And taking the stone in his mouth he carried it to the place where the cat was waiting for him. 0000026722 00000 n ‘It is fit even for the princess,’ thought he to himself.

‘You had better shut your eyes or you may get giddy,’ said the bird; and the cat, you had never before been off the ground except to climb a tree, did as she was bid. The Clever Monkey is a classic folktale from West Africa told by Rob Cleveland. Then hearing steps approaching I got frightened, and called to you, as you know.’. 0000003262 00000 n Clever Monkey: A Folktale from Africa Page 6 of 12 Story Cove | Lesson Plans Kindergarten Illustration Directions: • Tell students: Cats have always stimulated peoples’ imaginations. Hurriedly she passed into the picture gallery, where pools of water showed here and there on the floor, and a cold chill ran through her whole body.

‘Well, where is the silver?’ asked the ogre, who was awaiting him. Their greed ends up leaving them with much less than what they started with because a very clever monkey used their greed against them and by the end of the story, he is the one who has the last laugh. One day two greedy jungle cats discover a large piece of cheese. 0000013451 00000 n Her son was anxiously awaiting her outside the palace gates, dressed in the clothes that he wore every day. The young man guessed what was in her heart, and replied with a smile: ‘Fear nothing. ‘And it is my turn to take care of the stone,’ said he, ‘or it will seem as if you had done everything and I nothing.’.

They want to share the piece of cheese but cannot decide how they can divide it fairly. 0000001957 00000 n ‘But I have a necklace of shining stones which was left me by father, and one, the largest engraven with weird characters, is missing. Once upon a time there lived an old man who dwelt with his son in a small hut on the edge of the plain. This was delightful news to the young man, who instantly bought some meat for the falcon, bidding him make a good meal. The princess is known to love beautiful things, perhaps she might like to buy some?’. The bird had to go so high that he did not return for some hours; but he told his master that the ogre was lying asleep in a splendid palace in a far country on the shores of the sea. On the way, however, he passed a pond, and as he approached a cloud of birds flew into the air. ‘As you please, madam,’ said he, bowing himself out of the palace. Come with me to that shining lake yonder, and fear nothing.’. Come nearer, all of you! Let us dance on his head!" She turned round, and–was it her fancy? 0000100591 00000 n

%PDF-1.4 %���� He picked it up in order to examine it more closely, and as he held it the stone spoke. ‘I want a palace of ice that can be warmed with fires and filled with the rarest singing-birds!’. ‘Here is the stone you wanted,’ said he, when the cat started up with a loud mew; ‘if you will hold up your paws I will drop it down.’ And so he did. Never believe a cat! Near the hut was a small barn in which he kept the produce of the little patch of corn, which grew close to the garden. The jungle cats simply allow their greed to get in the way of sharing. ‘Wait till then, and he will tell us what to do.’. The princess was a little startled by his manner, and began to be sorry that she had every listened to the ogre. The king looked at her and thought that she was mad; but, instead of ordering his guards to turn her out, he answered gravely: ‘Before he can marry the princess he must build me a palace of ice, which can be warmed with fires, and wherein the rarest singing- birds can live!’. ‘You will not mind?’ he asked. Mabela the clever : [an African folktale]. ‘I am much obliged to you,’ said the cat, as the fish laid the stone on the sand, ‘and to reward you, I will let your river alone.’ And she mounted the falcon’s back, and they flew to their master. 0000012222 00000 n ‘But hide me in your turban, and then call to the ogre that you are ready to come up.’.

0000010228 00000 n The cat … 0000005255 00000 n 635 0 obj <> endobj xref 635 47 0000000016 00000 n This trickster monkey from Africa will teach readers the importance of sharing and trustworthiness. Oh! 0000165977 00000 n

Wondering a little at what might be going to happen to him, the youth did as the ogre bade him, and when they reached the shore of the lake, the ogre turned and said to him: ‘Step into the water and shut your eyes! 0000006620 00000 n

So they waited, seated on the highest chairs they could find, wrapped in their warmest garments, and with piles of cushions under their feet, while the poor birds flew with numbed wings hither and thither, till they were so lucky as to discover an open window in some forgotten corner. It seems as if people either like or dislike cats… what is there that you do not possess already?’, ‘How good of you not to forget me when you are in the midst of such dangers and hardships,’ answered she. Wandering over the plain, he noticed a troop of gazelles, and pointed to his greyhound to give chase. ‘I thought it would be something much harder than that,’ exclaimed the young man. We appreciate your valuable feedback as we work to enhance the learning experiences of the site. 0000006006 00000 n

