And appreciated the many years of your advice, I thank you for raising me Happy 70th birthday.

Surrounding him with birthday cake On his special day, I’ll give him a hug And I love you more today than ever Happy birthday to my best friend who also turns out to be my Aunt. Time flies so fast. You showed me that whatever I get in life To my best and only Grandad in this world, words are not enough to express my joy on this special day of yours. As special and important the stars and the moon are, so also are you a special mum to me. Lots of love to my best friend and mom. Morning, evening, and tonight, As we gather around you to show our love I am truly blessed to have such an amazing person like you as my grandma. I love the fact that even though I am 40, married and financially ­independent, you still ask me if I need anything whenever I see you. Sending any of these beautifully written messages on a loved one’s 70th birthday is bound to put a smile on his or her face and make him or her feel special as he or she marks that important milestone of living in this world for seven decades! Within the warm chaos of ­family life at No 43, we learned the values of caring for others and the importance of being able to express our views and feelings openly. A Tribute To My Father On His Birthday Thank you for everything. May you be blessed beyond your wildest imagination, dad. May your remaining days on Earth be filled with lots of love, peace and joy unspeakable. Happy birthday, Mom. And remind him of all the times we’ve shared

I will forever be thankful to God for giving you to us. Happy birthday to my favorite Dad …

Of course, you still preface all your retorts with "With respect," which, as we all know, is a euphemism for "OK, I'll listen to you, but I'm still right". I love you with all my heart, Dad. May God bless you abundantly! You’ve earned it by raising me Happy birthday, my sweet grandma.

And I’m here to say happy birthday again.

I am the luckiest grandchild in the world simply because I have the best grandfather in the entire  universe.

He’s the kindest man I’ve ever known It’s another decade of celebration for my special dad at 70. And 70 big candles. You look so young and beautiful. Happy glorious 70th birthday to my strong pillar of support.

Now, at 40, I occasionally catch ­myself sounding like you and I realise that although our politics may not entirely coincide, our desire to make the best life we can for our loved ones is really where our passion lies. On this beautiful journey that is your life

I hope you enjoy this celebration, Dad, we love you so very much You have brought enormous stability in our lives, and we wish you nothing but prosperity and happiness all the days of your life. May all your dreams and goals in life never play hide and seek with you. Your thoughtful words of appreciating their person will linger in their hearts for as long as you can imagine. Tribute to My Dad on His Birthday Susan Kruger Winter, M.Ed. Wishing you a cheerful 70th birthday dear dad. Mom, nobody can ever take that special place I have built for you in my heart. And not a single day goes by

Most of all I’ll remind him But most of all, I love the fact that you are my dad (even if you do vote Tory). A letter to … my father on his 70th birthday. And appreciated the many years of your advice. You’re my mentor and friend.

Our true citizenship is in heaven. I will forever love you. As you mark your 70th birthday today, may you receive lots and lots of gifts from all friends and family. So happy birthday to my one and only dad For loving me and for teaching me your ways

To the man that taught me how to love I’ve ever had the pleasure to know Uncle, how can I forget all the love and support you have shown me and my siblings over the years? Grandma, how can I forget all your lovely gifts for me since I was born? A 70th birthday full of excitement I wish you a very long life, so you can enjoy all the blessings of God. – Happy Birthday Wishes and Birthday Quotes. I would be nobody without you.Thank you for making me somebody. Cause you’ve always shown me that love is free.

Happy glorious 70th birthday to my greatest hero in the whole wide world. Daddy, anytime I look inwards, I see how your fatherly love, strength and wisdom have made our world beautiful. May this day be one of the most beautiful days you spend on Earth by the grace of the almighty God. I wish you all the desires of your heart and God’s blessings on this your special birthday. And I’ll be here for the rest of your life ­However, the ­opportunity to send you a letter on your 70th birthday via the Guardian, or "my comic" as you jokingly refer to it, fills me with a sense of mischief that I know you'll ­appreciate. I thank you for raising me. Must be worked for and it must be earned.

And I’m here to celebrate this day with you

I ­remember ­doing ­Sociology A-level (a Mickey Mouse ­subject, I think you called it) and I found it a surprise that there were other philosophies than those I had grown up with. I love the fact that you give time to your grandchildren (who all adore their poppa), while still having the cricket/football/golf on in the background. Happy 70th birthday, dear uncle.

Wishing you many more years of wisdom on this your special day. All of your children are here to say

And respect him above all other men

I love the fact that your taste in clothes has never altered – checked shirts have withstood all fashion trends.

And share some cake with them today. We all love you so much! I love you with all my heart, Dad. As I wish you many wonderful and fruitful blessings on your special day today; I pray you will eat the fruits of your labor on us, your children.

That you’re the greatest guy in the world I love you so much, Grandma. You are well known for your strong opinions, and when I was young I just assumed, ­because you were my dad, that you must be right. Happy birthday, grandpa!

And remind you how much I love my dad And the way I’ve laughed with you. I remember growing up and adoring you, you seemed so clever and knew everything. Thank you for making such a wonderful impact in my life.

Wishing the greatest Dad in the world a wonderful 70th birthday celebration.

• December 8, 2010 • Stories & News Several months ago, I was asked to write a 600-word story about how my father has contributed to my success in life. I will always appreciate your love and fatherly care for my siblings and me over the years. One of the best gifts I pray for is to age gracefully like you, Grandma. Words could never express the love I have for you This is something we still do as a family and, although we all get on each other's nerves if we spend longer than three days together, I still value my siblings and parents as much as I do my own husband and children.

Happy 70th birthday to my favorite guy Was not free by the way, And for all the wonderful times we’ve had. I would be nobody without you.Thank you for making me somebody. 70th Birthday Wishes for Dad. I love the fact that you can always be relied on to bring loads of crap (but yummy) food when you visit. | Birthday Wishes for your Father, 20 Amazing Birthday Cards you’d Send to your Dad.

Do you remember the time all seven of us (including A's boyfriend) sat down and played you at Trivial Pursuit – and you still won? Since my dad was born on this earth For earning the respect of his child each day Aug 28, 2016. Happy birthday, Ma. The greatest gift you can give to people and loved ones around you is appreciating their special days and wishing them all the best you can ever think of.

Happy 70th Birthday to the best dad in the world!

As you mark another decade on Earth, I wish you nothing but the sweetest things in life. Happy 70th birthday.

Aunt, it’s been 70 years of grace and God’s care over your life. When they’re celebrated by a terrific father To give you warmth, and laughter, and hugs. For your love, patience and care whenever we come for holidays, I cannot but wish you lots of wonderful things on your birthday. I love the fact that you continue to challenge yourself, even taking up ­creative writing classes in recent years. Pastor, preacher, author and musician.We hold dual-citizenship, raised in South Africa but rooted in the USA. Anytime my friends ask me who among them is my best friend, they get jealous when I mention my mom as my best friend.

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