Notable features are: Close up of Boxhall in an Oceanic lifebuoy New York, 29May 1909. Credit: BellAlbum/Davison & Associates.

Features were: First officer Murdoch on the bridge of the Olympic. Fourth Officer Joseph Grove Boxhall. • Shoulder boards to indicate rank. The standard "service dress" sometimes referred to as "undress", is the most basic White Star Line uniform the officers would wear when on duty, but never on formal or special occasions.

• Royal Navy colour and pattern with 10 buttons, five on either side (although some navy versions only have a total of 8). Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The cap also had a white cover, which could transform it from navy blue to white for the Tropical/Summer uniform. Single breasted, with only a row of 5 White Star Line raised brass buttons. Now it is known simply as "Angels The Costumiers" (website is here). Wow!! Yes the environment of the surroundings was a factor, however if the Captain had of gone through slowly then the entire incident would have been avoided. By the early 1890s the design was altered with the name in a garter belt surrounding a five pointed star, before settling on the final design in 1899. Formaldresses Titanic Rose Chiffon Celebrity Dress Evening Dress Prom Gown Maxi Dress. The emblems on the hats are really good. • Ceremonial gloves in white cloth, According to Titanic Style: Dress and Fashion on the Voyage By Grace Evans, "the cost, in the 1907 catalogue, for best quality captain's frock coat and trousers were £5 13s 6d and £1 10s 6d respectively. • Rank insignia on both sleeves using black lace with the executive curl. Petra Feyahn Sell custom creations to people who love your style. A uniform button belonging to William Murdoch. Hand made reproduction of the pre-1912 design cap badge wreath as worn by Smith, Wilde and Murdoch. These are accurate uniforms for the crew of the RMS Titanic. $79.00 $ 79. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. A more accurate portrayal appeared They also wore a navy pattern flannel singlet, black neck hanckerchiefs, a white star cap and ribbon, navy pattern blue serge pants, and a cloth jacket. For a full, more formal version of the standard "service" uniform, White Star also had a 'full company dress' also known as the "mess dress" for special occasions. • No tie was worn and shirt would have been a sleeveless undershirt. ", White Star Line shoulder boards, button, cap and regulations book. $24.26 $ 24. • 8 raised White Star Line brass buttons, four to each side of the jacket, all bearing the White Star emblem. 

approximately 80mm wide x 65m tall and 6mm thick. These were made using standard British Royal Navy gold bullion braid stripes. You did amazing with these! Olympic's officers in full company dress which seems to be the protocol for all group photographs. It occured to me when I tried to make a modern version of these uniforms. John Hemmert/Encyclopedia Titanica The famous White Star button was not established until 1899 as the symbol of the company with a star within a a swallow tailed burgee. He says that contrary to myth that the ship was badly designed, the ship was designed just fine for a ship of those days, but the ship was no more designed for a direct collision with an iceberg than an airplane is designed for a collision with a mountain.

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