"I think he's really good on this and he was a footballer so he knows when he needs to talk to players, when he needs to give q good word or sometimes come and push you to give more. "It's difficult because it's been one month, but he's always careful with the details and for me, that's important because it is one of the things which changes football now is looking for the details. Marc Ullmann.

I try to be better with the ball but also have in my mind these kinds of thing like the reaction when I lose it, being hungry when things don't go wrong and hungry when you pass and it goes to your partner, but it's not good enough and you need to do a little bit more.

Nicolas Meilhan et Philippe Bihouix : Le futur, entre 5G et Amish ? I have respect for him, so it doesn't matter what he said.". Now, when I'm outside of the pitch and calm, I don't do this again if I'm on the pitch now but in that moment, the words he tells make me mad and I'm a little bit nervous and this is the kind of player I am. "I think I look at the details because if you want to be better and one of the best, you need to look at the details. Everyone has a different mould to play, maybe I take more risks, maybe other players don't take as many, maybe I shoot more, some players pass more, some of the players make more tackles, everyone is different in a club. Fernandes caused quite the stir in Sunday's 2-0 win against Manchester City, making a shushing gesture at Pep Guardiola on the touchline. In the last month, we've had a lot of really good games and I think we can talk about a new start after Bruno, but it's not about Bruno, it's about the team. I'm really happy to have Diogo here because in the first few days, he helped me a lot.". Tariq Krim et Bernard Benhamou : Souveraineté numérique, la douche froide . "ThinkerView est un groupe indépendant issu d'internet, très diffèrent de la plupart des think-tanks qui sont inféodés à des partis politiques ou des intérêts privés." FREE TO PLAY: Do not miss your chance to win £250k for free on Saturday. – Appréhender toute la complexité des enjeux actuels et futurs de notre monde. Record or download movies directly to your Sky box. Bruno Fernandes already has his own song and has quickly become a fan favourite at Manchester United. Now you have videos and most teams know what you will do, where you will place the ball, where they need to press so the game becomes harder and harder. When you need to change, and it's a big change coming from another country to a big club with big players, you need to be ready. You can also read reviews, watch trailers and get the latest cinema news. "You will take the risk and maybe you fail but they are there to support you and give you the push you need to try again.".

With Paul Pogba injured for much of the season, Fernandes has slotted seamlessly into that midfield role and he pointed out the differences in his game. "Maybe you have an assist but you need to look at if that assist can be better because sometimes, it be better but you can't do better. Jan 2018.

"Normally, we are early and sometimes Phil [Jones] comes earlier than us, but I think Diogo wants company so I go with him to breakfast together or to the gym but it's about partnerships. Marc Ullmann.

"Now, every coach is really good, they look at each other and learn from each other and so the game is difficult. Fernandes has been under the tutelage of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for just over a month and the midfielder is pleased with the techniques employed by the manager.

– Mettre à l’épreuve les idées/discours en décelant leurs failles, leurs limites. Sky Sports exclusive: Bruno Fernandes discusses his instant impact, working under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and that exchange with Pep Guardiola. Même si Sky s'en défend, par le choix des invités et la formulation des questions, une ligne éditoriale se dégage de Thinkerview.

Jean-Paul Fitoussi : Crise économique, débats interdits en France ? "And when you think 'today I didn't play really well so I need to watch everything and see where I did my mistakes'.

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