From Andrew X. Pham, the award-winning author of Catfish and Mandala, a son's searing memoir of his Vietnamese father's experiences over the course of three wars.

The adult years in the south are vividly told. Millions voted for Trump again. How to relax during election week and do something other than doomscrolling, Are you desperate to distract yourself during 2020 election week? Today, with gyms mostly closed, people are desperate to stay fit. This year’s event is particularly bittersweet, and personal. ), A look at California’s November ballot propositions. What issues are on the ballot in California and Los Angeles County. The Eaves of Heaven. Thong’s family was landed aristocracy that went back five generations in the Red River Delta. “The Eaves of Heaven” is the story of Pham’s father, which Pham tells, with a good deal of literary flourish, in his father’s voice. A unit led by Mohammed, a sadistic Algerian, arrived to hunt out Viet Minh sympathizers. Hundreds of Study Guides on Demand 24/7. Andrew Pham tells his father’s story in the fashionable hopscotch nonchronological exposition one finds these days in everything from TV’s “Lost” to Denis Johnson’s Vietnam novel of last year, “Tree of Smoke.” The strategy may at first be confusing, but it gathers force as it goes along. Thong grew up in the countryside, pitching rocks and staging pet-cricket fights with the village boys. Only its loss defines a golden age. Harmony Books: 302 pp., $24.95. Pull up a Morris chair: The 28th Craftsman Weekend is going online. Notes From Robert Henderson “Courts of Heaven” Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: "Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ. And yet Pham pulls it off. Insider tips on the best of our beaches, trails, parks, deserts, forests and mountains. We are able to make talking politics not contentious but flirtatious. In 1948, Thong and his father (his mother was by now dead) and other clan members left the countryside for Hanoi, where the French were still in control. Fitness equipment is hard to find. Yet “The Eaves of Heaven” is a work of radiance. Yes, as it turns out.

Column: Millions in California voted for Trump.

The book ends before Thong and his family manage to settle in the United States. Do we really need yet another Vietnam memoir? And then, after that support was withdrawn, came the crash. The Eaves of Heaven: A Life in Three Wars, Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs. This attempt at impersonation is risky: after all, writing about oneself is easy, but telling the truth about one’s father is a far graver affair. A young Vietnamese loses his ancestral home in the north, flees with his family, first to Hanoi and later to Saigon, endures bloody fighting as an unwilling conscript in the South Vietnamese army, flees once more when the Communists prevail, is arrested and undergoes a year of harsh re-education digging irrigation ditches before being released. The cut-up narrative works in part because the scenes Thong Van Pham has given his son to work with are so vivid, authentic and strange: watching a sadistic Algerian legionnaire disembowel a hapless farmer in front of his village, discussing French novels with the girls who turn tricks at his father’s Hanoi inn (and spying on them through peepholes), gossiping about politics in a friend’s swank Saigon bachelor pad, waiting for death in a postwar re-education camp. It is often said that the Vietnamese conception of history is circular rather than linear: the same episodes recur over and over, with only the details altered. Careful not to force our own beliefs, yet able at the same time play devil’s advocate. Op-Ed: In the midst of pandemic, in the midst of divorce, what neighbors share is reassurance. One of its victims was Uncle Uc, a beloved teacher, who was seized, interrogated and coldly executed. . After the Japanese were driven out in 1945, Ho Chi Minh’s Communists declared Vietnam independent but were soon locked in a guerrilla war against returning French forces. The year before, it was the French whose horror overran the village. There is the chaos of efforts to flee Saigon in 1975, as the city is about to fall, the hardships he endures as a prisoner of the Viet Cong and his freeing after a year or so. L.A. Affairs: Need another reason to vote? Andrew X. Pham’s story of Pham Van Thong, his father, is ostensibly one of devastation. And since a memoir is the past distilled through voice and sensibility, this is a double distillation: letters of love and apology squared. . Pham writes in an introductory note that “Eaves” is not a memoir, yet it fits his definition of one: “our love letters and our letters of apology, both.” But it takes a highly unusual form: The “our” refers to something more than a collaboration of father and son; it is a fusing of “as told to Andrew” and “as told by Andrew.” “I have lent his life stories my words,” Pham writes. Here are tricks for buying and selling. Thong tells of a day hunting grasshoppers with Hoi, his best friend. A Life in Three Wars. The heavenly eaves of the title, according to Thong’s mother, alternate good fortune with bad. I found love at a polling place. Only its loss defines a golden age.

