Oedipus Modern technology makes it easy for people to communicate even when they are in different parts of the world.

Technology Makes the World Smaller Words per sentence: 23.0 20.9669160288 110% => OK ^^^^, Transition Words or Phrases used:

Table of Contents As international travel becomes cheaper, more and more people go on overseas holidays. Ebay 7 Paragraphs: 4.0 4.12807881773 97% => OK

No of characters: 1421.0 1207.87684729 118% => OK One very dramatic sign of this is the high increase in international student exchange. Preposition: 39.0 31.9359605911 122% => OK The water surrounds me, engulfing me in its warmth. Paragraph topic coherence SD: 0.0393644282124 0.0609392437508 65% => OK. But I think despite some demerits of globalization, merits cannot be neglected. The third movement is political. To be verbs : 12.0 10.5418719212 114% => OK Chars per sentence: 118.416666667 104.977214359 113% => OK Sentence length SD: 67.915541913 50.4703680194 135% => OK

(2015, 04).

Sentence length: 23.0 20.5024630542 112% => OK Work Cited11 ...disappeared as a result.

What is your opinion?

The world has become smaller place because of globalization, some people dread that inevitably the culture will be disappeared as a result. Many go from third world to first world countries but a significant number make the journey in reverse. I’m wondering if Spaces and Exchanges have made the world smaller. The phrase ‘union live and die at the workplace’ is becoming a reality sooner than later. Retrieved 04, 2015, from https://www.studymode.com/essays/The-World-Is-a-Smaller-Place-72050149.html, "The World is a Smaller Place these Days" StudyMode.com.

flesch_reading_ease: 48.13 53.1260098522 91% => OK

1430 words (6 pages) Essay. One very dramatic sign of this is the high increase in international student exchange. Legal and physical barriers to immigration are too easily circumvented to be of any practical use. It is very simple, every little thing that you do counts. In short, the world is becoming a smaller place as international movement increases. Basically, it means that since globalization implies a compression of national boundaries, which were brought about by the increase of trade at the global level, the importance of both the activity of international legal institutions and treats, like the World Trade Organization, and the dialogue, markets for developing nations (Clemmitt 2008). Office 2004 Test Drive User All my problems are washed away with the tide. For a few the experience is negative and they recall the loneliness and rejection of the foreign country, but for most they experience is very enriching so much so that some people prefer never to return home and to continue living in their new country. Work Cited11 Moreover, people can know about different cultures and languages with help help of internet. Sentences with neutral sentiment: 2.0 2.91625615764 69% => OKWhat are sentences with positive/Negative/neutral sentiment? ...Spaces and Exchanges ...Spaces and Exchanges The world is now a global place and people have seen it improve through exchange culture; learn different diversity of cultures through social media platform.

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