Karai, I don't have to tell you to tell Shinigami and the Foot about this."

"I want to make it count, Mira. FanFiction | unleash ... Cartoons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. To her amazement, the alien grabbed her fan a second before it could strike the back of his head and tossed it at her; it hit her in the face and knocked her down. He tries to reach his T-Phone but managing to call his brother. He replied in kind. Karai asked him. Do you not see the horns sticking out of his head?!" A Badger rams the side before he crashes. But there was one key feature; a helmet with a wide brim and a large amount of metal protrusions sticking out of it. ", "That's right."

To say goodbye, hold it under water and drown it. Needles cracked as it sat on it's knees and in slow movements tore the earth asunder with its roots. Seclusion. He sits in the driver's seat. He knocks one of them into the abyss below.

Where laughter was heard as well as the trotting footsteps of children playing. A hidden, lost oasis amongst the harsh voids. Donatello sank down, back on his chair and looked at his brother. "I have the answer right here." ", "Wow, this story's strangely similar to our master's story," Donnie commented. And quite often, if you can imagine it, she'd find herself bored. Is there any purpose left? "Fine."

"If that means I can learn new ways to kick everybody's butt, I'm in!" Despite his frozen expression, he seemed dogged.

And higher still. But he couldn't. We had...two brothers and a sister...well, she was gonna be our sister.

Donbot helps him up.

He bit his tongue instead. In any case, it didn't seem right to continue with this. But she didn't sense him asking for pity of comforting nonsense either.

A crazed illusion of himself laughs like he's crazy. "You couldn't handle these wheels, Badger. And Indi had to to be careful in digging it out. And the universe, it speaks to me. Mutant Apocalypse: It Begins **COMPLETED** 8.9K 1.3K 569 (2016 turtles) **Caution: This fanfiction may contain strong language, sexual, and graphic content. "Ugh, what the heck was that for?"

", "Beats me. "I didn't know you back then. Leonardo stepped forward and said, "Forgive my brother's rudeness; it is an honor to be in your presence Lord Hagoromo." I won't do it if it means going against what she would want!" It did not grow excited. The Sage of Six Paths clamped his hands together, and six of the ten orbs floated from behind his back and flew toward the NY ninjas. What he didn't know is that Mira somehow got under the Shell-Raiser. Verminator Rex stands in their way, pulling out a gun and using his equipment as a megaphone.

… What was this? Where are you two drongos going?". Donbot asks nervously as they're surrounded.

", "Can you smell it?" Angel: But I said I don't like sci-fi...but sure, we can be friends! I'm not supposed to. The frequency with which they broke increased steadily.

"You are more than wires, metal and static. "Anything else I can do?

", "What is the point if he won't say yes?"

But he couldn't. Something making absolutely, crystal clear, that there would not be a tomorrow. "It's cool." Karai spoke up. *winks* And no, I STILL haven't watched the movie. "Indra kept thinking that you should've chosen him as the successor and never thought about how to help his brother bring peace to your world as his partner rather than his leader.". And despite his voice being computer-generated, he could hear the tremors in it himself. "So, who are you anyway?" She was unsure and worried. "I guess that explains why I've seen so little of you over the past week.". Indra should have accepted your descision and helped his younger bring peace like you desired; it was him who made the wrong descision, not you, Hagoromo-san!" And the year after that? The back doors open to the Shell-Raiser and he jumps on. Donatello took the time he needed. I mean, yeah, I watched the arc a while ago, but still. ", "Yeah, well, Splinter isn't here!" "Why couldn't you be the god of pizza?" he inquired, earning a slap from Raphael. He chuckled miserably. "How so?" "I guess peace can get pretty boring after a while," April mused. Mutant Apocalypse: It Begins **COMPLETED** 8.9K 1.3K 569 (2016 turtles) **Caution: This fanfiction may contain strong language, sexual, and graphic content. The team goofball sat on top of Antonio's Pizza Pallor, munching on a pepperoni pizza. Flesh and blood. Donatello wanted to answer. If you accept this offer, you could die.". When they'd been young, the youngest of the four brothers had often wanted to be carried. Raph: Idiot, we're not dead, we survived a freakin' mutagen bomb. Oh, how he enjoyed calling subordinates 'dingleberry'. Then the mutagen explosions went off," Raph interrupts, not wanting his brother to rant. Many years after the M-bomb struck, one Turtle is left standing, neither alive nor dead: A ghost in the half-shell. "Oh man, this dude kinda remains me of when we fought Pugtaro after he got his powers," Mikey said.

