep gearbox speed detail into a speed signal that the TDI ECU is in need of to optimize fuel enrichment. This ensures repeatable, high tolerance parts.

This setup is from a VR6 Eurovan. Cotybuilt has packaged a liquid cooled after cooler and preformed all the boost plumbing in black silicon pipes to facilitate a neat and tidy under hood installation. CNC mills, lathes, lasers, and press brakes are used in the production of parts.

Mk1 to MK4 DBW pedal bracket. The VW immobilizer has been defeated and the latest base software and glow plug calibrations have been flashed on. It works just fine but defiantly isn’t as pretty or flow as well.

The Cotybuilt team has developed an installers group. About a year ago I did a review on the MK1 TDI swap kit offered by S&P Automotive on here in plans on starting a TDI swap on a caddy I had recently purchased. We offer comprehensive 1.9 / 2.0 PD TDI conversion systems for YJ, TJ/LJ (manual trans)- starting at $5,495 USD. Engine ecuUsing our in-house all wheel drive Super Flow dyno, our team has optimized the ecu calibrations to accommodate the most popular gear/tire combinations. Keep up to date with Coty Built on YouTube! Gear boxes supported AX5*, AX15, NV3550, NSG370.

InstrumentationCoty built developed a dual CAN interface module. You can keep it cable shift and modify the MK3 shift box to mount inside the MK1. Our goal is to break down the TDI conversion to the simplest level so only a VW long block assembly is being installed. Complete guide with Videos and Part numbers, AHU TDI Caddy Swap Using the S&P Automotive Swap Kit, B5.5 Passat 2.0 TDI Transmission Fluid and Filter Change, NSZ 014: Kathy Jacobs – South Eastern Volkswagen Association (SEVWA). Where we're going, we don't need roads... 0. TDI’s fit with our upgraded camshaft and VNT based turbo deliver a healthy150hp and 260ftlbs of torque.

Speedo cable to go from the O2A to the factory mk1 cluster. CAD designed, CNC machined and tig welded, this comprehensive system takes the engineering fears out of the mix and results in an OEM look and feel under your hood. Giles Performance Injection Pump Giveaway, Win an Awesome I (Smokey Heart) Diesel shirt from VDubShirts.com, O1M Kerma Mod or Increasing the Line Pressure, NSZ 015: Jeff Rudzniski – Midwest Light Creations, Let’s build a Smyth Performance Ute on VWDiesel, MK1 Caddy 1.9TD AAZ Swap.

With the engine accessories mounted in similar to oe locations, connecting hydraulic lines and electrical routing is intuitive and clearance between your 4-link suspension of your engine accessories is not a concern. Short TDI "Race Pipe" for MK1 MK2 Swaps – optional. Gallery. I’m not finished quite yet with the swap or editing videos for what I have done yet either.

AHU TDI Caddy Swap Using the S&P Automotive Swap Kit.

See Coty Built News, Motorsports updates, and limited time deals!

Sinon je vois, tdi 100 qui se monte a 180 cv , euh j'arrête direct ^^ , un tdi 90 dépasse pas les 120cv en reprog donc t'aura pas plus de 130/140 avec un tdi 100 d'origine, en touchant à l'échappement je doute que tu gagnes quelque choses, et pour l'admission pareil .. mais bon je suis pas un pro en la matière , je me trompe peut être. - The Truss is designed around AC/Alternator and PS pump from a 97 2.5 4clynder TJ.Other years may require modification to Truss for clearance and are not recommended. Over the past five years, the number of variations documented between platform production runs and model years has been staggering. Doomsday Diesel (DD) officially began on January 29, 2016, as a part-time business. All parts are made 100% in the USA with pride! 402-367-2346. Due to the low target speeds for most Jeeps, oe Volkswagen air to air inter cooling was not the optimal choice.

Ships to Lower 48 States via UPS & USPS. Well like all projects this one took longer to get to than it should have and thanks to another friend with a VW shop who had some down time, we got a good bit of it knocked out in one day. This bad boy lets you install any MK4 DBW pedal into your MK1 with just a few bolts. The wiring harness service offered by S&P is an awesome way for most guys to get past the fear of wiring. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Acme Adapters is the place that gives you everything you need to know in order to make a Suzuki Samurai Turbo Diesel, a Suzuki Sidekick Turbo Diesel or a Geo Tracker Turbo Diesel using any Volkswagan 4-cylinder water cooled family of engines. Connexion; Créez votre compte; Bienvenue, Connexion ou Créez votre compte. VWDiesel Hello, I am the Administrator of VWDiesel. We started tuning in 2004 under the name Diesel Inside. Cable clutch conversion for the O2a. My name is Joe Peterson, and I own/operate Doomsday Diesel LLC full time, by myself. Renamed to Malone Tuning Ltd. in 2009.

Coty Built has been featured in numerous print media all over the world.

If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to ask or leave them in the Facebook group at vwdiesel.net/fb. My VR6 rabbit has one on it and it has been nice.

Tech Info. VWDIESEL is committed to giving you the very best from the VW-World. With this you can easily reverse your modifications if you ever decide to go back to a DBC setup. I really like the feel of a cable clutch O2A. Our packages are compatible with all 1.9 / 2.0 (PD) TDI engines from Volkswagens late 2003 through 2006 production.

This addresses the followingGas pedal installation bracket – radiator spacer and after cooler mount. More. - All Truss members are the same between YJ and TJ applications- Only the weld in pedestals vary to ensure fitment and driveline alignment. When building the YJ and TJ, the gearbox’s original location remains unchanged allowing full compatibility with existing lift kits and Jeep performance parts. O2A rod shift conversion. Adapters fit all 1.9L and 2L TDI's. This is also great for Suzuki guys wanting to do a TDI swap in their Sammy, or for anyone wanting a standalone TDI application. That means you can swap any 4 cylinder VW engine into your Suzuki Samurai, Sidekick, Geo Tracker or even have a Toyota turbo diesel pick-up truck.

- Coty Built sets out to retain as much oem “Jeep” in every package as possible.

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