0000072991 00000 n Now all this time neither the cat nor the falcon had had any food, and the falcon soon got tired carrying such a heavy burden. Soon after he had gone a curious thing happened. And now farewell!’. ‘Ah, my father, how can I tell you! And he shut them; and when he opened them again the camel that he had wished for was standing before him, while the festal robes of a desert prince hung from his shoulders. 0000004444 00000 n You will find yourself sinking slowly to the bottom; but take courage, all will go well. At last, when the princess and her ladies had been forced to leave the upper rooms, where the walls and floors had melted away, and to take refuge in the hall, the young man came home. The Forest Bride: The Story of a Little Mouse Who Was a Princess, Little Saddleslut (Greek version of Cinderella), Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood, Grimms' Version), The Little Girl and the Winter Whirlwinds. But then, those diamonds, and those string of pearls! Somewhere about him he has hidden a stone, on which are engraved strange signs. I never saw any stone like it before.’. ‘I am going to fill up all the river, so that the fishes may die.’, ‘That is very unkind, as we have never done you any harm,’ replied the fish. ‘Yes, it is true I have many beautiful things; but if you want to give me a present–and to-morrow is my birthday–there IS one thing that I wish for very much.’. ‘Your counsel is good,’ replied the cat, smiling to itself; and putting the stone in her mouth she went off to seek the falcon. 0000008436 00000 n About midnight the cat, who was still sleeping before the gate, was awakened by some water flung at her by the head rat, who could not make up his mind to open the doors. So bewildered was I, and so dazzled with the splendours of everything I saw, that I stood like a statue, unable to move. 0000004558 00000 n And there they lived for many years, and when the old king died the princess’s husband reigned in his stead. Be good to your mother, as you have been to me. or did the fire burn more dimly than before? When they have found it they must take it from him without his waking, and bring it to me.’.

Nothing that she thought of seemed good enough, so, when the message was brought that the ogre and his wares were below, she at once ordered that he should be brought to her chamber.

0000008578 00000 n But, alas! ‘I fear they are too costly for me,’ she said carelessly; ‘and besides, I have hardly need of any more jewels just now.’, ‘I have no particular wish to sell them myself,’ answered the ogre, with equal indifference.

They want to share the piece of cheese but cannot decide how they can divide it fairly. 0000007104 00000 n There was great mourning in the hut for many days, but at length the son rose up, and calling to his greyhound, his cat and his falcon, he left the house saying that he would bring back something for dinner. 0000002308 00000 n ‘Well, what they have to do is this: To-night they must burrow under the walls of the castle and go up to the room were an ogre lies asleep. Only bring up as much silver as you can carry, and we will divide it between us.’. The falcon remained where he was, but the cat lay down outside the principal gate, causing terrible excitement among the rats. At one moment she felt he had already bestowed so much upon her that it was a shame to ask for the only object he had kept back. Then she raised her voice, and began to talk quickly of the prices of the chains and necklaces, and after some bargaining, to deceive the attendants, she declared that she liked one string of pearls better than all the rest, and that the ogre might take away the other things, which were not half as valuable as he supposed. 0000010974 00000 n ‘Shut your eyes, then,’ said the stone; and he shut them, and when he opened them again there was the palace, more beautiful than anything he could have imagined, the fires throwing a soft pink glow over the ice. "The Jackal is also a clever animal, isn't he, Gogo?" Discover more than 3,800 classic tales plus new stories by fairy tale fans. ‘That young man must be a great wizard; he may be useful to me.’ And when the mother came again to tell him that his orders had been fulfilled he received her with great honour, and bade her tell her son that the wedding was fixed for the following day. ‘Come quickly,’ he said, ‘or you will be frozen to death!’ And a dreary little procession set out for the king’s palace, the greyhound and the cat bringing up the rear. The Clever Monkey is a classic folktale from West Africa told by Rob Cleveland. ‘Yes, I think that must be it,’ said the fish with joy. Clever Jackal gets away African Folktale "Hawu, hawu, hawu, my children," Gogo began one evening. This website uses cookies so we can provide you with the best user experience. This email address is being protected from spambots. ‘I will explain all by-and-by; but now you must go to the palace and tell the king I wish to marry his daughter.’. The falcon flew to a tree and spread his wings in the sun to dry, but the cat, after giving herself a good shake, began to scratch up the sandy banks and to throw the bits into the stream.

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