Guest: Woah I did not see this coming when it started on Sunday so awesome and next is the mutant apocalypse can't wait to see what future Amy looks like probably a lone warrior Amazon just imagining it see ya. I've been busy typing and writing papers since last week. "True."

The first chapter will be short to build up the cliffhanger or suspense. Mistrust and perhaps… judgment? It was fitting, she admitted. It recognized the shape immediately. "You got me bro."

"You got nowhere to go, turtle. "I am not your fallen Master, but I can teach you new skills that you've never even dreamed a ninja could possess. I meant today; one-hundred and fourteen years ago. If they only were here to see it now. I mean seriously, Mutant Apocalypse, a future where everyone aside from the Turtles is dead because some idiot unleashed a Mutagen Bomb, and they didn't even tell us who that idiot was! He knew he did this.

Amelia...Leonardo...and Michelangelo...who were lost in the explosion...at least, that's what he believes. Verminator Rex, the leader of the savage Honey Badgers looks through his robotic eye.

This is a Fanfic idea that I came up with after watching TMNT 2012 to the end and let me just say that it was unsatisfactory to me.

", "It's kind of a blur now, but I was there back in New York on the day it all happened. "I'll take you up.". He sees a canteen of water on the ground. "How's that?" He was doing it again! Only quiet acceptance, shame and the total inability to refuse. He hides behind one of the stations and she looks to see no one. He added after some hesitation.

They ruptured their green skin.

"Without you or Raph or Leonardo?

Please take the time to review this. Verminator groans in slight annoyance and he revs up his bike.

Where air was stale and true sunlight was non-existent.

But as one faced with her own mortality, every day just that tad more, she knew the realization could have the same effect a sledgehammer had on a soft-boiled egg.

Donnie, go to TCRI and tell Bishop about this! My creations have been used for weapons of war and power rather than keys of peace, my teachings have been misinterpeted, and the clans of my descendants have spent so long fighting and killing each other and their kin in order to continue the war between Indra and Ashura." "Yeah, you're a survivor. "What?"

Raph holds a roach kabob near the fire. He had the answer ready. "Meet me back here when you're ready to go."

His crow-feet wrinkled kindly. Next chapter – Hagoromo's blessing. Feels like my plan to redeem the Foot Clan is pointless. "It's an educated guess.". "Ever since we defeated the Foot Clan, the Kraang, and the Triceratons, there are just no more threats to the city or the planet.". "Okay, so you're clearly not here to kill us," Raph decided. There it lay, half-buried in the ground. His eyes remained closed. "If he wants our help in return for giving us new ways to become awesome ninjas, we should do it! Their looks fierce and their bodies filled completely by the toughest of needles. "I'm not claiming to have degree in astrobiology!" "Your metal butt's mine now, robot." There were times they didn't speak at all, up here. The alien hybrid pointed one of his blades at the turtle swordsman, Leo brought out his second sword, and the two were soon engaged in a sword fight.

Luckily none of the tubes and wires going into him seemed disconnected. "Okay, Donnie." But there was a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn't be that long before she had to ask one of her children or grandchildren to assist. He hears a noise and turns around, pulling out his gun. It was a cruel deity and it ruled with an iron fist. Another one does the same.

Angel: There was a lot of things I laughed at while other moments I looked in absolute shock. You're definitely excellent warriors.". "Everything we needed...". He kicks the tank and it goes rolling into the tank's engine, causing an explosion. "I lost my entire tribe, Donatello." If he stopped moving, they'd never make it. He nodded. He added, turning back into the bunker.

"Are you crazy?". For a single second it risked the wrath of its god and looked up to the skies, wishing for a life outside the deep pit it was toiling in. Another one with a purple mohawk jumps near her and she drives around him. Every year she swore she'd make the best out of it, next year. Talk later.'

He fidgeted with his stick, preoccupying himself with it intently. This is a good place, and I helped make it happen. It had been a while since he's had any water. He aims at them and one of them explodes from the lasers. A/N: Done! She throws it at him, grabbing his arm. Mira's eyes darted from Raphael's grave to Michelangelo's.

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