There they prospered, but when the French pulled out and the Viet Minh took over, they fled to Saigon. . It is not exactly a memoir.

Meanwhile, the Communists were busy assassinating members of the rival Nationalist Party and anyone deemed a French collaborator — including Thong’s uncle, whose post of magistrate made him a colonial official. After his mother died giving birth to her fourth child, the family decamped for Hanoi, where they set up an inn that quickly degenerated into a profitable whorehouse for French soldiers, supporting Thong’s father’s growing opium habit. “Those of us who remained dared not use their belongings for fear of inheriting the same bad luck. Thong (through his son) brings out pain and sometimes horror as he describes the family’s struggles during the Japanese occupation, the return of the French, the rise of the communist Viet Minh, the flight south and his own ordeals thereafter.

Few books have combined the historical scope and the literary skill to give the foreign reader a sense of events from a Vietnamese perspective. In some ways, it resembles that supreme recollection of a world lost to history’s depredations, “Speak, Memory,” in which Vladimir Nabokov summoned up his pre-revolutionary Russian boyhood. For that, there were the crows of the cock, the height of the sun, and the length of one’s shadow.” Long ago and far away, yet it was 1940 -- for Thuan, a time of presages: “A crow . It helps that the story perfectly traces the arc of 20th-century Vietnamese history. Then history intruded. The 10 best coffee table books for the art museum obsessed. (The description, brilliantly chilling, is one of several passages in which Thong’s recollection gives way to Andrew’s fictional reconstruction.) “The Eaves of Heaven” has a similar feel. Endorsements. Pham’s father, Thong Van Pham, was born in the mid-1930s into a family of feudal landowners in the Red River delta, about 40 miles southeast of Hanoi. It flickers from the chapters that recount Thong’s idyllic childhood memories and the crows that alit among them: inexplicably then, in retrospect all too evidently. Welcome to our comprehensive gift guide for the 2020 holiday season. He ended up as the leader of a Rural Development Task Force, running combined village-level military defense and economic development teams in concert with Usaid — the same counterinsurgency tactics the United States is now attempting in Iraq. The Eaves of Heaven is built from a series of short vignettes -- some sweet, some horrifying -- which are not recounted in chronological sequence, but linked in a narrative that darts nimbly across time, lingering on haunting scenes of brutality and violence as well as of beauty and love. During the Japanese occupation, the Phams, still prosperous and feeding hundreds of starving villagers, found a dying boy. When the Communists defeated the French and took over North Vietnam in 1954, the family headed south to Saigon, where they opened a noodle shop that failed and slid into poverty.

. His uncle Pham Van Thuan, head of the clan, was the local magistrate, owner of one of two cars in the province and one of two clocks in the village. He becomes a teacher, marries (Anh, his wife, portrayed with delicate beauty, remains courageous and devoted through the hardships that follow), resists equally overtures from the Viet Cong and opportunities to prosper in his role as a South Vietnamese government official. 11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by Some ideas for de-stressing that aren’t “just meditate” or “eat an edible.” (Though we’ve got those covered too. A Vietnamese family struggles for security as three decades of conflict tear an ancient society to shreds.Pham, who in 1977 emigrated to California with his parents, won plaudits and awards for a ... Read full review, Andrew Pham writes for his father, in first person narrative, of his life from childhood to middle adulthood.

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