We Supports are sometimes used to keep the heavy crop of fruit from pulling the plant down. huge nodding banana-producing inflorescence. The white flowers come as large panicles which emit a pleasant jasmine fragrance. Homalomena are fast becoming favorite houseplants due to their ease of care, disease resistance, and tolerance of low lighting conditions and stress. Please add something or load your cart. A large tropical plant outside in warm zones, can be container grown inside. Good for zone 9 and higher outside. You're an advanced gardener.

Native to tropical lowland forests in Central and South America, Couroupita guianensis is one of three species in this genus and the most well know and widely cultivated in the tropics elsewhere. Based on the scope of delivery and weight of the individual articles, shipping costs are determined automatically and will be displayed during checkout. Specially for Growers and Commercial Buyers, We produce custom seed packets for all occasions, Visit our 'Gardens of the World', located in Devon, UK, View or download our catalogue in a PDF format, Nothing here. NW10 Giant White Bird of Paradise ( Strelitzia

It has a thick, waxy and blue, We cannot guarantee these effects in humans though........ Carica Papaya, the Papaya, Pawpaw or Fruta Bomba, is a fruit tree that comes from sub-humid tropical regions of South America and Central America, especially Mexico, where, in the open ground it often reaches up to 8 meters high and 4 meters wide.

rarely grows over 6 ft. tall, but can reach 10 ft. or more These plants also make attractive indoor container plants for growers in colder climates. An attractive, smallish Dracaena native to Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the island of Hainan in China, where it grows at low elevations in forest on dry, sandy soils and on lime stone cliffs. Has showy feathery foliage and yellow flowers. TRZ069 Cannonball Tree ( Couroupita guianensis ). It grows up right. It is related to the Royal Poinciana. Cold hardy Best grown outside in zones 10 or higher, it is easily grown in tubs in warm greenhouses, and is a fairly good houseplant. This exciting but little-known banana relative is also known as Clusters of starry flowers later become bizarre fruits, which are usually oval in shape and at first green before turning yellow then almost white as they ripen, with a vague resemblance in shape to truffles and with a strong smell and sometimes bitter taste. JF720 Purple Cabbage Tree Palm ( Cordyline Exceptional selection of seeds of rare and exotic tropical plants, palm trees and bonsai, and much more! Our Database today, , has plant profiles and photos! And if the tops of the trees are frozen, they usually sprout from the ground and are back in production in 2-3 years! find we receive significantly better germination results when we

The pummelo tree itself bears most attractive white flowers and generally has a somewhat crooked trunk and low, irregular branches.

The famous hardwood tree native to Malaysia, the wood is exceptionally attractive - the decorative 2 1/2" fruits develop in clusters ( not edible ).

Very few seeds ever available. It is widely popular for its beautiful flowers. Usually a pale green to yellow when ripe, this amazing fruit is much larger than a grapefruit, with sweet flesh and thick spongy rind. This unusual tree from the coffee family has a native range extending through south east Asia and Australasia. It requires consistent watering during the growing season and less during winter. Sprays of orange flowers mature to bunches of white to slightly yellow coloured fruit, with a crunchy, juicy, acidic flavoured pulp, which are borne in great abundance. While identical in requirements to the regular green form, its growth is somewhat slower and it is less hardy to cold. down to temperate, where it will be found to be root hardy, commercial banana. One of the most attractive and easy-to-grow of all tropical plants, this gorgeous evergreen cycad produces branched stems, each one being topped by a crown of 30 - 40 leaves that can each be up to a meter long after several years.

edible bananas, but the fruit is full of large black seeds and It is a slow grower and makes a wonderful houseplant or patio plant for many years if started from seed, but only grow in large containers, it does not like being root bound. Serving gardeners since 1992 In the United States of America, the tree Very special, we only have a few seeds of this plant each year. Hardy Exotics has a unique and unrivalled collection of over 1,500 species of plants ideal for exotic gardening. These are ripe when they are easily pulled from the vine, the interior being a deep, dark orange. Due to its tolerance for fairly poor light conditions it makes an exceptional container plant for indoors or for a shady patio providing a bold and attractive focal point.

The trunk has white bark with brown spots. IP266 Upright Elephant Ear ( Alocasia odora ). glory", appropriate for such showy exotics. to bamboo. IP152 African Tulip Tree ( Spathodea campanulata ). These incredibly healthy fruits contain generous servings of vitamin C, along with numerous antioxidants, and are sold in Supermarkets in the UK at very high prices. It is native to the Greater Antilles, southern Mexico, and Central America, but is now cultivated in many warm parts of the world. The maximum height of the plant is only

Supplier of tropical vegetable seeds, fruit seeds, flower seeds, herb seed s & microgreens seeds. Easy to grow and excellent for summer decks, and room for vining plants. USD1.80, Starting at: It therefore makes either a fruiting shrub or a superb foliage plant! Very impressive when grown as a large container specimen. The plant is easy to grow and in fact, it is known to germinate easily and produce plants that are highly tolerant to stressful conditions. Cassia Grandis can be grown in most gardens where it is frost free, or if protected from freezing. It is extremely and an adequate supply of water. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Like its cousins of the closely-related Lycopersicon genus (the ordinary common tomato), the egg-size fruit makes good eating, and is typically made into jams or conserve, although it is recommended that the skin and seeds are removed before cooking. Soon Huat Seeds committed to sharing healthier future by contributing superior seeds locally & internationally. It makes an excellent interior plant and flourishes for a long time.

A beautiful evergreen shrub that is easy to grow. Similar in appearance to a large grapefruit, it is native to South and Southeast Asia and is a natural citrus fruit, not a hybrid, and is indeed one of the original citrus species from which the rest of cultivated citrus were produced by hybridisation.

like taste.

southeastern Asia. India, Burma, Thailand and possibly also in Tibet, Indonesia, The fruit are picked when green and unripe and are traditionally dried in the sun, and when dry are brown and resemble large brown peppercorns.

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